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Several years back I wrote a series of post on abortion (Here is the first post => WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT ABORTION? — PART 1). I put a lot of work into it, but it did not get a lot of hits.  I guess, even though I am not a Bible scholar, it came across as too scholarly and ivory tower.

Regardless of what we say, when most of us surf the web, we want something bite-size and personally relevant. Life, however, does not necessarily give simple, easy problems. It only gives us what looks like easy choices, like that choice favored by the Pro-Choice crowd.

How Do We Choose?

You are a man. You get your girl-friend pregnant. You are that girl-friend. He doesn’t want the child. If you have the child, you could have a 20-year obligation. If you don’t have the child, it is just gone? Not exactly, and the longer you live the better and more painfully you will understand the consequences of making the wrong choice.

altruistico is doing a series on abortion. His series deals directly with that Pro-Life/Pro-Choice choice. Since ‘s series deals directly with the choice we have to make, I suspect his readers will find his series more personally relevant.

Here is what has thus far posted.

If you have any doubts that unfairly presents what the Bible has to say about abortion, then please consider my poor series on the subject as a place to start your investigation. I did my best to consider both sides of the issue. To my surprise, I discovered the Pro-Choice scholarship on this issue plainly unworthy of any respect.

The 2016 Presidential Election

Please note that abortion will be an issue in the 2016 Presidential Election. We have a candidate that is so rabidly Pro-Choice she has announced her intention to select judges who put their personal “life experience” ahead of what the Constitution actually says.

Here is what Hillary Clinton said in the Second Presidential Debate about her selection criteria for judges.

This is one of the most important issues in this election. I want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works, who have real life experience. Who have not just been in a big law firm and maybe clerked for a judge and then gotten on the bench, but maybe they tried more cases. Actually understand what people are up against. Because I think the current court has gone in the wrong direction. I would want to see the Supreme Court reverse Citizens United and get dark unaccountable money out of our politics. Donald doesn’t agree with that. I would like the Supreme Court to understand that voting rights are a big problem in many parts of the country. That we don’t do always do everything we can to make it possible for people of color and older people and young people to be able to exercise their franchise. I want a Supreme Court that will stick with Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose, and I want a Supreme Court that will stick with marriage equality. Now, Donald put forth of the names of people he would consider. And among the ones that he has suggested are people who would reverse Roe v. Wade and reverse marriage equality. I think that would be a terrible mistake and take us backwards. I want a Supreme Court that doesn’t always side with corporate interests. I want a Supreme Court that understands because you are wealthy and you can give more money to something doesn’t mean you have more rights or should have any more rights than anything else. (from here)

Given Hillary Clinton speaks out of both sides of her mouth, we can disregard her comments about corporate interests. However, Planned Parenthood has supported her campaign, and that support does interest H. Clinton.

Here is Donald Trump’s statement on abortion.

If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed – like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions. (from here)

Trump has already given us a list from which he would make his judicial picks. See for yourself. See what Trump has to say about the Constitution and Second Amendment.

16 thoughts on “THE BIBLE SAYS DON’T DO IT

  1. Tom wrote:

    Have not seen any of Trump’s speeches today. Too busy at work.

    I expect you did not do so either. You probably heard yet another quote out of context. Given you worked as reporter, qualified as a lawyer, fly commercial jets, and are really quite intelligent, I wonder at your gullibility. You trash Trump, but you cannot find anything good to say about H. Clinton.”

    I’m afraid you are wrong on both counts. I was mesmerized all of Trump’s speech. It’s positively maniacal. You really should listen to it.

    And I have said numerous good things about Clinton here (such as she is the most experienced and qualified candidate perhaps ever to run for president), but rather than dispute the obvious factually that I have, you live in your own reality on this. Clinton compared to Trump on presidential qualifications is like comparing Lebron James to me on basketball skills.

    They just arrested a bunch of terrorists who allegedly planned to set off car bombs to kill Muslims. In the quotes that the FBI attributed to these white nationalists, they pretty much are channeling Trump. Trump has sowed hatred. It’s not surprising that his supporters hope to reap the whirlwind.

    Because you have already voted for this dark demagogue, I can see why you are steeped in your own cognitive dissonance. However, what will have to come out that demonstrates Trump’s bullying narcissism, and how many insane things does Trump have to say before you disassociate yourself from him? Sincerely brother, how deep in the slime and muck are you willing to swim down with Trump?


    1. @Tony

      Lots of surprises and lies this October.

      If you think Trump is maniacal — and you actually did listen to his whole speech, then you think the same of me and then some. The notion that Trump has advocated violence against Muslims is stupid, but you are ready to believe it. Then you may as well believe it of anyone — or anyone who disagrees with you about anything related to Muslims.

      I said you have nothing good to say about H. Clinton. You have made a few, meaningless general statements. That’s it. Nothing specific. You are too busy finding excuses to hate, apparently.


  2. I often wonder about women who say it is my body and my choice. Then I think about King Solomon and times in life we all will experience.

    I am not a women, but cannot comprehend why they do not ,or perhaps cannot ever comprehend, what the right time to decide whether or not they want to risk ,or decide their choice to have a baby would be before fornication rather than after.

    Like I said, I am a man and not a women, and frankly have never been able to comprehend their thinking most of time in my life.

    There are of course exceptions like rape or whatever beyond their control. But one million abortions a year in the USA, with free conceptions available?

    Is there a woman who can answer my deliminator? Abortions I assume are painful both physically and mentally, are they not?.

    If I offended anyone, I apologize. Women, please forgive me, I admit I am after all, a man unable to comprehend.women.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. One way or another it takes two. We must never forget women do not get pregnant by themselves. We also remember that children suffer when men refuse to take responsibility for their children.

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    1. @Stephen

      Thanks for the link.

      Interesting? I suppose so. It is always good to examine what the other side thinks, and Slate is where I occasionally go to do opposition research. I certainly don’t go there to get advice or to get cheered up.

      “The New Culture of Life” is anti-Trump piece posing as journalism. It also targets women by presenting the abortion movement strictly as a women’s issue.

      The article that follows, “The Myth of Abortion Regret,” is a direct assault on the pro-choice movement, and all pretense of sympathy is dropped. Put the two articles together, and you have to do some head scratching. Women don’t have any doubts about the morality of abortion, but the Pro-Choice movement is strengthening?


  3. I’m not going to wade into your abortion debate. Given the ridiculousness of the comment above from the source for your post, I don’t think a thoughtful conversation would be possible anyway. Such outlandish demonizing of the other side certainly whips up the fringe, but it turns off everyone else. Please keep it up though. 😉


    1. @Tony

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am always honored when people take the time to read my words, and I appreciate those who comment even more.

      Of course, I do wish you had something positive to say. I don’t mean agreement or praise, but would be good too. I just mean that ridicule of the sort contained in your comment says more about you than it does about altruistico and myself, and you would do well to consider what it says.


      1. Did you see Trump’s enraged conspiracy speech in Florida today? The words outrageous and unprecedented don’t do it justice. Trump was outed on tape last week for bragging about sexually assaulting women. (And no that was not just “macho locker room talk” – it might be the way abusers brag to each other in prison locker rooms, but not sports locker rooms, and besides, Trump was a 60 year old man at work at the time, not in a horny teenager in a locker room). Trump’s weird bid for the presidency was essentially over as soon as that revelation about his sick narcissistic personality was outed. Now the only question is whether Trump can burn down the Republican Party and as much confidence in our institutions of government as possible on his way out the door.

        I love this country and it’s Democratic institutions, including the two party system. I feel blessed to be born into a country at such a time when an Air Force Master Sargent’s son can have so much freedom and opportunity. When you look at the life that the previous generations passed on to all average Americans, but especially average white male Americans, compared to any other time or place in history, don’t you feel fortunate? There has ever been a generation in history where so many people kids of all backgrounds have had such opportunities.

        Although we often disagree, I admire that you are active and involved in what you believe should be the reform of our institutions. And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t always be in the process of incremental institutional reform, but can’t you see that the sort of dark and apocalyptic conspiracy talk where a decent Christian Black man who rose to the presidency is for eight years demonized as an illegitimate secret Muslim terrorist sympathizer who isn’t even an American, and where the Democratic candidate for president is accused of fomenting communism, and where, even though he is rapidly sinking in the polls, if Trump doesn’t win it’s because the system is rigged against him by a multinational oligarchic conspiracy to which he says that Clinton belongs is not only outlandish, it’s institutionally destructive to, not just the party that you belong to, but also to the basic fabric of our democracy itself. When the election is over, what are you going to do with all the mob rage and hatred and victimhood in the significant minority of Americans that all these conspiracy theories incited? Who is going to be left to pick up the pieces of the Republican Party?

        My comment was meant to positive in this respect. The reason it was positive is because I’m relieved that the majority of Americans are not buying into Trump’s over-the-top onslaught of one “big lie” after another, and we are getting more and more disgusted by him by the minute. Americans may swing back and forth but they are moderate by nature and eventually punish extremism by either party at the polls. In so far as such apocalyptic conspiracy theories such as were posted above are waking Americans up to the silliness that the greatest nation in the history of the world is actually an evil and dark hellscape, then I guess you are doing us all a favor. So again, thanks. Sorry to interrupt the pity party. Please continue telling us how awful America is and how terrible you have had it. Cue the violins.


        1. Sorry. those last few sentences were meant to be my attempt at snarky humor, but may have sounded meaner than I intended.


          1. @Tony

            Have not seen any of Trump’s speeches today. Too busy at work.

            I expect you did not do so either. You probably heard yet another quote out of context. Given you worked as reporter, qualified as a lawyer, fly commercial jets, and are really quite intelligent, I wonder at your gullibility. You trash Trump, but you cannot find anything good to say about H. Clinton.

            Why am I suppose to vote for H. Clinton? She is not Donald Trump? But I am voting for Trump because he is not H. Clinton.

            Anyway, I am glad you are thankful to be an American. I am too.

            What has Barack Hussein Obama done for almost eight years? He has tried to transform America, and that is clearly not what America is about. We are not supposed to be a government with a people. We are supposed to be a people with a government. We have a government to perform certain necessary services. We have no business using it to transform each other. Wherever that has been tried, the results look like a charnel house.

            Do I regret that some have attacked Obama as a closet Muslim terrorist? No. What does his race got to do with it? His birthplace determines his race? Obama’s policies created the suspicion. That racist “Christian” church he attended created the suspicion. Consider what his pastor once said.

            Was the man Obama listened to every Sunday for 20 years a monster? No, he is an intelligent man, might even make a good friend, but I don’t think the ideas he put into Obama’s head included a love for this country.

            So is Trump a great choice? But we are talking about a binary choice at this point, and H. Clinton (as you have indicated through your silence) is a really bad choice.


  4. Hello, Tom, and thank you once again for joining the fight against abortion. It is, as always, greatly appreciated.

    I think, however, there is something far more important than the mere issue of abortion and the United States Supreme Court appointees. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not in any way discounting the importance of these issues. For I am not.
    With the election of those like Hillary Clinton our nation will flip, almost immediately, into Communism. All that is necessary for this to occur is for the likes of a Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton to become our elected official in the office of the Presidency of these United States.

    To make this clearer all one needs do is review the workings of Karl Marx and Frederic Engel and their Communist Manifesto and what these two men wrote on the “Bourgeois [is the wealthy stratum of the middle class that originated during the latter part of the Middle Ages (AD 476–1453)] and Proletarians” [. Marxist theory) the class of workers, esp. industrial wage earners, who do not possess capital or property and must sell their labor to survive].

    In nearly every speech of which Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made they allude to the dismantling of the middle class….. The proletarians’ struggle is first and foremost a national struggle. Marx writes that he has traced the proletariat’s development through a veiled civil war, up to the point of open revolution and the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie. Until now, every society has been based on class oppression. In order for a class to be able to be oppressed, however, its slavish existence must be sustainable, held steady: in contrast, laborers in modern industrial society are continually suffering a deterioration of their status; they become poorer and poorer. The bourgeoisie are thus unfit to rule, because they cannot guarantee “an existence to its slave within its slavery.” Thus, with the development of Modern Industry, the bourgeoisie produces “its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.”

    With no disrespect to you and your view of the importance of a Conservative Justice being appointed; “What good is a conservative appointee who will battle for the life of the unborn when the rest of our “Capitalist Republic slips endlessly into Communism?”

    Tom, in closing I say this to you. Since you are the political writer and the election is so close, you have your work cut out for you (smiling).

    Thank you for the links, Tom, these are always greatly appreciated.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and yours. And, may He once again shine upon our great Nation.

    Your friend always;


    1. @altruistico

      Well, I do not necessarily disagree. I think a large number of my posts focus on the evils of Socialism, which is not much different from Communism.

      Many people see Communism and Socialism as abstractions. Abortion, on the other hand, is a concrete evil. Thus, while some people may not appreciate the vile inclinations of a politician who supports Socialism, they will readily understand the wrong inherent in a politician who supports using government funds to kill the unborn.

      How do we connect the two, the Socialist with the abortionist? The Democrats do that well enough. I don’t have point out the obvious.

      Thank you for your comment and your posts. May our Lord bless you and yours.

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  5. Unfortunately, the Great Prenatal Genocide is water long gone under the bridge.

    Our society is like the Hebrews dancing around the golden calf at the foot of Mount Sinai.

    Fortunately, there are lots of edgy Christians on the edge of the crowd.

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