Hillary !! Election year 2016


What is interesting about this video? It is a good summary of all the scandals related to H. Clinton.

Is the video true? Well, that is a judgment call. I remember Bill Clinton’s presidency and Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State with disbelief. How did they get away with all that stuff? They did pay a lot of fines and legal bills, but they just seemed to consider those business expenses.

Anyway, here is an example. One of the accusations is that $six billion went missing in the State Department under Clinton.

The Liberal Democrat fact checkers are, of course, aggrieved that anyone would suggest such a thing.

Nevertheless, the State Department’s budget in 2012, for example, was not that large, PDF Version, FY 2012 Executive Budget Summary. So losing track of $six billion dollars over a six year period is sort of significant, State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG report. However, I suppose that tidbit pales in comparison with the disastrous foreign policy H. Clinton put together for her boss, President Obama.

The fact is that there is no question about the fact H. Clinton lies. There is also no question about some of the charges.

  • That private email server? Why was she deliberately doing government business on that?
  • And the terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. We know H. Clinton and Obama never had any business blaming the attack on some stupid video. They lied.

So I don’t know where the video gets it wrong. I just know that lady doesn’t belong in the White House.

I got it from here.


This video is a complete and honest documentary of Bill & Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political history. After watching this most informative video I am convinced Hillary Rodham Clinton is not the right choice for the American Presidency. I recall, in my lifetime, Whitewater Gate, China Gate, Travel Gate,  Cattle Gate, and a host of other criminal affairs conducted by Hillary & Bill Clinton and their close associates.  Many things of which you did not know or have forgotten is revealed in this documentation and warrants a mandatory viewing. Especially if you have not yet voted or are on the fence about who to vote for. As Christians we may not agree with either party’s moral character; but I assure you we have all sinned.  In that, then, we must look at the platform of each candidate and how Biblical each comes to our own Christian values… Only Donald J. Trump passes that…

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15 thoughts on “Hillary !! Election year 2016

      1. I still think that it’s Trump by a landslide.

        I think this election will be a repeat of Reagan-Carter, where it was so bad for Carter that he conceded about 90 minutes before the polls closed on the east coast.

        Oh well…

        …none, and I mean N-O-N-E of my political prognostications has ever come true.

        But that never stopped me from expressing my unbridled optimism about a real American hero who sets out to accomplish the impossible.

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        1. I agree with you, silence. I too am the eternal optimist when it comes to certain thoughts, actions and beliefs. I do also believe Trump will win. At least this is the direction my prayers are leaning.

          At my age I have seen America come through some moments of great joy and such sorrow and believe we are at the ultimate low in our nations’ history. We need a change and I am most hopeful Donald J. Trump is God’s choice for our nation.

          Thank you Silence for your comments. They are greatly appreciated.

          May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and yours eternally.

          Yours in Christ;


        1. Giving up is the one fix that cannot be beaten.

          It is all hands on deck. If enough of us don’t show up at the polls, then dead Democrat voters will sweep their candidates into office.


        2. You’re right, Kia – Donald J. Trump is going to fix everything. Especially the corruption. Thanks for sharing our optimism……….

          May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless our great nation. May He bless us all.

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  1. People who vote for the Clintons are fascists.

    That means its okay when they commit crimes, but it’s not okay for anyone to commit crimes.

    It is a waste of time preaching about crooked Hillary.

    Preaching about crooked Hillary is the sound of one hand clapping.

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