These paintings by Gerard David (c. 1460 – 13 August 1523) depict the arrest and flaying by a corrupt judge. Cambyses, a Persian King sentence this judge, Sisamnes, for accepting a bribe.  Then he used the skin to cover the seat Sisamnes' son used when he sat as a judge. (from here)
These paintings by Gerard David (c. 1460 – 13 August 1523) depict the arrest and flaying by a corrupt judge. Cambyses, a Persian King sentenced this judge, Sisamnes, for accepting a bribe. Then he used the skin to cover the seat Sisamnes’ son used when he sat as a judge. (from here)

Donald Trump’s election victory has almost everyone amazed.  When I look over the situation, however, I am relieved, but not sanguine.  Republicans don’t do either victory or defeat well, but that’s why WE THE PEOPLE chose Trump. We want a leader with some fight in him, someone on our side.

So what’s the problem? As WE THE PEOPLE, we must remember the objective, a government that protects everyone’s God-given rights. Revenge of the Deplorables, for example, is all true except for one thing. Vengeance belongs to God. Therefore, writing this paragraph was a bad idea.

What comes around, goes around; the revenge of the pissed off deplorable has come to fruition. Life as a liberal in the USA is about to get very unpleasant, and I’m gleefully looking forward to being one of the reasons why. Last Tuesday’s election was only the beginning; we are going to screw them over every chance we get. Can you hear me now? (from here)

Believe me. I think the author of Revenge of the Deplorables writes thoughtful posts. Believe me. I too have an itch to screw the Democrats over. Using “good intentions” as their excuse, Democrats have dreadfully abused the power of government, and their leaders have deliberately sown dissension and division. Nevertheless, I have plenty of brothers and sisters who voted for H. Clinton. So I know from personal experience that Democrat voters are not devils. So I don’t want revenge. I just want them figure out big government creates many more problems than it ever fixes.

When we use government to make our neighbors do things our way or to just make them miserable, we have just created a monster that makes everyone endlessly angry. Civil war is the worst kind of war. Hence, we must look for Biblical guidance. Consider this timely verse posted at Settled In Heaven on the day after the election.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (from here)

As Christians, we are not supposed to let the world trouble us or make us afraid. We must strive for peace by following Jesus Christ.

Jesus told us and demonstrated for us just how dishonest and conniving the world can be. The Bible shows us just how dishonest and conniving we can be. Nonetheless, the Bible predates American politics. So something more specific to our situation might be helpful. Here in Common Sense Rules for Following Elections the author provides a more rational perspective than what most in the news media want us to have.

I know that’s hard to believe sometimes, but the other candidate and the other party aren’t evil because they see things differently than you do. It sounds silly to even say that, doesn’t it? Yet in the heat of a tough campaign, all of us need to remind ourselves of this obvious fact. When the other side wins, it seems like life is about to end, but it isn’t. Those checks and balances that you might like to do away with at the moment, will keep any president from going too far; even Mr. Obama found that out. Remember four years ago when he went around the country telling us he wouldn’t wait for Congress to legislate and promised a slew of Executive Orders instead… until Courts started throwing them out? Well, maybe you’ve forgotten that, but I haven’t; those checks and balances are pretty awesome. (continued here)

Whether we voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, we did not vote for a saint or against the devil. We just voted for another human being like ourselves, someone who needs the saving grace of Jesus Christ, particularly if that candidate won.

So what should we hope for? America Trumped–what comes next? reviews the limited powers of our president. Since the national news media and most of the members of Congress — including Republicans — regard Trump as an outsider, they will be looking for opportunities to take him down. Hence, we must not forget we too have a role.

Donald Trump has a mandate from the voters to try to fix what is wrong with the American government, but not many solutions can come out of the White House. The obligation returns to the voters to send honorable men and women into the government, to advise those elected or appointed to government positions, and to honor and respect the government we have created for ourselves. When we are better citizens, then we can produce a better government. Until then, we can only pray for the government that we have made. (from here)

Never stop praying, not even when you “think” we have the government “we” should want.

29 thoughts on “SO DONALD TRUMP WON. NOW WHAT?

  1. @Tony

    I wrote this in response to your comments =>

    Jesus spoke about marriage in Matthew 19. He referenced Genesis 2. In Genesis 2, marriage is described as a relationship between a man and a woman.

    Read all of Matthew 19. The notion Jesus would have condoned homosexuality is so silly only someone unfamiliar with the Bible would believe it.

    To best understand understand history, we must read historical documents. The Bible is the most significant of all historical documents.

    The New Testament is full of references to the Old. That includes what Jesus said in the Four Gospels. You want to be a Red Letter Christian? Have at it. No one will stop you, but it is just plain stupid.

    People are stupid, of course. We all disagree, and we all cannot be right. That’s why commonsense dictates we should avoid, when we can, trying to run each others lives. What the powerful do, however, is decide how stupid everyone else must be.

    Anyway, enjoy the holiday and your studying. It has got to be more fun than commenting on my blog.

    Send Sylvia’s and my love to the Kate and your children.


  2. Ha. I had no idea that I was so powerful that I could be held responsible for so much history that you consider dishonorable and evil. I must answer for every change in the Constitution, most of which happened either before I was born or before I started grade school, whether I agreed with those particular changes or not? John Kerry was the first Democratic presidential candidate that ever voted for, but I must answer for ALL Democrats, past and present, and it is of course ONLY Democrats that are responsible for every change in the our constitutional deal that has happened throughout a juris prudential history of stare decisis that began evolving the Constitution all the way back to Marbury vs Madison? And because of this massive historical straw man that you have made out of me and all Democrats living today and in the hundreds of years of American history, I cannot be trusted to discuss issues much less to come to any agreement or compromise? 🤔

    Don’t you realize that the seeds of all the things that you in your deep knowledge of the law now dislike were dicided by our parents and grandparents all the way back to the founding? I can see how you might want to unwind some history, but don’t you see that saying that you will not participate in governing the country with half the country today based upon blaming them for all the things that you do not agree on throughout the history of our nation is just a little extreme?

    Let’s stick with the same sex marriage example. You say that it “unambiguously” violates God’s law which makes it sound like it is not even controversial among Christian churches. If it is so “unambiguous” then why does the formal church structure or elements of the United Methedist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Reform Jewish Movement, the Quakers, the United Church of Christ and the Episcopal Chuch all completely or to some degree sanction same sex marriage? Jesus said a good deal about marriage and the evils of divorce. If same sex relationships were such a terrible evil, why do you suppose Jesus does not mention it even once in the New Testament? I have no idea if same sex relationships actually violate God’s will but because scholarly Christians more erudite on the Bible than either you or I seem to disagree, then can’t you see how by definition there must be at least a little ambiguity?

    However, for the sake of discussion, let’s assume that your view of God’s will as you “unambiguously” interpret it in your version of the Holy Bible is indeed correct. Can’t you see how this is a particularly “religious” prohibition? In other words, like working on Sunday or other blue laws, another person doing it does not effect you or the rest of the community in harmful ways that overcome that consenting adult’s freedom of will to be left alone to even do things that may be wrong, especially if that action may not even be believed to be wrong under that person’s honestly held concepts of religious ethics?

    This is what I mean about competing rights and interests that must be weighed by the courts that, by law, have to make a decision when those courts have the jurisdiction and the parties have the standing to bring cases and controversies before those courts. This is what the Rule of Law is all about. And yes, thank God, it changes constantly in both good and bad ways, but hopefully ever arcing toward greater liberty and justice for all. For better or for worse, but I think mostly for the better for average Americans, we are not the same country that we were in the 18th Century.

    I realize that I am monopolizing your time here and I apologize for that. I have many avenues where I can find people who agree with me on everything, but your blog here is a wonderful source for understanding the other side of so many issues. I think that it is important that we all get out of our information bubbles and challenge even our most basic beliefs by understanding and even empathizing with those we don’t ageee with. I dont say it enough, but I really appreciate you and your amazing work here – it is obvious that you put a good deal of time and scholarly effort into it. I also know that you have deeply held and sincere beliefs so that this is often very personal to you, but as vehemently as I may argue, I assure you that it is never personal in any malicious way to me. Perhaps on some things, it is particularly hard to disagree with someone’s strong beliefs without at least appearing disagreeable to that person, but not being disagreeable is always what I intend to do even when I get carried away with the rhetoric.

    In any event, it is the holidays coming up and I have some studying to do for my job, so I’m sure that you will be happy not to have me monopolizing your blog for a while. Until later, God bless you and yours brother.


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