vote for americaI just finished watching Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a go at it in their second and last debate.  Trump began the debate obviously nervous and angry. H. Clinton started off smugly composed.

Consider what had just happened. Before the start of this second debate, the news media released that abominable, ten-year old video. Why now? Of course, the release of that video was designed to shake Trump up just before the debate and to maximize the “news value”.

Obviously, Wikileaks had similar notions when it released transcripts Hillary Clinton’s private speeches.

Trump, however, had the much greater problem. The news media doesn’t much care if H. Clinton lies to the voters, however, the fact that Trump engaged in locker room talk ten years ago was major news.  So a bunch of chickens in the GOP establishment deserted Trump, and the moderators just had to get to that question.

Thus, the debate began just about as ugly as it could get, which, of course is what both the news media and H. Clinton apparently wanted. Eventually, however, the town hall format forced the debaters to focus on issues. Trump then cooled and composed himself, and H. Clinton grew strangely more anxious. Now why would that be the case? That is something to think about.

Here is one more thing to think about. Why do we have such an awful choice of presidential candidates? Why all the name calling in the debate? The answer is not complex. Instead of voting for what is good for our country, too many of us have voted for what we think is good for us personally. Instead of voting for the best among us, we have voted for those candidates willing to make the most extravagant promises with “other people’s money”.

Because they involve extravagant promises with “other people’s money”, Hillary Clinton’s promises are simply empty talk. She cannot deliver what she promises; it is not possible. All she can do is redistribute the wealth, and redistributing the wealth eventually kills an economy. That’s why our economy is already stagnant.

Trump has a slightly different appeal. He promises to make America great again. Implicit within that promise is the understanding he will stop trying to redistribute more and more of our wealth. He will let us get back to work so we can make America great again.

In truth, only God can make America great again, but God isn’t likely to help us if we keep trying to use our government to rob each other.



  1. This was the first political debate I have ever watched in my life.

    The reason I watched it was because I suspected that the veneer of civility that the Democrat Party uses to hide their blood feud against America and its people would finally be stripped away.

    I was not disappointed.

    Niccolò Machiavelli wrote in “The Prince” (also referenced in The Declaration of Independence by the Founding Fathers) that the decent men who sought political power would always be destroyed by those men who did whatever they needed to do to seize power.

    One of the things I like about THE Donald, is that he understands this natural law of power politics.

    And until Republican buffoons like John McCain et al and their idiot voters realize that, they will do nothing but aide and abet the greatest crime in human history.

    That crime being the wanton destruction of the American republic.

    What the world witnessed last night was a lone, brave American warrior face off against one of planet Earth’s greatest crime syndicate capos, Hillary Clinton.

    It was pure smash mouth and I loved it.

    The presumptive capo di tutti capi, Hillary Clinton got her jaw busted last night by a real American brawler.

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    1. I admit I have to admire The Donald’s guts. He was ashamed of the video. Nevertheless, he did not find a hole to hide in. He stood and fought back. H. Clinton just lies shamelessly, and she did. She is fierce, and she won’t give up, but she is fighting just as a greedy thief fights. She fights to take what is not hers.

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  2. CT, I agree the Mr Trump did not back pedal on this issue. He seemed genuinely repentant and given the comments (remember they were only stupid locker room comments that have been made and will continue to be made by millions) were over a decade old seems rather small considering to some of the criminal stuff Mrs. Clinton has done more recently. I am not excusing Mr Trumps actions just questioning why this is such a big deal (especially with evangelicals) when one compares them. One is all talk the other deliberate acts?

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  3. I propose that the Republicans and Democrats elevate their vice-presidential candidates to the top spot and that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton continue to have entertaining debates on prime-time TV for the rest of the TV season, with an option to renew for a second season if their ratings remain high. J.

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        1. Only if Pence wins.

          Frankly, at this point, if we don’t back Trump to the hilt, he will lose. The news media released that video knowing that if Trump backed out it would be too late to come together behind another candidate.

          Pence’s legitimacy as a VP depends upon Trump’s legitimacy as our presidential nominee. If Trump were to drop dead,…well that is one of the reasons we have a VP. However, we don’t have a VP just so a tarnished candidate can drop out the race. That is, if the Republican Party’s presidential nominee is tarnished, then his VP choice is also tarnished because Trump picked him.


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