Third Wave Feminism and the “Archaic” Notion of Biology

Here is an interesting post from what appears to be a new blog.

I liked this line.

If gender and biology have no present correspondence with one another, then the heavily politicized transgender destroys itself.

We all respect logical arguments, but we all detest having them used against us. Perhaps that is why Conservatives sometimes irk people. Don’t we all get something from our government that our government has no business giving us?

Half of our population is female, and women quite naturally want to be protected. So our leaders cater to this instinct by offering women the security of big government. Yet pride often drives women to imitate men and the male’s pride in self-sufficiency. So the same women who want the protection of big government vehemently deny that politicians abuse their instincts. They even go so far as to deny the differences between women and men.

Of course, the differences between men and women are real. When we pretend they don’t exist, instead helping us to complement each other, those differences divide us. Consider this irony. Most men admire a woman who is unashamed to be womanly, and most women desire a man who is manly.

Does being womanly mean that a woman cannot be strong? No. In fact, in some respects women tend to be stronger than men. Character matters most of all. When times are hard, a man will lean on the strength of character in his woman just as much a woman will lean on the strength of character in her man. It is because of our differences we can complement and need to support each other.

The Conservative Diaries

In a few of my college classes, which were typically dominated by female students and taught by women, we were encouraged to discuss the injustices that females are continuously being served by society. I’d often point out that if women were truly oppressed, then why are there more women in this college classroom working towards an upper level education? My professor, and the majority of my classmates, would provide various responses. One of them being, “The reason there are more women than men in this room is because of the field in which we are studying. More women tend to pursue careers in ‘helping’ professions.” I’d respond with, “Is this because women are wired differently than men? More specifically, they must have a biological predisposition to care for and nurture, ultimately being the causation of particular fields of study and career choices.” It wouldn’t be long until hands shot up accusing…

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10 thoughts on “Third Wave Feminism and the “Archaic” Notion of Biology

  1. Ah,right up my alley, Tom! You know I am all about the biology and culture and feminism, too. Thanks for the link. 🙂

    “Gender” is actually a new word, only a few decades old. Prior to “gender” we had the word “sex,” which designated the biological differences between men and women. Academia no doubt, decided it wanted a word that addressed only the cultural aspects, the social constructs of sex, outside the context of biology, and so the word “gender” was born.

    I see many of the issues we’re facing in the world today all relating back to this central theme of rejecting our own biology. So, genetic engineering, transhumanism, the singularity, these are all ideas that revolve around escaping and denying our very own biology and actually evolving into a socially engineered species we perceive as superior to our original design.

    Something I find interesting, “in the days of Noah,” there was another kind of genetic experiment going on,angels, giants, rejection of God’s design, and so He went and pulled the plug on us. I see some of those same things going on in the world today, but we have the rainbow, we have his promise, His return.

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    1. Did not realize “gender” is a new word. Interesting what some people have done with it. Sort of like sewage is fascinating.

      I kind of had you in mind when I reblogged this post. I hope you and the young lady at The Conservative Diaries will find each others ideas worth examining.

      What were the Nephilim about? I don’t know. That is one spooky little reference in Genesis 6, but you may have the right of it.

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  2. Thankfully, the biotechnology, organic chemistry, engineering and astronomy classes I’ve been attending for the last few years are replete with young, winsome babes.

    I have nicknamed the older winsome babes, “The Desperate Housewives” because of their devious cunning in moments when resources become sparse.

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  3. Great post hook up CT, and love the comments here, all the way around. I also thought of the illustrious ib22 at the top, and your ‘missing’ college days in response to S’om humor was cool too.

    Do you think though maybe there will be new tort laws……….’gender benders……..’ oh geez, did I just give someone an idea……… ouch.


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