American Workforce Shrinks While Foreign Workforce Increases

I don’t necessarily have a headache with people coming to the United States prepared to work and able to speak English. What I find rather disturbing, however, is that companies have contrived to replace their work forces with foreigners and connived to make their American born workers train their lower paid replacements. There is something seriously out of whack when that keeps happening.

Another reason to voter for Donald Trump.

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The decimation of the American workforce may go down in history as Barack Obama’s greatest act of treason.

As the American middle class continues to shrink, the number of foreign workers taking their jobs are on the rise courtesy of Barack Obama, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, establishment collaborators of both parties and corporate entities all of whom have for years alleged that there is a shortage of qualified Americans to do the job and are pro comprehensive immigration reform, i.e., a dog whistle for kill American jobs now.

While at the same time perpetuating the myth that the jobs being filled, you know the ones that Americans won’t do such as picking oranges and lettuce, corporations only caring about their bottom line are laying off the American workforce in marketing, software engineering, IT consulting, outsourcing services, tech, STEM industry among others by the thousands and replacing them with…

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25 thoughts on “American Workforce Shrinks While Foreign Workforce Increases

  1. I always wish to do more reading.

    Perhaps you could recommend some sources that would support your views. I do a fair amount of reading and have not found much confirmation for the politically driven scare story that Americans are being stripped of gainful employment by an influx of foreign workers. There is no question that some Americans have lost employment as the economy changes. That has always happened since our founding. But the general data that I have seen indicate that the economy as a whole and the standard of living of Americans generally are benefitted by immigration and by the growth of fields that require additional workers whether domestically or through attracting skilled workers (and in some industries, unskilled workers) from abroad.

    In the frightening world that you fearfully inhabit, I try to help you identify things that are groundless, to free you up to find real issues about which you can be concerned.



  2. My contribution is to ask a pertinent question that might lead to informed discussion. The post you linked to addressed the demand for immigrant workers in certain high-knowledge fields. It didn’t address the key question (one which you assume the answer to) as to whether these are jobs that are being ripped away from existing American workers, are manifestations of booming high tech industries in certain parts of the country (i.e., economy-benefitting economic and job expansion), a little of both in some undefined proportion, or none of the above.

    One would want to know before forming opinions and reaching grand conclusions, I would think.



  3. What do the data show as to how much of the “job-loss” experienced by American workers is attributable to foreign replacements (either by immigrants coming in or jobs being out-sourced abroad) and how much is due to structural changes a productivity increases in the American economy? Let’s get some facts into the discussion.



  4. Having worked in IT for more than 30 years, I am suspicious about how so many jobs can be classified as having no available trained US workers. It’s also my perception that many of the people who make these decisions have an unjustified bias towards foreign workers. Specifically, they believe that the foreign workers are actually smarter and better at their work. That has not been my personal experience. Personally, I think the foreign workers have an attitude of superiority (often arrogance) due to cultural upbringing. And I wonder if the foreigners who have emigrated here and are in positions of hiring influence have a bias toward other foreigners which makes the situation continue.


    1. @OKRickety

      I am not trying to induce anyone to hate foreigners or big corporations. So let’s not go there.

      What motivates companies is profit. How do they justify their decisions to replace their American workers with foreigners? The law requires them to say they cannot hire enough Americans to fill certain specialized occupations. So they have to go out of the country and pay someone big money to come here.

      Prior to employing an H-1B temporary worker, the U.S. employer must first file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor (DOL) and then file an H-1B petition with USCIS. The LCA specifies the job, salary, length, and geographic location of employment. The employer must agree to pay the alien the greater of the actual or prevailing wage for the position. (from =>

      It seems to me that our government is letting some big companies game the system, and I blame us for electing the rotten people who are allowing this.


      1. Suppose a company in the USA with 1000 workers will fail if they do not have someone who has “Skillset X” but no one in the USA is available. Getting an alien to do the job has tremendous positive impact to the US economy, so the law makes sense. I do not fault the elected “rotten people” for allowing this possibility.

        However, how can anyone know for certain that no one in the USA with “Skillset X” is available? Perhaps the company and the government agency/department have made good faith efforts to determine that this is indeed the case. But the companies may be “gaming” the system.

        But, if we suppose that someone has a vested interest in hiring specific aliens, then I would think they could game the system by writing job qualifications that they know fit the aliens, but are extremely unlikely to be met by a US citizen who is available.

        Could this be prevented by adding to the legislation to make it more difficult? Perhaps, but I think it will always be difficult to prevent abuse.


        1. @OKRickety

          Could this be prevented by adding to the legislation to make it more difficult? Perhaps, but I think it will always be difficult to prevent abuse.

          Interesting question. Notice that except for suggesting the need to elect Donald Trump I did not propose a solution.

          I will say I reject the argument that we need to import people “Skillset X”. We have over 300 million people in this country. There are some geniuses who can make a huge difference, but there are rarely people with a specific “Skillset X” who can make such a difference. If we have a serious shortage of certain skill sets in this country, it is because have shipped so many jobs out of the country and put too many people on welfare.

          What the people of a America have that is special (and use to have to a greater degree) is the willingness to learn how to do whatever is needed to be done. We called it the Protestant work ethic, and there is no substitute for the humility required to learn and willingness to work.

          If we want to get into certain businesses, we have to train Americans to do those jobs, and we have to buy and build whatever capital assets are required. Importing foreigners won’t fix such problems, but the willingness to learn and work hard will do so.

          Do we benefit then by allowing people to immigrate here? Yes. However, we need to set quotas, and we need to target certain countries that are our business competitors. We also need to put a special tax on the earnings of the earnings of the people we give visas to work here.

          Politicians love to tax people. You want Congress to fix the visa system and the immigration system overall? Then put a special tax the earnings of any foreigner who holds a visa in this country.

          Will my suggestion work perfectly? Doubt it. The problem is not a simple one, and I am certain there are issues I have not considered. I suspect the big one will be related to folks who come here to buy our products or to manage US based factories owned by foreigners. We don’t want to put too much red tape in their way. That is, we don’t want to discourage investment or the purchase of US made goods.


        2. Citizen Tom,

          I like the idea of financial disincentive to hire aliens, thus encouraging more effort to find or train US citizens. Now, for the $64 question: How to convince the government to do this?

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          1. @OKRickety

            Think about what you are asking. We have to convince politicians to levy a tax? There is nothing voters like more than a tax on “other people”, and there is nothing politicians like more than collecting more money they can spend. The problem will be keeping our leaders from giving out visas just so that they can tax the people who have them. Of course, we also have to make certain the sum total of the taxes paid by foreigner workers fully covers the cost of the government services they use. That, of course, is one of the big problems with illegal immigration.

            Nevertheless, if our government does put a special tax foreigners with work visas, we will be able to get a better handle on the number and composition of the foreigners in this country.

            What is the main problem with this idea? It justifies the existence of the IRS.


        3. Citizen Tom,

          No doubt the politicians would be interested in levying a tax, but I daresay there would be much lobbying by the corporations who wish to retain the current situation.

          I would think it would be a given that the taxes paid by foreign workers would exceed what they use. Am I just ignorant?


          1. Low wage workers, even American citizens, don’t fully cover the government services they use.

            Remember Romney’s 47 percent comment. What he was talking about was the fact 47 percent get more from the government than they pay in taxes.

            Think about the way counties play with zoning laws. Why do favor single family dwellings with large lots? Part of the reason is that such homeowners pay more in taxes than the receive in government services. That in fact use to be to be one of the big incentives for moving to the suburbs, to avoid paying big city taxes. Now the commute required to escape the city is killing us. So some folks are accepting the higher cost of living in the city to avoid the commute.

            Illegal immigrants generally work low wage jobs. Because politicians like the fellow we have in the White House, the illegals are also bringing in their families. So we have lot of such people making use of “free” government services. Our schools, for example.


        4. I missed the switch from H-1B temporary workers to illegal aliens (not immigrants although that is how they are often treated). I agree that illegal aliens should not be here and anyone employing them should be charged as criminals as well.

          I would think that H-1B workers would definitely pay more in taxes than they would use.


          1. Hopefully H-1B would pay more, but we have such screwy immigration laws, and we don’t enforce them. And our welfare system is too generous.

            Think about the consequences of chain migration. Someone with an H-1B visa becomes a citizen. Next thing you know they start bringing in the whole extended family. You tell me. How do you calculate the cost? When half of all illegal immigrants overstay their visas, how do you calculate the cost?


        5. I would say the H-1B should be limited in time (to allow US citizens to be trained and fill the job) and not allowed to be used to become a US citizen.

          Here’s another method of chain migration. Suppose J from Country X has become a US citizen and is now in a hiring position at his company. Family friend K from Country X wants to immigrate to the US. So, J creates a job with requirements matching those of K and few, if any, US citizens. Almost certainly, the position will be unfilled and J will be able to get K to the US on an H-1B visa. I suspect, but do not know, that this happens a lot with those from certain countries, especially in the IT field. If you think US citizens have poor ethics, I suspect you would be appalled at what is accepted in many foreign cultures.

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          1. Given the supposed purpose for the H-1B, limiting it in time makes sense. However, there is this little problem of getting our leaders to enforce our immigration laws.

            Will foreign born immigrants tend to hire people from their native land? Be surprising if they did not. Can’t say that is necessarily immoral. Ethnocentrism is just human nature. However, if a private employer allows ethnocentrism to lead to foolish hiring decisions, that employer will just have to learn the hard way that such discrimination can be quite unwise.

            Are ethics in the US better than overseas? Well, I think it is accurate to say that they once were. A constitutional republic is not possible when the citizenry is immoral. Unfortunately, our constitutional republic seems to have lost its way, and that is due to chiefly moral issues.

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  5. This is where subsidiarity and solidarity become crucial. The large corporations strangle competition and small business and all in the name of profit. Few if any help the communities where their plants reside, preferring to exploit foreign labor through unjust trade deals because they cannot exploit American labor.

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    1. I don’t know what you think subsidiarity and solidarity have to do with it. Immigration policy is set by the Federal Government. Logically, that is the appropriate place for it.

      Businesses have to compete. Part of the way they do it is keeping their labor costs down. So long as we keep the Federal Government busy doing a bunch of things it has no business doing — voting our ourselves “other people’s money” — businessmen will “work” with our elected officials to reduce their labor costs in ways that are to our overall disadvantage.

      Corporations, BTW, are a creation of government (state level). If we don’t like the way they operate, we can modify their charters. Again, we have to reduce what we want the government to do so we can focus on fixing obnoxious problems like this.


      1. Subsidiarity is important because the favoring of international corporations over small businesses has stagnated local economies. When the big stores come in, the little stores shut down, and the money put into that big store rarely gets put back into the local community. Whereas in previous years the local grocer would buy produce from the local farmer to sell and would then, in turn, invest that money elsewhere in the local economy, the larger corporate stores come in, offer slave wages, and systematically destroy the interrelations that previously grew the local economy.


  6. I came to a conclusion that our USA Congress represents foreign workers interests better than US workers.

    It is not only the production worker in a manufacturing job that loses a job sent out of the USA, support workers such as accountants, customer service, office personnel, and local vendors lose their lively hoods too.

    Then to add salt into USA worker’s wounds, employers seek visas for foreignworkers not only to pay them less, they do not have to pay into retirement plans. The companies say they need them because USA education is inadequate for their needs.
    Congress has no interest in long range economic planning.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. If USA education is inadequate for the needs of our companies, that a good indication we need to get our government out of the education business. Instead, our glorious leaders import workers to do jobs Americans won’t do.

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      1. A large part of the problem is government does not make long range common sense plans fo susstain our companies to stop laying off skilled workers. When Germany has a slowdown, workers do not get laid off, the work hours are shortened to prevent loss of skilled workers.
        China car industry is mainly government owned.
        We are a very wasteful nation only because we were blessed with abundant resources. That won’t last forever.
        Regards and goodwill blogging.


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