Watch Your Language!

I was thinking about writing a post of this sort, but this one is well done. I would have mentioned the strangeness of a ten-year old video being an October surprise, but irtfyblog found a more interesting angle. So it is my pleasure to pass it on.

Of course, I will say the obligatory thing. I don’t approve of what Donald Trump said. No excuse for such behavior, but it is easy to say things we should not. Even if we are careful of bad words and don’t engage in locker room talk, we all fail to tame our tongues somehow. Thus, when Trump lost control of his tongue, he just said what the men he was with wanted to hear.

A bunch of guys talking among themselves will often say stupid things about the opposite sex. That includes many of our posturing elected representatives. As irtfyblog observes, women have the same problem.

So why is this post significant? We have binary choice. Trump deserves to have his mouth washed out with soap. The Clinton’s belong in prison. So who should we vote for? Trump or H. Clinton? The guy with the dirty mouth or the lady who prefers a “good” lie over the simple, honest truth?

If you are a woman, do you really want the first female president to be someone you know we cannot trust? Do you really want to vote for someone who should be in prison? Is the competent leader with a foul mouth that big of a problem?

If you are a man, are you going to disqualify the jerk you would not let near your wife and daughters because of his foul mouth or the woman who thinks selling out the future of our country is just the way politics is made profitable?

It not a good choice, but it ought to be an obvious choice.

I Refuse To Follow Your Blog


The other day I over heard a few women in my workplace talking about a guy they were attracted to.  

Now, pathetically, none of them were talking about me, but they were talking about a well-known actor who they consider to be a “royal hottie“.  About which, one of the women shockingly had the nerve to say that she would…and I quote“spread her legs for that man in a minute.”  To which, the other women in the room heartily concurred and went on to explain what ELSE they would let him do to them…  


Consequently, what I found to be royally pathetic was that directly after their conversation they began to rail on Donald Trump for the lewd and disgraceful comments he made toward women in a recently released video.  


I have watched and listened to the video that was released…

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