It is obvious that Hillary Clinton has little respect for the truth, but the truth matters. None of us completely know the truth. God is Truth, and none of us completely know God.  None of us have the capacity to completely know God. Yet if we are unwilling to know the truth, we cannot know God at all. Yet what matters to H. Clinton is forcing her vision of the truth — a truth she knows to be lies — upon the rest of us.

Fortunately, some very capable young people see the danger. Here is an example. I ran across Lauren Southern at this post, Globalism: What is it?, Rudy u Martinka. That post links to a video that provides a thoughtful definition of Globalism. Curious about the young lady who provided the definition, I googled her name, Lauren Southern, and I came up with this.

At this point, I think it best to chuckle and let Lauren speak for herself. BTW, this link provides additional background on the video.



    1. @Debbie L

      Well, I considered that, but I still don’t know. Then i had another thought. Considering how little importance the authorities put upon the accuracy of that bit of information, would it be worth the trouble?

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  1. When you get a second, poke your head up and outside of your dark little maze of echo chambers here Tom and into the light of the real world.

    The Republican Party is in a full scale implosion. Instead of seeking unity, Trump and his rabidly outraged supporters are engaging in a circular firing squad with the establishment of their own party. The math has become almost inexorably on course to make this an Electoral College landslide for Clinton, and the popular vote does not look much better. Trump has no ground game. Republican chances of retaining their Senate majority and strong House majority are being dragged down along with the national tickets.

    To move undecideds, Independents, and moderates from both political parties, and to even have a chance to win at this late date, Trump and Trump supporters would need to pivot away from talking about sex and sexism, a topic that has proved absolutely damning for Trump with decent people of any political persuasion, and yet all he and you want to do is talk about sex, sex, sex.

    Please keep up the good work Tom. ☺️


    1. It is obvious she gave some thought as to what she would have to say to the doctor.

      I see only one “advantage” to this “sex-change” procedure. Imagine if all the gender confused thought they needed to do change their sex is get a note from the doctor. Then the gender confused would not be getting those “sex-change” operations.

      Of course, you would still have to be crazy to believe that either a note from the doctor or a medical procedure is going to change your sex, but the piece of paper is cheap and painless. The doctor just has to lie. Whereas the sex change operation is expensive and painful, and the doctor still lies.

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      1. Frankly Tom, I cannot comprehend any of the whys or wherefores on sexual orientations or need or motives why anyone would want to change their sex or preference who they marry.

        However, there are a lot of other things I cannot comprehend about why people engage in wise or foolish choices they may make either.

        As long as they reach a legal age, I really am not interested in their decisions anymore.

        Regards and goodwill blog

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        1. @scatterwisdom

          I am being sarcastic, of course.

          Our sex, objectively, is based upon our sex organs at birth. That, on rare occasions, can be ambiguous, but there is always that “Y” chromosome. I suppose that our genes can be ambiguous too, but such problem have little to do with most of instances that are are issue.

          Our government has to make its decisions based upon objective evidence. What this transgender thing is about providing legal support for the fantasies of people with severe psychological issues. That is why I referred to madness.

          Look into it. The Democratic Party is actually going after both the prison vote AND the vote of people with severe mental issues. Is it any wonder real issues have been so rarely debated in this campaign?

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          1. I believe millennials will be the deciding factor in this election. Voters who will vote for Trump are fed up from their experiences with politicians. Voters who will vote for Clinton have personal interests to support her, both monetarily or otherwise.

            The sex thing is a diversion from the really serious issues.

            Check out my post tomorrow .

            Wish someone in the media would address millennials and tell them the truth what they will decide this election.

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. It is quite remarkable how medical doctors of all people have been sucked in to this gender mess.

    Modern science was able to develop only in Western Civilization simply because the Catholic Church guided medieval researchers way from witchcraft, alchemy and other rat holes that devoured the development of science in every other civilization.

    Now as Catholicism completely fails under the leadership of Pope Francis, the worst and most vile pope since the Renaissance Borgia and Medici, and atheism takes a stranglehold on our fundamental institutions (our schools, our politics, our economics, our media, our science), we are witnessing first hand and in real time, how stupid is becoming the coin of the realm.


    1. I’m interested, as a Catholic, why you believe that Pope Francis is the worst since Borgia? I’m not necessarily pro-Francis papacy, but Borgia was pretty vile. What actions can you point toward that leads to your conclusion? Is it The “Who am I to judge?” Of course, mostly that quote has been taken out of context as he was speaking about a specific person.

      I think possible the most troubling thing about Pope Francis is his AL encyclical; however, even then it is ambiguous and Hasn’t led to any change in the Catholic Church. At any case, I still feel it doesn’t compare to Borgia.

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      1. Philp,

        While the depravity of the Borgia and Medici popes concerned the acquisition of personal wealth and political power and the satiation of physical appetites, the depravity of Pope Francis is of a philosophical nature.

        He has, for all time, severed the bond between the Catholic Church and Western Civilization.

        His idolatry is not the worship of mammon, but the worship of State power over personal liberty which is the heart and soul of Jesus Christ.

        He pedals hoaxes like global warming (a tactic of State power mongers) by guilt tripping people for living far less sumptuous and secure life styles than he does.

        He advocates lawlessness, social chaos and the deadly resurgence of the Islamic Jihad with his sophomoric advocacy of unregulated human migration.

        Pope Francis’ Progressive politics is a repudiation of the natural theory and systematic thinking incorporated into Christianity by Saint’s Augustine and Aquinas.

        Lastly, he uses raw leftist propaganda as the foundation for his encyclicals.

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        1. Thanks for the reply, I’m curious, mainly due to Tom’s point with the media taking Trump’s speeches out of context, have you personally watched any of Pope Francis’ audiences or read any of his encyclicals?

          In regards to Global Warming, I’ve read his Laudato Si, which basically is an essay on how God wanted humanity to be stewards of his creation. Accordingly to Genesis–the sentiment is true. Perhaps, I do not understand what you mean by “raw” leftist propaganda, maybe simply “ambiguous?”

          Pope Francis often speaks about mercy and the Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation; however, whenever he’s been pressed he’s come down on the side of orthodox more times than heterodox. For example, he’s rejected gender theory several times and this would fly in the face of progressive philosophy. Sure, he’s said that Christians must apologize to gays, but what does this mean? Does it mean we have to accept their lifestyle? No. However, it does mean that when they were hungry we feed them, when they need shelter we house them etc.

          I think much of what he says is consistent with Catholic Social Teaching, but pastoral care has been altered on how to best conduct such care. As I Catholic his latest encyclical seeking to change theology on the sacrament of the Eucharist I find most troubling.

          OF course, maybe you’re right, but I just don’t feel I have enough information to come down with a solid opinion. There’s a saying in Catholic circles, “History judges papacies, not Catholics.”

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        2. Phillip,

          My understanding of Pope Francis comes from the encyclicals that he has published.

          Ironically, the leftist movement good Francis has thrown in with, works day and night to utterly destroy him.

          That makes good Francis not only an intellectual degenerate, but foolish.

          Such a combination of depravity in the papacy bodes ill.


    2. “Taught by her Lord, the Church examines the signs of the times and interprets them, offering the world “what she possesses as her characteristic attribute: a global vision of man and of the human race.” Benedict XVI

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    3. Well, I don’t know about Pope Francis. I will leave that to Catholics to decide.

      I do credit Jesus and the gifts of His church and the Bible with modern science, and Catholicism is certainly part of that gift.

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      1. Pope Francis is Hillary Clinton with rod and balls, dressed in a pope suit instead of a pants suit.

        And Pope Francis has turned the pope suit into an evil clown suit.

        The disgust I feel for his reign is quite profound.

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