Hillary Clinton's new home? (from here)
Hillary Clinton’s new home? (from here)

In A WORD TO REPLACE “POLITICALLY CORRECT”?, I suggested that we replace the phrase “politically correct” with “obsequious”. Here I will show how we might want to use the word “obsequious”.

At this post, WHY IS VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON MADNESS?, I got a comment from an unhappy Hillary Clinton supporter. Here it is.


When you get a second, poke your head up and outside of your dark little maze of echo chambers here Tom and into the light of the real world.

The Republican Party is in a full scale implosion. Instead of seeking unity, Trump and his rabidly outraged supporters are engaging in a circular firing squad with the establishment of their own party. The math has become almost inexorably on course to make this an Electoral College landslide for Clinton, and the popular vote does not look much better. Trump has no ground game. Republican chances of retaining their Senate majority and strong House majority are being dragged down along with the national tickets.

To move undecideds, Independents, and moderates from both political parties, and to even have a chance to win at this late date, Trump and Trump supporters would need to pivot away from talking about sex and sexism, a topic that has proved absolutely damning for Trump with decent people of any political persuasion, and yet all he and you want to do is talk about sex, sex, sex.

Please keep up the good work Tom. ☺️ (from here)

What follows is my response. Keep in mind that wherever you see some form the word “obsequious” I could just as easily have used some form of the phrase “politically correct”.

Tom’s Response

Well, I suppose I could just obsequiously defer to the infinite wisdom of the news media and give up. After all, news media has rigged the election — I mean “called” the election — so there is no possible way anyone but the most intelligent woman, the most experienced woman, the finest female foreign policy expert of the age can win.

Yeah, this is the year of the woman. There is nothing sexist about Hillary’s campaign. She has never pointed to her genitals and asked women to vote for her just because she is a woman. No, nothing so undignified. Such hypocrisy has nothing to do with Hillary’s campaign. So I suppose I should be politely obsequious and just submit to the pressure of news media tirades.

Still, I have a problem. When Democrats are so absurdly obsessed with the subjects (Here is a local example on the gender neutral bathroom issue => THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT),  I cannot figure out why Democrats keep insisting that Conservatives must obsequiously shut up. Conservatives have to stop talking about sex and sexism so Democrats can do all the talking?

Are Conservatives trying to alter the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions using the courts? No, but Democrats are, and what Democrats doing is voting for people who have no problem breaking their oaths of office.

Our officials are supposed to support and defend both the U.S Constitutions and their state constitutions, not amend them. Therefore, to obsequiously defer to Democrat demands for “sexual equality” (really just sexual fantasies), Conservatives have to go along with oath-breaking. I don’t think my conscience will support that, thank God.

Moreover, Democrats make this same demand for obsequious submission with respect every “social” issue. It is absurd. Isn’t everything Democrats want to spend gobs of money on a social program? Don’t Democrats break both Federal and state government budgets on health, education, and welfare programs, that is, social programs? Nevertheless, Democrats castigate Social Conservatives and laud Fiscal Conservatives, as if there was any such thing as someone who can be fiscally conservative without certain moral standards.

So no, I am not going to obsequiously give up. I will do my part to support Donald Trump and put Hillary in prison instead of  the White House.

PS – I already know Trump is not Conservative, but he is also not Hillary.

17 thoughts on “HOW TO USE THE WORD

  1. “Abuse of Powers” is not a crime in and of itself. It is a phrase. We don’t like it when our officials abuse their powers, but we have remedies through public opinion, at the ballot box and, in extreme cases, if the abuse constitutes criminal activity, through the legal system. We are not inclined to view favorably the idea of mulligans or do-overs for prosecutions that come up empty. I suspect that if you thought about it for more than a second, the procedures you propose would strike you as themselves being an “abuse of power” and that your affinity for them in this case is very much based on your personal attitudes re Mrs. Clinton.



    1. @novaDemocrat

      Did our dialogue just begin? You don’t know of what wrongdoing H. Clinton has been accused? Did world history just begin today? Is that Liberal Democrats just make it up on the spot?


  2. Comments like the last one are very revealing of how shallowly rooted your “conservative” instincts really are.

    I think you might want to think a bit about exactly how this works. Start with the “highly likely” standard that you use for presidents’ appointing Special Prosecutors (as opposed to the use of established procedures) to investigate private citizens. I don’t think I, as a conservative citizen concerned with constitutional process, am particularly on board with the idea that a president who thinks a private citizen is “highly likely” to have broken “quite a few” laws, should be able to sic the dogs of a Special Prosecutor on that person. It sounds extremely Putin-esque to me. If a citizen’s actions create probable cause that laws have been broken, we have ways of dealing with that. I think of Special Prosecutors as coming into play when there are charges against someone in the process – e.g., an Attorney General accused of bribery or some such thing.

    But, to answer your last question after taking out the idea that the President can just send out Special Prosecutors against us on a notion, sure, if someone is indicted, tried, and convicted in a fair and regular process that establishes beyond reasonable doubt that he or she broke laws that specify jail time, I don’t see anything wrong with the convicted person serving that time.



    1. @novaDemocrat

      Never was particularly enamored with special prosecutors myself. Nevertheless, the President’s job includes enforcing our laws. He appoints the Attorney General who would appoint a special prosecutor. The point would be to pick someone regarded as just and neutral.

      Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through. ― Jonathan Swift

      It may be awkward to catch wasps and hornets, but sometimes we must. If Hillary Clinton is guilty of abusing the powers of offices she has held, she belongs in prison. If she is not, then she will have an opportunity to clear her name.


  3. I always am speaking for myself, Tom, as I am sure you always are speaking for yourself. As I have pointed out here often, however, my personal opinions reflect my conservative view of the world and of politics. The idea of amateur pols running around threatening jail for their opponents isn’t something that ranks high on the list of conservative values in American politics. If it ever caught on, and were not made the subject of instant opprobrium, we would have no democracy. We get worried enough when we find that presidents (think Nixon) have enemies lists, or try to direct the IRS to go hard against perceived opponents (think Nixon again). If it ever were established that any recent president tried to direct the IRS to give enhanced scrutiny to political opponents, we, quite rightly, go nuts. Look at the recent furor about the IRS scrutiny of groups claiming exemptions as social organizations – there has been no evidence that that scrutiny was directed by politicians, but the mere possibility or hint that there might be something like that afoot was completely unacceptable to most Americans.

    Donald Trump has made no secret that he wants Hillary in jail. He has said so in front of millions and has encouraged (or done nothing to discourage – each is evil) chants of “Lock her up!” from mobs that gather in his name. It’s a very Putinesque/Hugo Chavezian approach to politics. The niceties of a “Special Prosecutor” are a cosmetic afterthought.

    Director Comey gave a rather detailed legal analysis of why he felt he lacked sufficient grounds to recommend prosecution, Among other factors, he pointed out that there had never been a prosecution in similar circumstances since before WWII. With what elements of his analysis do you differ?

    Finally, I took my sense of your position on “Lock her up” from the graphic at the top of the post and your caption. If I misunderstood your view from that, perhaps you can explain what point you were trying to make.



    1. @novaDemocrat

      We put people in jail for breaking our laws. It is highly likely Hillary Clinton has broken quite a few. So let’s imagine Trump wins the election and gets his special prosecutor. If that special prosecutor, following the letter of the law, convicts Hillary Clinton of several felonies, what is wrong with putting her in jail?


  4. It’s very clear from your post that you want Hillary Clinton to be in prison (as does your mentor, Mr. Trump). It’s not particularly clear on what charge you want her to be convicted. Or perhaps your position is that we should skip that step (kind of a “Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jail” innovation in the American system of justice. (PS – spoiler alert here: that’s an innovation that we conservatives aren’t very eager to see implemented).



    1. @novaDemocrat

      We Conservatives?

      You are speaking for yourself. Of that I am quite certain.

      Has Donald Trump made a secret out of why he would request a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton? No? If you have trouble making this little leap of logic, then just imagine FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to file charges against Hillary Clinton. For extra credit you can also imagine the fury of the FBI agents who were tasked with investigating the matter.

      Got it now? Then why did I need to elaborate in this post about H. Clinton’s crimes when the post is clearly about something else?


  5. Reminds me of Trump’s unapology at the debate: “I’m embarrassed that I got caught saying what I actually think about women,” “by the way, I live in a men’s locker room”, and “look, is that an ISIS squirrel over there.”

    After that, the rest of your response is all just “Waaaaa!” “The facts are rigged against us.” “History is rigged against us.” “The media is rigged against us.” “The system is rigged against us.” As white middle class Americans, most of us here have never known a day when we have not had amazing opportunities and historic levels of prosperity and privilege in our whole lives, but, sure, ya, it’s all been rigged against us. “Waaaaa!”

    I want to thank Donald Trump for one thing. He’s restored my faith that, although we may flirt with extremists, demagogues and nationalist racist tyrants, eventually most Americans are smart enough to see through it all. And the pendulum swings back the other way.

    Please keep this tantrum up though. It is wonderfully illuminating, and massively helpful in exposing the nakedness of your emperor to the rest of us. It’s also very entertaining. I thank you with all the gratitude and love in my heart. I mean that honestly.

    Donald Trump is not a conservative Republican. He is an independent, nationalist demagogue. However, Trump may be the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party. He has ultimately exposed the racism, bigotry, hatred, misogyny and fascism that has been brewing in basements and sewers of the Republican Party for several decades, and he brought it out in the sunlight for all to see. And even many Republicans have been sickened by the Frankenstein that they themselves have wrought, and just in time for Halloween.

    I think, or at least I hope, that in the end, this is also the best thing that ever happened to the other great American Party. If not, the GOP will, like the Wigs that came before it, end up on the dust bin of history. I hope not. I used to vote Republican – I sure miss that party. 😘


    1. @Tony

      To not know what the news media thinks of all Trump’s foibles, I would have to be dead.

      You really ought examine your own candidate. The news media are for the most part sweeping her innumerable deceits under that proverbial carpet. Hillary’s lies and deceptions are so many that the lumps under that carpet are starting to look more than just a mite suspicious. So people holding their noses, and they are peeking under the carpet.


  6. HC will never go to prison. Trump will never be elected President. The fix was in all along. Hillary will be elected just as she was selected by those who really rule our ‘free’ country


      1. In a world and country where we have very little say in the outcome, the consequences are the same for action and inaction. It’s a rigged system


          1. You have no idea how absurd you sound. You say the system is rigged, and we are too pathetic to do anything about it. When I suggest otherwise, that you should either man up or stop whining, you pick out one phrase and call me a fascist.

            Such behavior does not excuse your apathy.


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