Nikolai Yezhov, standing to the left of Joseph Stalin, was shot in 1940. He was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors after his execution as a form of damnatio memoriae.[9] This policy was commonly applied to high-ranking executed political enemies during Stalin's reign. (from here)
Nikolai Yezhov, standing to the left of Joseph Stalin, was shot in 1940. He was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors after his execution as a form of damnatio memoriae. This policy was commonly applied to high-ranking executed political enemies during Stalin’s reign. (from here)
Some people spend more time complaining about how other people say something than they do listening. This is a phenomenon we especially associate with “political correctness”. Here is the standard definition.

politically correct adjective (abbreviation PC)

disapproving avoiding language or behavior that any particular group of people might feel is unkind or offensive:

The politically correct term “firefighter” is used instead of “fireman.”

Carried to an extreme, political correctness is a form of censorship.  Want an example? Then consider CASE STUDY OF A LIE: THE POST MODERN MUCKRAKER AT WORK: AN UPDATE. That post reviews the attempt by the news media and the H. Clinton’s presidential campaign to tar Trump as some kind of hater of combat veterans with PTSD.  What is ridiculous is that Trump did not say anything that should have offended anybody. Instead, the news media and Loose Lips Hillary decided to take offense on behalf veterans with PTSD.

Donald Trump responds to a question about PTSD at about 113 minutes into the video. Trump’s response obviously indicates that he is sympathetic to those with PTSD and willing to make helping the victims of PTSD a high priority. Nevertheless, the easily offended decided to take offense.

I got two comments on CASE STUDY OF A LIE: THE POST MODERN MUCKRAKER AT WORK: AN UPDATE that are indicative of the problem.

  • From Stephen (here).
  • From Tony (here).

Amazing, it appears that neither even bothered to listen to Trump. How do I know? I accidentally posted the wrong time where Trump responds to a question about PTSD. Neither had anything to say about the fact I had posted the wrong time. Neither had anything to say about context of Trump’s response to the question. All they wanted to talk about is the need to be sensitive to the feelings of people with PTSD. All they wanted to talk about was Trump’s supposed insensitivity.

What is sensitive about ignoring what people are trying to say and castigating them because you don’t like a few words? Is it more important to put our own words into someone else’s mouth than it is to listen?

To solve problems, we have to talk about them. To solve problems we must negotiate solutions. Because they are obsessed with putting their own words (and beliefs) into other people’s mouths, the politically correct risk being unable solve problems. If they are too busy trying to censor anyone who disagrees, the politically correct may even refuse to listen. That will just facilitate tyranny.


  1. “Amazing, it appears that neither even bothered to listen to Trump.” I did and I stand by my comment. Tom, this is a serious issue. I have personally know servicemembers who have taken their own lives because they believed they we weak or couldn’t handle combat. Like I said, Trump is ignorant about the critical reality of the situation. You seem to be ignorant as well. That is ok. Most of America is. But don’t go around saying people are being “politically correct” when you haven’t had to talk someone down from taking their own life.

    I was immensely fair to Trump as were the numerous veterans associations when we said that his comments were indicative of a lack of understanding of the issue and are unfortunate. In fact, I think you are actually being WORSE than Trump. Trump made a half apology and explained what he meant. You seem to think that the objections to this sort of language are some political agenda. I’ve seen too many flag draped caskets due to PTSD influenced suicide to take your comments any way other than the ignorant rant of someone defending the indefensible.

    Yes, we need to talk about these issues. No, we do not need to talk about them the way Trump did. It isn’t a matter of what is politically correct. It is a matter of not sounding like an insensitive jerk. What you seemed to have missed in my comments on your crusade to attack windmills and straw men was that I gave Trump and indeed the rest of America the benefit of the doubt. I said he should apologize BUT that he was no different from the millions of other Americans who just don’t know the struggle.


    1. @Stephen

      I could accuse you of murder. Would the seriousness of the charge make you guilty? Would I also be required to produce some evidence, like a dead body?

      Trump is at least trying to speak the truth, and he obviously did not intend insult anyone. He just used his own words instead of your words.

      I am tired of the politically correct flap their lips about nonsense. Please move to another subject.


      1. I said he was insensitive. He was. But if you won’t take it from this veteran, take it from other veterans

        “If we want to destigmatize PTSD, we need to get beyond strength and weakness,” said Sean Foertsch, an Afghanistan War veteran who works with wounded troops. “In context, it wasn’t a terrible comment … but it’s bad vocabulary.”

        Paul Rieckhoff, CEO and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said that “every national leader has responsibility to use accurate and appropriate language when talking about mental health” or related issues.

        “Terms like ‘killing yourself’ or ‘mental problems’ and any suggestion that suicide only impacts the weak perpetuates stigma, can promote contagion and may discourage people from getting help,”


        “Trump is at least trying to speak the truth, and he obviously did not intend insult anyone.” I never said he did and actually admitted that he probably didn’t. But it was an insensitive gaff that he should apologize for, that’s all. Don’t crucify him for it, but just a simple, “That isn’t what I meant and I am sorry it came across that way.” Boom, that’s it. I am not even demanding he apologize; I just think he should.

        “He just used his own words instead of your words.” Not mine, the words of those veterans who suffer and sometimes die from PTSD. As you can see from the very rational and reasoned statements I posted above, this isn’t about what is PC. It is about what the veterans are going through and using language that THEY find encourages them to STAY ALIVE! The stakes are MUCH higher than satisfying some people on the internet. Again, I have buried too many people to think like you.

        In military culture today, it is the subtle things like this that build and stack on a person suffering from PTSD. I for one won’t pile on any more and I think Trump could show some tremendous leadership in doing the same. Again, this isn’t about political points; it is about veterans who are suffering and find these comments insensitive. That’s it. Making it a major story or trying to downplay it, however, are two things we should not do.


  2. The reason we don’t agree is because, unlike you, I don’t see it as a choice between two bad choices. I believe it is a choice between the woman who is the most experienced and qualified candidate perhaps ever to run for this office, and a man who obviously, even to you, is the most dangerously ill equipped, in character, knowledge and temperment ever to attempt to be president in the history of this country. It’s as simple as that. There is no real defence of the indefensible Donald Trump here on this blog because there cannot be, there is just counterfactual bashing of Clinton with sophomoric ad homonyms – “loose lips Hillary Clinton” – what are we twelve? Trump’s whole campaign policy platform is the substanceless elementary schoolyard “I know you are but what am I” taunt, and nothing more.

    Clinton’s campaign is backed up by a lifetime of service and experience. It is backed up by actual policy knowledge and real policies that anyone can find if they want to.

    On the other hand, Trump’s campaign is one of empty bloviation and demagoguery. There is simply no defending Trump on intellect or character – you don’t even try. Trump is not fit to be president and even the last two Republican nominees realize that and won’t vote for him. If the voters were stupid enough to elect a documented scoundrel such as Trump for president (which I don’t think that they are), then America would experience its first thirdworld type thugocracy.

    Everyone with a 30 year record of actually serving others will make mistakes and Clinton’s mistakes are partisanly overblown and minuscule compared to the Donald’s life of glaring narcissistic selfishness and deceit. The choice is obvious.


  3. Tom,

    You excuse Trump’s womanizing as if his pride about being a serial womanizer is somehow acceptable.

    Many years ago when I was in the Navy, I spent a good deal of time flying out of the Philippines. When my unit was detached there, a certain Chief Petty Officer on my crew would often have a young prostitue meet him after we landed. That Chief had a wife and children back home. Back then the City of Olongapo outside of Navy Subic was awash with prostitues and, unfortunately, my Chief was not unique in this regard, but one of the fellow officers on my crew (who is still a good friend) was openly disgusted with the Chief. When I asked my friend why he was so critical of the Chief, he explained: If the Chief as a crew leader broke his promises to the people in the Chief’s life who should be able to trust him the most, then how could his crew trust him? I knew that my friend and fellow officer was right. Such loyalty and integrity is the foundation of leadership.

    You want to defend Trump, please explain why you would trust a man as leader of our country and in the world who you would not trust in the same room with your wife your wife or your daughter. Why would you trust a man who continuously and flamboyantly breaks the sacred vows that he made before God to the wife and family who should be able to trust him the most, but they cannot?


    1. @Tony

      Binary choice. Rock versus hard place. Unlike you I am perfectly willing to talk about the flaws of both of the candidates.

      Why do we have such a bad choice? The answer is not complex. Instead of voting for what is good for our country, too many of us us have voted for what we think is good for us personally. Instead of voting for the best among us, we have voted for the candidates willing to make the most extravagant promises with “other people’s money”.

      Why can’t you talk about Loose Lips Hillary? You afraid? I can admit Trump’s flaws, but is there something about Loose Lip’s flaws that you have to own?


  4. Tom,

    I’m afraid this debate is obe. I’ll be surprised if Trump even lasts through this debate, much less last to fail miserably in the general election. You’re wasting your time defending him to me or trashing Clinton with overblown partisan character assassinations. Trump has reached the point where he’s indefensible by even his own party leadership, including his VP. Trump recklessly set the Republican home ablaze while they were all way too busy pissing on the Democratic house next door. 🙄


    1. @Tony

      Well, if Loose Lips is going to win anyway, what are doing? It doesn’t look like gloating.

      Have I trashed Loose Lips? No. I just pointed to all the lies, security violations, influence peddling, the incompetence, and the absence any accomplishments. Other than the fact she is a Democrat, why are you voting for her?

      Have I defended Trump? Yes, from the made up stuff. The fact he is a womanizer is not exactly news. Is Trump competent? Would he be a good president? Compared to Loose Lips? That is the choice, and I think it an easy one.

      Nevertheless, if Trump wins the election, I will be in a state of apprehension. He is only a man, and I don’t trust any man. So I will wonder. What have I done now? And I will pray.

      If Loose Lips wins the election, I will blame you, and I will pray.


  5. Tom wrote:

    “You water PTSD down to the point where anyone in the military is likely to get it. Then, when I deride such silliness with blatant sarcasm, you accuse me of doing it.🙄”.

    Talk about not reading what is written. I have not watered it down Tom. You have. I did not say that everyone would get PTSD, I said that given enough mortal combat stress over enough time and/or repeatedly enough, the vast majority of combatants will sustain combat psychological collapse and/or manifest some symptoms of PTSD at some level, either at the time or in the future.

    This is not really controversial information. It’s been known to some extent since the Boer Wars. It was studied at great length during WWII. It continues to be studied. It’s the reason battle field commanders move otherwise mission ready battle strained units to the rear and move up reserves as soon as they can – they know that the prolonged stress alone can cause casualties. People need time to recover. And not all wars and all battles are the same. Intensity, duraration and repetition are all factors. But one more time, what you can’t seem to get past is the common myth that mental resilience is the only factor or even the most important factor – it simply is not.

    As for Trump, yes everyone is flawed, but some of us are far more flawed than others. I think that you have said on at least one occasion that Christians should hate the sin but love the repentant sinner. Perhaps Trump’s worst flaw is that he loves his sins and never admits that they are even sins, much less that he is a sinner. What makes Trump incorrigible is that he doubles down on his sinning even when he is caught – Trump loves his sins. He is incapable of admitting that he is ever wrong even when it is blatant. Trump does not even know what repentance is. We have a few Republican appoligists out there still saying that they love Trump’s sins and they love him for sinning. These Republicans are becoming fewer and fewer, and even his own VP running mate, Pence, refuses to excuse the latest obscene revelations about the Donald, or accept Trump’s back handed apology (Trump says, if anyone is offended he apologizes – every decent human is offended!).

    On the other hand, even when the clearly more qualified and more moral candidate, Hillary Clinton, admits she is wrong, you adamantly refuse to accept that repentance. I don’t hate Trump. I don’t have the time or energy to hate anyone. I’m just pointing out what Trump has made obvious by his words and action and by his known record – that he is not morally, tempermentally or intellectually qualified to be president. On the other hand, your hatred of Clinton personally seems to be distorted and appears to lack all rationality at this point. To claim that there is any moral equivalence between her and the unabashedly proud to be immoral Donald Trump reflects that obstinate distortion and irrationality perfectly. God love you Tom – Trump sure should because you may soon be the only Republican left who doesn’t see him for what he is.


    1. @Tony

      I don’t hate Loose Lips Hillary. I don’t love Trump. That is not the issue. We have a binary choice, a stinking binary choice. Neither alternative is good.

      Trump is the lesser of evils. Loose Lips has been a disgrace in public office. Her “mistake” with the email server would have put you or me in jail. You are aware of the coverup? Maybe not. Have you seriously looked into all the people the Injustice Department granted immunity?

      Loose Lips never apologized for Benghazi. The Clinton’s promised to detach themselves from their foundation only after they got caught.

      Is Trump a great alternative? No, but he does know how to manage a large organization, and he has promised some good Supreme Court picks. Times like these we have to thankful for what we can get. All Loose Lips has promised is things I don’t want her to do, and I know she is crooked and incompetent at best.


      1. Tom wrote:

        “Trump is the lesser of evils. Loose Lips has been a disgrace in public office. Her “mistake” with the email server would have put you or me in jail. You are aware of the coverup? Maybe not. Have you seriously looked into all the people the Injustice Department granted immunity?

        “Loose Lips never apologized for Benghazi. The Clinton’s promised to detach themselves from their foundation only after they got caught.”

        If you or I were Secretary of State, no it would not. Learn the facts Tom. We are talking about a few emails out of thousands that Clinton did not send but that were sent to her. Only three were mismarked, imbiguously, as confidential.

        And Benghazj is the most trumped up witch hunt I’ve seen in my lifetime. Even then Clinton took responsibility. Learn all the facts Tom. Compare Clinton’s actions to other Secretaries of State and similar events. You know very little but have been blinded by innuendo, misinformation conjecture and conspiracy theories about these events. The reality is that all of it is a partisan effort to keep the most qualified and capable candidate in the history country from winning the presidency, and that is all it is.

        Trump is not the lesser of two evils. He is just plain not fit for the job and she is.


        1. @Tony

          All you can do is claim Loose Lips Hillary did not do anything wrong. Let’s look at that email server.

          I cracked up when I read this. She cannot run an email server, but you want her to run the country. Poor lady is just a technophobe. She did not do anything wrong.

          Yet even politico had to admit evidence of influence peddling.

          Politifact is hardly a Conservative website. The basic facts they report are incriminating. She conducted OFFICIAL business on a private, unprotected server. Given her position, official business is classified.


          Obama knew about it. He should have said something.


          Long string of stories available on the subject here.


          Even the UK knows this stinks of recklessness.

          We have people involved pleading the 5th.

          That enough?


  6. Tom wrote:

    “You realize that we all put up with stress every day? You may as well state the conclusion everyone has PTSD.”

    Tom, this statement alone demonstrates an amazing amount of ignorance and absolutely no experience concerning the topic of combat and combat related stress. No, what many of our combat veterans have gone through in Afghanistan and Iraq is not like your miserable drive to work every day and it is certainly not like the stress that everyone is put under every day. (Well, perhaps if some of your fellow drivers lit your car on fire and threatened to blow up ever day that you drove to work, then that might be similar). You are either not being serious or you are simply and willfully incapable of understanding. Are the doctors at the VA who treat a soldier who is shot in the leg turning that soldier into a weak victim? No. Neither is treating soldiers with PTSD turning them into weak victims, and the worst thing that we can do is to perpetuate that ignorant and dangerous notion. If you are incapable of understanding this, then you simple don’t want to understand.

    Tom also wrote:

    “What about those who suffer PTSD? We give them whatever help we can. Our job is to thank them for their sacrifices and to show our pride that such people are willing to serve our nation. It is a combat injury. There is essentially no reason to treat is any other way. When a guy loses a leg, we do our best to help him.”

    On this at least we can agree.


    1. @Tony

      You water PTSD down to the point where anyone in the military is likely to get it. Then, when I deride such silliness with blatant sarcasm, you accuse me of doing it.

      I said: “You may as well state the conclusion everyone has PTSD.”

      Why don’t you just give up? If you are not going to read what I write or actually listen to what Trump says, what is the point?

      We are flawed human beings. We are trying to choose between two flawed human beings, and we have not been doing a good job of electing our leaders for decades. Instead of electing people who will do what is best for our country, we have been electing people who will use our government to give us what we want.

      Neither Loose Lips Hillary or Donald Trump will be able to keep all their promises. Loose Lips does not intend to do so. Trump? One man cannot beat the system by himself. Nevertheless, if he tries — IF he tries — that will buy us a bit more time.


  7. Thanks for the attempted gotcha, but you are just plain wrong. I did listen to Trump, both on the news, and his answer was also (anoyingly) way at the end of your previously posted tape – maybe you should look at what you posted again. Trump was not “insensitive” or even politically incorrect, nor did I (or Stephen) say Trump was, but Trump showed a common ignorance about the issue of PTSD. You were also not originally insensitive in your post, but just plain ignorant about the issue of PTSD. There’s an old saying that it is as easy to listen as it is to hear. Well, in this case it is as easy for you to actually comprehend as it is for you to read. Try actually comprehending for a change.

    Besides with your candidate saying on tape that he feels that he can (because he’s a star) greet pretty women with a kiss and even by groping them in the crotch (he used a more obscene phrase), you have far more than political correctness to defend in your sad excuse for a human being (much less a major party presidential candidate). And that is not even the worst of what Trump said. I think there also may be much more disgusting taped revelations about Trump to come. I don’t envie you for trying to be his apologist. Good luck – none of the rest of the leadership in your party is even trying tonight, not even Pence.


    1. Let’s consider your own words.

      In so far as Donald Trump, I agree unintentionally, perpetuated the stygmatizing of veterans with PTSD related illnesses, I think that his words were unhelpful and ignorant. Did Clinton overplay Trump’s ignorance? Perhaps, but addressing his ignorance and all of our ignorance in this matter needs to be the first step if we are actually going to help veterans and prevent veteran suicides. (from => https://citizentom.com/2016/10/06/case-study-of-a-lie-the-post-modern-muckraker-at-work/#comment-71023)

      If every time a Democrat disagrees with a Republican, the first step has to be addressing the ignorance of the Republican, then Republicans may as well quit politics and let Democrats run the country.

      Trump merely observed what is obvious. Some people are mentally stronger than others. Why? I don’t pretend to have all the answers. Trump did not either. All he observed is that those with PTSD had suffered extreme stress, stress that other people in that room had experienced, but had endured. And for that Trump has to apologize?

      What if I put a backpack on you and started filling it with lead bricks? At some point you would be unable to walk. Right? Different people are able to carry different numbers of bricks. Those able to carry the larger numbers we call strong. Is it insensitive to observe that some people are stronger than others? Well, is it not becoming politically incorrect to observe that women are weaker than men?

      We each have differing strengths and weaknesses. No good is done by hiding either our strengths or our weaknesses. If we need help, we should be willing to receive it. Then we can offer help when we are able to do so. This is the power of diversity.

      What is required to make diversity a blessing? Grace and truth.


      1. Tom,

        Like Trump, I don’t think it is because you are mean, insensitive or callous, I think you are just not really getting it, and that is ignorance whether you are a Democrat or a Republican.

        Reread my response in your previous post. Think of PTSD as sort of being like a bomb blast that goes off near a combat unit. Some people in the unit will experience the blast but will be just outside the blast’s effective disabling radius, and will appear unhurt so as to return immediately to action without effect, however, even those soldiers may have latent residual effects, such as symptoms of TBI, that appears days or months later. Others will be inside the effective blast radius but because the are particularly healthy and resilient, suffer no effects, just temporary effects, or once again, latent effects. And still others will be close enough to the blast that, no matter how healthy, strong and resilient they are, they will be temporarily or permanently injured by the blast. Now imagine a blast that either goes on for an extended period of time or that the same unit gets bombed repeatedly and each time some soldiers effected as I have described.

        Studies have shown that “every” human being, no matter how strong and resilient he or she is, will be a psychological casualty given enough battle stress. Some will recover quickly and be able to return to fighting. Like the bomb blast injuries, for others it may take longer recovery and more treatment. Finally for others, the effects of PTSD may remain dormant for days, weeks, months or even years. Like the bomb blast analogy, duration and repetition of the battle stress also effects psychological casualties and whether the injury is quickly recoverable or developes later.

        Now imagine if those who had immediate or latent bomb blast injuries were told that they were somehow weaker, less of a warrior, than those who were uninjured. Because of the perpetuation of that sort of false stigma, soldiers are returning home from several combat tours, and although they are enduring terrible suffering from the effects of PTSD, effects for which they could seek help and treatment, they are suffering in silence and some are committing suicide.

        Mental resilience is just one factor, and not even the most important factor, of whether someone ultimately suffers from symptoms of PTSD and how severe that PTSD will be. However, pretending that mental resilience is the “only” factor of a complex injury, when it is just one of many factors that are both objective and subjective to the onset of a combat injury that ALL of us would suffer, no matter how mentally resilient we are, given enough of those factors, helps to misleadingly perpetuate a dangerous, although commonly held, stygma that is delaying treatment and leading to veteran suicides.

        This is not political correctness we are talking about here. This is simple ignorance about recognizing our veteran’s very real combat related injuries without stymatizing them in the process. This is about keeping faith with our injured brother and sister veterans, and getting them access and to utilize the medical care that they have earned and deserve.

        The fact that some of us veterans may have survived combat stress without PTSD is (like the bomb blast example) more a matter of simple good fortune than it is about our having superior mental stamina. We need to honor our veterans who were not so lucky, not stymatize them.


        1. I don’t get it.

          You realize that we all put up with stress every day? You may as well state the conclusion everyone has PTSD.

          Stop playing the silly word games. Nobody can say anything perfectly, but that is what you are insisting upon. It is ridiculous.

          What Liberal Democrats try to do is turn everyone into some kind of victim. What Liberal Democrats try to do is give everyone an excuse for accepting government money. Politicians gain influence by giving away money. So it is that after Civil War, even Republicans cooked up reasons to give money to the vets.

          Let’s go back to the lead bricks in a back pack. We each want to exercise some control over our mind and body. We each want to do something. Work and play seem popular, but some include worship. If we take on too much work, play, or even worship, we can strain our capacities for work, play, or worship and hurt ourselves. That is kind of like putting to many bricks in the backpack.

          I have driven on the Washington D.C. beltway. I did not have to do it all day long for 88 straight days, but I certainly suffered road rage and the depression that comes from behaving like an idiot. Should I claim disability? Well, I didn’t. Instead, to divert my mind from the fact I was sitting endlessly in stop and go traffic, I started listening to books on tape, and I blamed the government for screwing up our transportation system. Blaming someone else does tend to relieve stress.

          Is combat a special sort of stress? I suppose so, and not paying attention means death. So combat can obviously create more intense stress than anything else we are likely to encounter. Nevertheless, there is no point in making that stress out to be some sort of insolvable problem that all combatants must suffer. There is no point in turning our military personnel into victims.

          The job of our military is to kill people and break their things. Their job is to make our enemies their victims. Our job is to strengthen our soldiers, not to be so hypersensitive we treat our soldiers like fragile china dolls. Our job is to thank them for their sacrifices and to show our pride that such people are willing to serve our nation.

          What about those who suffer PTSD? We give them whatever help we can. Our job is to thank them for their sacrifices and to show our pride that such people are willing to serve our nation. It is a combat injury. There is essentially no reason to treat is any other way. When a guy loses a leg, we do our best to help him. When a guy suffers more stress than he can handle, we do our best to help. No one said anything different.


    2. Since you insist upon talking about what is wrong with Trump and almost never bothering to say anything good about Loose Lips Hillary, I will offer this general observation. You are familiar with the expression “October surprise”. Why did the news media and others wait until October to dig up muck that has been out there for years? Trump never should have gotten the Republican Party’s nomination, but he did.

      On the other hand, if there is an October surprise with respect to Loose Lips, it won’t be much of a surprise. She is known rascal. Her lies and incompetence are not secrets. What is amazing is that people support her anyway. The fact she got the Democratic Party’s nomination and may very well win the election says volumes about the state of our nation.

      God help us.


      1. Tom wrote:

        “Since you insist upon talking about what is wrong with Trump and almost never bothering to say anything good about Loose Lips Hillary ….”

        I’ll bite. Good things about Hillary Clinton. Unlike Trump, Hillary is not on tape as being proud of trying to f— a person who is married to someone else. Unlike Trump, Hillary has never been known once to brag about making unwanted sexual advances and gropings. Unlike Trump, Clinton is perhaps the most qualified person to be president ever. Unlike Trump, Clinton does not idolize our enemies and frighten our allies. Unlike the manbaby who throws 3 am tweet tantrums at former beauty queens, Clinton has the proven temperament to be president. I could go on for pages but I think you get the point.

        Why on earth would you ever elect a man to be leader of the free world who you would not even trust in the same room alone with your wife or your daughter? Why on earth would you trust a man with the nuclear codes that cannot be trusted with a smart phone? Why would you trust a man to run the country’s finances whose claim to fame is using the bankruptcy laws and his investor’s to his advantage? I trust Hillary Clinton with all these things because she’s got a proven record of being hard working, public spirited, moral and knowledgeable. How’s that for good things?


        1. @Tony

          No, you did not bite. You broke a tooth. You just said more absurd things.

          Trump is not the guy I wanted to be the Republican nominee, and I wish to God the Democratic Party had selected someone with at least as much character as Truman or Kennedy. Jefferson or Madison? Well, that would be expecting way too much. But Loose Lips Hillary? She is just plain crooked.
          1. She violated security regulations with that email server. That alone should be enough to put her in jail.
          2. She did nothing to protect her embassy in Libya, and then she got caught lying about it. The entire Arab Spring thing was a disaster. The Egyptians most certainly don’t have anything to thank us for.
          3. She uses the Clinton Foundation to sell her office.
          4. She tells the voters one thing. Then she tells the fatcats on Wall Street something completely different. It is called crony capitalism, and it will eventually destroy us. What Hitler did in Germany was crony capitalism. The communists in Russia went completely for Socialism, and they completely wrecked their economy.

          Is Trump any better? Well, he is a cad, and that usually doesn’t bother Democrats except when it is a Republican. So why is he the Republican nominee? There are two reasons. The Establishment could not get their own man, and they hate Cruz more than they hate Trump. So their cronies in the news media backed Trump’s play.

          We have been played. We are being played.


    3. Hang on. I DID say he was insensitive but made the case that it didn’t make him some sort of monster. He, like most Americans, don’t know the struggles service members today so I don’t blame him personally. It was a gaff; an insensitive gaff, but a gaff nonetheless.


  8. Political correctness really is a form of indoctrination and propaganda, so people learn trigger words and rhetorical responses, and than the public shaming, the need to censor lawbreakers soon follows. It’s an odd thing indeed and you can’t really “win” a debate or a discussion based on facts or what is being said because they aren’t really listening to the facts.

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    1. Even mathematical arguments only work with people who believe in using logic.

      Consider the title of that last post: “CASE STUDY OF A LIE: THE POST MODERN MUCKRAKER AT WORK: AN UPDATE”.

      Here is a definition of “post modern”.

      A general and wide-ranging term which is applied to literature, art, philosophy, architecture, fiction, and cultural and literary criticism, among others. Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, or objective, efforts to explain reality. In essence, it stems from a recognition that reality is not simply mirrored in human understanding of it, but rather, is constructed as the mind tries to understand its own particular and personal reality. For this reason, postmodernism is highly skeptical of explanations which claim to be valid for all groups, cultures, traditions, or races, and instead focuses on the relative truths of each person. In the postmodern understanding, interpretation is everything; reality only comes into being through our interpretations of what the world means to us individually. Postmodernism relies on concrete experience over abstract principles, knowing always that the outcome of one’s own experience will necessarily be fallible and relative, rather than certain and universal.

      Postmodernism is “post” because it is denies the existence of any ultimate principles, and it lacks the optimism of there being a scientific, philosophical, or religious truth which will explain everything for everybody – a characteristic of the so-called “modern” mind. The paradox of the postmodern position is that, in placing all principles under the scrutiny of its skepticism, it must realize that even its own principles are not beyond questioning. As the philosopher Richard Tarnas states, postmodernism “cannot on its own principles ultimately justify itself any more than can the various metaphysical overviews against which the postmodern mind has defined itself.” (from => http://www.pbs.org/faithandreason/gengloss/postm-body.html)

      If everyone has their own reality, then identity politics has a certain logic to it. All we have in common with each other are shared, kindred realities. Of course, if everyone has their own reality, that makes communication sort of pointless. Instead, if we are “sensitive”, we have to be careful we do not insult another person’s definition of reality.

      So what about the guy with PTSD? Are we suppose to help him or her get over a mental breakdown or better appreciate their depression and hopelessness? Are we supposed to recognize PTSD as failure of the mind under extreme stress or just call it different perception of reality?


      1. “Are we suppose to help him or her get over a mental breakdown or better appreciate their depression and hopelessness?”

        That is such a good point.Do we actually care about people’s health and well being, or do we wish to enshrine their ailment like a kind of political idol? Unfortunately in recent memory I’ve seen too much of the later.

        PTSD though, is not really a failure of the mind, it’s an amazing and incredible coping skill, a sign that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, indeed. If you think about it, it creates some really inconvenient symptoms, it is not so good for survival, so what is going on there, what are we protecting? The psyche, the soul, our spirit, which leads me to conclude that we actually have a soul, and that it’s protection is more important than our physical bodies.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. This isn’t about political correctness. This is about Tom not knowing the stark and horrifying truths about PSTD and the suicides it has caused. I do and so do veteran groups like the American Legion, who endorsed Trump by the way. Trump’s words were insensitive but they don’t make him any more of a monster than anyone else in this country who doesn’t know about the 22 veterans committing suicide every day.


  9. I have to agree with you here Tom. When I first saw the “headlines” about what Trump said to PTSD sufferers I was horrified, but when I saw the text version of his speech and read the preceding paragraphs I saw it was actually a thoughtful statement and not at all degrading to vets.

    One thing I learned about blogging very quickly is that most people read in to what you write whatever it is they already believe even though your stated words say the complete opposite. Frustrating but human nature I guess.

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