Note that President Obama starts his speech about 22 minutes into this video.

Do you still believe this guy? According to him, Obamacare is a great success and affordable. He doesn’t have a good record of telling the truth, unfortunately. Yet one of the candidates supports what Obama has done (She belongs in jail for lying, among other things.) and the other candidate doesn’t.

Hillary Clinton

According to Hillary Clinton, health care is a basic human right (from here).

That sounds great. Hence, we have a weeping, but gullible lady. What she does not see is a devil in the details. Someone has to pay for this right. When we force other people to pay for our “rights”, we have to enslave those people. That’s why there is nothing in the Constitution that says we have a basic human right to exploit other people to satisfy our own ends.

Think about it. Where do basic human rights stop? Food? Clothing? Shelter? Education? Job? A car? An Obamaphone? A fabulous vacation? Nevertheless, H. Clinton wants to build upon Obamacare.

As your president, I want to build on the progress we’ve made. I’ll do more to bring down health care costs for families, ease burdens on small businesses, and make sure consumers have the choices they deserve. And frankly, it is finally time for us to deal with the skyrocketing out-of-pocket health costs, and particularly runaway prescription drug prices. (continued here)

Donald Trump

With respect to the notion that health care is a basic human right, Donald Trump is not a Conservative. Nevertheless, he recognizes that Obamacare is a disaster.


To view Mr. Trump’s position, visit

  • Repeal and replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).
  • Work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality, and affordability.
  • Work with states to establish high-risk pools to ensure access to coverage for individuals who have not maintained continuous coverage.
  • Allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, in all 50 states, creating a dynamic market.
  • Maximize flexibility for states via block grants so that local leaders can design innovative Medicaid programs that will better serve their low-income citizens.

(continued here)


Some Republicans in Virginia have fought Obamacare with surprising determination.

Unfortunately, some judges on Supreme Court contrived an excuse to find Obamacare constitutional. Therefore they allowed the expected time to happen. Obamacare is collapsing.

So what does H. Clinton propose? It is the usual Liberal Democrat solution. So that  they can fix the mess they made, she wants us to give incompetent and power mad leaders more power (see her factsheet).

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  1. SOM wrote:

    “And after the WikiLeaks fiasco it also turns out that everything the Democrat Party has been doing recently has been a cold calculated program of deception to seize complete control of the US government.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrat Party has been plotting to seize control of the US government for decades and decades, at least since LBJ’s War On Poverty was legislated into existence.”

    Yes. I see what you mean. I think it probably all started when Bill Clinton was part of the Democratic plot to assassinate JFK. Soon after that Hillary Clinton landed at Area 51 with the aliens from the planet Swartz. (That’s why she has always had this thing about illegal aliens). Then came the Democratic liberal media mind control project. Good thing we are immune.

    Now that you have figured this vast Democratic conspiracy out for me, I think I’ll go put on my tin foil hat and hide in the basement. Wait! I don’t have a basement – guess I better dig one quick. 😉

  2. Back when Barack Obama was running for president in 2008 and pitching ObamaCare, it was clear to me that nothing he said about it could possibly come true.

    That’s because of the rules of politics and economics that govern reality.

    I thought he was just another misguided liberal with a pipe dream.

    It turned out that ObamaCare was just a big scam sold to The People with a big bunch of lies.

    And after the WikiLeaks fiasco it also turns out that everything the Democrat Party has been doing recently has been a cold calculated program of deception to seize complete control of the US government.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrat Party has been plotting to seize control of the US government for decades and decades, at least since LBJ’s War On Poverty was legislated into existence.

    1. @silenceofmind

      For the most part, I think the seeming coordination of the totalitarians provides proof of the devil, not a conspiracy to take over the government.

      With a little effort we can point all the way back into the 1830’s to find events that helped to get us where we are today. What those people and the demagogues among us today were interested in is self-aggrandizement. I suppose some of H. Clinton’s aides are true believers, but I expect most of them are just looking for some prestige and loot.

      So it is that H. Clinton and Obama work together. They each personally gain more if H. Clinton wins, and Donald Trump does not.

      What WikiLeaks, the FBI investigation,, and various other sources have revealed is just how corrupt and two-faced the Liberal Democrat leadership can be. That will certain not help to turn out their voters.

  3. “Liers!” “Criminals!” “Thieves!” No suffering from any Christian humility here. It’s all just the quick injustice of pitchforks and torches. And this is why we can’t have nice things in this country. 🙄

    There is no actual policy from The Radical Party of No. There is only screaming libelous accusations. There is no creation, nothing constructive, no compromise, only in incivility and destruction. You don’t believe in a loyal opposition from Democrats, and you you don’t want to be the “loyal” opposition. You don’t really want to be Republicans or conservatives anymore because conservative Republicans have historically been traditionalists who essentially believed in our institutions and tried to work within them. The definition of conservative is preservation of our institutional traditions. This new thing, this Radical Party of No, is just anarchists posing as conservative Republicans.

    I think I finally figured it out. There is no talking about real solutions to real problems that effect real people, nor do the Noers want any. The Noers want to bring down it all down. Destroy our institutions. Kill our constitutional republic. Creat some new anarchic utopia out of the smoking ashes of the last best hope for mankind.

    There is no way to have an actual rational constructive argument about policy when the counter argument is scorched earth, is there?

    I’m not saying this in anger, but out of genuine curiosity. Why don’t you just say that this is what you want and quit this facade? 🤔

    1. @Tony

      When I was young, I had the naive notion that Socialism might work. Then I worked in the Air Force, including a tour at NASA. I saw how power corrupted people. I saw why the government hired contractors. Sometimes even the government needs to get something done.

      I did not have much understanding of the ethics of government until I read the Bible. There is a lot of nonsense written and said about the Bible. That is why we have to read it and study it. Until we do, we will actually believe the lie that the Bible has nothing to say about government, but God gave Israel the Law, and much of that Law is still relevant to Christianity.

      Anyway, i understand something about your position and your frustration with me. Here I am, telling you are dead wrong. Moreover, I am saying straight out that what you want is entirely unethical, and you don’t like it one bit. So you are angry, just too proud to admit it. Nevertheless, your anger is obvious.

      How have you responded. Do you defend your candidate? No. Do you point out her accomplishments? No. What you do is attack and attack and attack. You even project your own behavior on to me and attack that. That is what people do when they know they are in the wrong, and they cannot stand to admit it.

      I suppose the way you are behaving is in a way hopeful. Your behavior is not good, but it does indicate a wounded conscience. If your conscience was dead, you would not much care what I said. After all, Citizen Tom is just a tiny little blog, not significant to the big picture.

      Thank you for your comments.

      1. Tom-

        Angry? No. Frustrated? No. Intrigued? Always. However, if it helps you to vindicate some sort of self-righteous smugness that your position is actually more Christian if you can imagine me as somehow the more angry and you as the more loving, then go ahead. And you’re welcome. I enjoy the repartee.

        You and your “Radical Party of No” represent an anachronism in the American polity that I find absolutely fascinating now that I am coming to understand it. I thought at first that you just wanted to change the course of our 230 year old experiment in a more conservative direction. Now that I have realized that you actually just want to destroy it and put some utopian theory of government that never existed in its place, I at least know what I am arguing against. As Spock used to say, “fascinating”.

        You want me to be your strawman in favor of pure collectivism and against pure individualism? Sorry, as I have said before, it’s a dumb argument. Although it is all some so-called Republicans want to talk about, neither of the the two dominant political parties actually favor either stupid concept, and no one with half a brain wants to live in either the totalitarian state or the individualistic anarchy of a Somalia. If this is your wild grievance for destroying all our institutions of democracy that have treated average folks like you and I quite well by any world or historic standard, then it sure is an imaginary one.

        I’m also not going to be your Aethist foil either. I applaud your late-in-life conversion to Christianity. I never really left the flock. I seriously believe that Jesus treasures more every lost sheep who He returns to the fold of love. I don’t claim to have always been the best Christian in the world (in fact, I have been quite the sinner at different times in my life and even now, I would not call myself a good Catholic), but, unlike the brother of the prodigal son, it would seem counterintuitive to me to be jealous of you in this regard. I would love you anyway, but I love you all the more for your returning home to Christ some years ago. However, just because you have become a Christian doesn’t mean that you or your Radical Party of No OWN Christianity. Only God does that. So please strike the pretense that I am somehow the angry Aethist here and you are the avenging angel of Christ. I try not to be prideful about such things, but the patronizing “I’ve got a shiny new toy” nature of it is a little insulting to a lifelong, albeit imperfect, Catholic. ☺️

        In any event, there is nothing particularly Christian about hating our stable democracy that has brought about the most equality and opportunity, including religious freedom, for the most people in the history of human civilization. Jesus (infamously to the many of His fellow Jews of His time) had very little to say about the repressive Roman dictatorship He lived under. He welcomed its tax collectors into His company, and said to give Caesar his due. I therefore find it hard to believe that Jesus now would be in favor of tearing down the institutions of a democracy that has done so much for so many and that seeks such an historic balance in promoting freedom of religious conscience. As you well know, by its very nature, both Christianity and government are corrupted when one’s human institutions try to run the other.

        I too had an epiphany after my first Navy tour as a young Ensign. Like you, I was disdainful of all of the unfairness, the personality politics and the waste in my first Navy Squadron. I felt that I worked harder and knew more than most others and was only rewarded with mediocre fitness reports. My moment of revelation came on my way to my next tour as a young Lieutenant instructor pilot in a primary flight training squadron. I realized that the common denominator of all my problems could be found in me. I resolved to be a team player, to have larger sense of mission than just me and what I wanted, to be loyal up and down the chain of command, to strive toward personal integrity, but to accept that we are all imperfect souls and that no system is perfect and that better is not really the enemy of best. I resolved to have a better attitude, an attitude of love and service to others, which is the source of all integrity and virtue, including the integrity and virtue required for real leadership and real followership.

        Throughout the rest of my Navy career, I did far better on my fitness reports, but more importantly, I really enjoyed myself, the mission, the Navy and the people that I worked with. I would still be doing it now if they let old farts like me keep flying missions rather than flying a desk somewhere. That same attitude that I still struggle to perfect has made all of my life, all my different careers, and most importantly, the downs as much as the ups, a blessing beyond anything that I deserve. I can’t even imagine what would have happened to me if I had continued to live my life in a state of constant ire and grievance.

        I point all this out to show that some systems are absolutely terrible (and maybe NASA was such a system although I have always been kind of amazed at NASA’s accomplishments), however, no system is perfect, nor will it ever be. The creators our system as it is today, including not only the original Founders and Framers, but also all the Founders and Framers of all the Amendments since the founding of our government, and including all the laws and all the court decisions that have transformed the Constitution to necessarily adapt it to have national rights and national economic responsibilities, was all done imperfectly to make “a more perfect” system.

        Our government was certainly not perfect at the founding and it is not perfect now, but it has become more perfect than anything that has ever existed in the history of civilization, though I think it still has far to go. If your Radical Party of No could tear the whole wonderful thing down tomorrow, and put your decidedly unchristian Ayn Rand vision of utopia in its place, I think that you would find it unworkable, but even at its best, you would find it imperfect and you therefore would again hate it and want to destroy it as well. That’s because, in order to make any good system work “more perfectly” we have to start from a position of love and service to others, a position of civilility and compromise, not the hate and destruction that your “Radical Party of No” comes from, and certainly not the selfishness and selfcenteredness that is all that Trump actually seems to stands for.

        You think that our government is too big, that there is too much unnecessary regulation, that it could be more efficient, or that government is not the best mechanism for providing a given good or service, well I am all in favor of pragmatic and loving reform and compromise within this imperfect system, and I think we could agree more than you imagine. However, if you hate the whole system and want to tear it down, then I think that you are misguided to the extreme. And no, I am not angry about it, just disapppointed that you don’t see how wrong it is, and quite happy that your Noer Party is unlikely to succeed.

        I leave you to ponder this wonderful and insightful quote from Carl Jung that perhaps we both could agree upon:

        “Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.”

        1. @Tony

          Your comments all come down to one thing. Tom is the problem. If Tom would just think like Tony, Tom would not be a problem.

          Your world doesn’t allow for much diversity, does it, but Utopias are like that.

    2. @Tony

      Wrote what I posted below the quote when I was commenting on another blog, but I think it applies to your comment too, particularly your observation as to why we cannot have nice things in this country.

      “Liers!” “Criminals!” “Thieves!” No suffering from any Christian humility here. It’s all just the quick injustice of pitchforks and torches. And this is why we can’t have nice things in this country.

      If we kept our government small, we would vote focused on a relatively small number of issues. If we were educated privately, we would be taught by teachers who work for us, not politicians. Then we could be better informed, and we would only have to be informed about a relatively small number of issues. As it is, we have the most complex government ever, and we are the dumbest electorate America has ever had.

      God help us! We don’t know what we are doing.

      End of paste from that other comment.
      Anyway, when you think you have the right to use the government to make other people give you nice things, I don’t see much humility in it. Just thievery.

      1. I’m reminded here of the old sniglet word “sarchasm” which was defined as “the gulf between the author of a sarchastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it”. 😊

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