Clinton testifying before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October 22, 2015 (from here)
Clinton testifying before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October 22, 2015 (from here)

The picture above is that of a “nasty woman”. The female of our species may be smaller, but few men go through life without ever beating a hasty retreat from an angry woman. In fact, Proverbs records such a retreat as an act of wisdom.

Proverbs 21:9 New King James Version (NKJV)

Better to dwell in a corner of a housetop,
Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

Imagine Donald Trump’s anguish.  For three 90 minutes sessions he had to put up with a tongue lashing from Hillary Clinton. If he were married to her, he could have escaped to a luxurious rooftop at one of his mansions. Instead, he was trapped in close proximity with a nasty, cold blooded woman determine to verbally eviscerate him. It goes against every instinct and social convention for a man to take such abuse without heading for rooftops.

So how did the news media report the matter? Well, Trump slipped up. He stated the obvious and shared his misery: “Such a nasty woman”.

Well, Hillary Clinton is a woman. She certainly has made every effort to make sure we know it. And as Donald Trump observed, she debates like a “nasty woman”.

What can we do about it? Well, we might want to think long and hard about who is most responsible for making this presidential campaign something so unsuited for children to watch. Meanwhile, let’s all pity and pray for poor Bill Clinton. May he always be able to find a quiet rooftop.


  1. Let’s make a bet on it Tom. If Trump gets elected President. I’ve got a Mexican paid for wall that I’ll give you. 😉

  2. Still nothing good to say about Trump, except that he is not Clinton? That is pretty much the whole platform of “The Radical Party of No”.

    I already know what you don’t like. I already know what you would tear down. But even you don’t know what you want. You have no solutions. Only criticisms. That is why “The Radical Party of No”, this thing that has replaced the Republican Party that is neither Republican nor conservative in any traditional sense, cannot actually govern. An earlier radical manifestation of this reoccurring disease in American politics was the “Know Nothing Party”. Now it is more like the “Radical No to Everything Party”, but we’ll just call it the “Radical Party of No” or “Noers” for short.

    Such a party cannot actually govern by definition because screaming “no” all the time solves nothing. What you Noers really like about Trump is his promises to tear things down. However, if Trump actually got elected, one has to believe that he would try to govern, but the first time that he did, “The Radical Party of No” would turn on him. He would be forced to go to the Democrats to actually govern, and that is how we would get massive new infrastructure projects and that is how the populist Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare with Trumpcare’s single payer system. The fact is that anybody that your Party of Noers elected would be bound to disappoint you once they tried to do anything constructive.

    So I think you should just quit the facade of calling yourself a Republican or a conservative, which you are not in any historic sense, and call yourself what you really are Tom, a member of the new, hate our form of government and want to tear it down “Radical Party of No”. 🙃

    1. @Tony

      You are either just flailing or wholly deluded. I don’t know which.

      I have had both bad and good things to say about Trump. In this post I posted a video of one of his speeches =>
      He gives his agenda for the first 100 days. I think even you would like some of his proposals.

      Am I a member of the “radical party of no”? In one sense I am. To the extent you and your party want to violate the Constitution, I have no problem saying no.

      Government exists to protect us from each other (protecting our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) and from foreign threats. What you call governing has almost nothing to do with protect our rights or protecting our nation from foreign threats. What you call governing looks more like various groups imposing their wants on everyone else. When we think we have the right to impose our wants upon others, we can be trapped into joining and supporting the majoritarian tyranny that is Socialism.

      When we start using it to run each others lives, we just make government worse than useless. The Federal Budget is exploding. The checks and balances in the Constitution are failing. Because so many are fighting to make the government serve their personal purposes, we are at each others throats, and that is by design. In fact, you voted for the candidate most expert and most determine to pit us against each other. And deep down you know it. That is why you find it impossible to point to anything positive she has done. You know she is crooked.

      That’s why you are angry. If you were certain what you say is true, you would be moved to pity, not anger.

      1. Funny that you think that I am angry. Why would I be angry? Your Noer Party is losing. The Democratic Party and, more important, Democracy is winning.

        The American people are doing the right thing. We are rejecting the Noer’s radical negative extremism that wants to tell us how awful that the greatest country in the history of human civilization is, that wants to tell everyone what America cannot do, and that has a warped Know Nothing sense of the constitutional juris prudence that has not been (and for all practical purposes could not be) followed since the earliest days of our republic. Even if your Radical Party of No got power over all three branches of government, it would either disappoint you because it would have to try to govern, or it would refuse to govern, as your “do nothing Congress” had done for most of Obama’s presidency so it was bound to eventually be rejected.

        American democracy is a messy system of checks and balances. The Radical Party of No will diminish and the Republican Party will transform, or it will die to become something else. Even the Democratic Party will need to transform because its failure to respond effectively to globalization has lost Democrats a good bit of the faith of the middle class working people that have suffered terribly as good paying union jobs have been outsourced.

        I was worried for a while that the angry old white crackpots that mostly make up the The Radical Party of No were about to put a populist demagogue in charge, but I am daily more convinced that everything is happening as it should in our democracy, so yes, I’m pretty happy. 😅

        1. So you are absolutely certain H. Clinton will win? I rate that on par with this bit of “truth: =>

          In almost every election the polls start to tighten. That is, they get close to the truth. Why? Well, if they were completely wrong just before the election then people would understand they were so biased they don’t have much value.

          Who is going to win? I don’t know. Time will tell. Whatever God wills will be.

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