Patience is Better Than Pride

Given the rancor over the upcoming election, I thought many would find this post appropriate. So I decided reblog it.

Note that the author of The Life Project is currently working his with through Ecclesiastes. Don Merritt is a first rate Bible expositor. Since Ecclesiastes is difficult to understand, but well worth studying, I intend to check out the rest of the series. I hope I will see some of my readers there too.

The Life Project

Ecclesiastes 7:8-14

Our most excellent adventure now moves into the second of the sections in chapter seven: Patience. Yes dear reader, I am going over this one carefully myself, since patience is really not my strongest suit! The topic is set clearly enough in verse 8:

The end of a matter is better than its beginning,
and patience is better than pride.

This verse hearkens back to the discussion in the previous section about houses of mourning and the day of death being better than the day of birth; a matter is best concluded in life, rather than begun, for in its conclusion we know if we have concluded it properly and in a way pleasing in the eyes of God. Likewise, it is better to be patient than proud. If you stop and think about pride, it might not seem to line up well with patience, for all too often…

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