school.pngIn THE BATTLEFIELD FOR EVERYBODY’S DREAMS AND EVERYBODY’S COVETOUSNESS, I cited Frédéric Bastiat‘s great work, Essays on Political Economy, to demonstrate the true problem with Socialism. There are no fixed limits to Utopian dreams. Instead of each of us pursuing our own definition of happiness, Socialism creates a battlefield, a bloody field of strife within we each strive to impose our own values upon each other.

What has Socialism done to our education system? Instead being a place where parents see to the instruction of their children, ensuring that their children obtain basic life skills and learn about their parents’ faith and traditions, school has become the Utopian’s primary indoctrination center. Our schools have become a place where any absurdity can be justified.

Here is an email from the Chairman of the PWC Republican Committee.


Prince William Republicans,

On Wednesday, September 7, the School Board held a meeting to consider two very important issues – 1) the temporary replacement of Brentsville School Board Representative Gil Trenum, and 2) a change in the school’s policy regarding gender identity non-discrimination, which will have an eventual impact on the use of bathrooms, locker rooms and showers by transgender students.

The meeting lasted until 1:00 AM the next morning because of the lengthy citizen comment time! However, we need to remain engaged and act again!


1) Email the School Board requesting that they vote “NO” on the Revision of Policy 060, “Nondiscrimination And Commitment To Equity”

2) Sign up to speak during “citizen time” against Revision of Policy 060, “Nondiscrimination And Commitment To Equity”. Email to to sign up to speak.

3) Invite your pastor to a Thursday, Sept. 15 breakfast for pastors on the issue of transgenderism and Prince William Schools. Email DJ Jordan at for more details.

Here is an update on these two very important issues.

Temporary Replacement of Brentsville School Board Representative Gil Trenum:

On June 15, 2016, Trenum, a Navy reservist, announced that he had been called up to active duty to serve overseas as part of Operation Enduring Freedom for one-year, beginning last month. Trenum can hold his seat and return to service on the School Board after his deployment, but the wishes for his temporary one-year replacement has so far been rejected by School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers. In June, Trenum proposed 3 qualified candidates to represent Brentsville during his one-year deployment, however, Sawyers, a Democrat, is seeking to ignore Trenum’s wishes and appoint a Democrat in Trenum’s place.

Last month, Sawyers asked Prince William residents to apply for the temporary replacement, and five individuals applied, including two of Trenum’s preferred candidates. The applicants were: Christopher Park, Douglas Hunter Porterfield, Tara Ann Tadlock, JerMonica Boose-Davis and Shawn L. Brann. Brann and Park are preferred by Trenum. Days before Wednesday’s School Board meeting, Democrat JerMonica Boose-Davis withdrew her name for consideration. We believe this to be a positive sign.

Many of you came out in full force in a powerful display of community input during the September 7 meeting. The number of people supporting Gil Trenum was about eight to one during “citizen comment” time. On Wednesday, September 21, the School Board will vote on Trenum’s temporary replacement, and we hope that the Board will honor Trenum’s wishes and appoint Christopher Park or Shawn L. Brann.

Policy Change Regarding Use of Bathrooms, Locker Rooms and Showers by Transgender Students:

Also on Wednesday, the School Board began debate on the Revision of Policy 060, “Nondiscrimination And Commitment To Equity.” This measure would change the school system’s non-discrimination policy to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” in the group of protected factors, along with race, color, religion, national origin, and gender. Adding “gender identity” would allow transgender students and staff to choose the bathroom, locker room, showers and athletic team participation of their preferred choice, regardless of biological anatomy.

Prince William County is a welcoming and compassionate place for all people, but this policy change would violate privacy rights for our children, and could expose the County to unnecessary lawsuits.

The number of people speaking in opposition to this radical policy change, during the September 7 meeting, outnumbered the other side by about three to one.

On Monday, Chairman Sawyers scheduled a vote on this policy change for Wednesday, September 21 (7pm). Please email the School Board members and sign up NOW to speak during the September 21st “citizen time.”

To speak during the “citizens time”, notify the Board Clerk by phone at 703.791.8709; or by email at prior to noon on the day of the Board meeting and you will be placed on the list of speakers. First come, first serve.

To send a message to the School Board, email them all at these addresses:

Ryan Sawyers (D-At Large):; Diane Raulston (D-Neabsco):; Justin Wilk (D-Potomac):; Willie Deutsch (R-Coles):; Gil Trenum (R-Brentsville):; Alyson Satterwhite (R-Gainesville):; Lillie Jessie (D-Occoquan):; Loree Williams (D-Woodbridge):


Brentsville Should Have Representation Before Any Major Vote – This “gender identity” policy change is significant and has far-reaching implications. A temporary replacement for Mr. Trenum has not been appointed yet, therefore, Chairman Ryan Sawyers should delay any major vote until a representative for Brentsville is seated.

This Policy Change Violates Privacy – This policy change would open the use of bathrooms, locker rooms and showers up to uncomfortable encounters among children of opposite biological anatomy. Students should not be forced to be exposed to students of the opposite biological gender in a bathroom or locker room. Our students have the right to privacy and they have the right to a non-threatening environment.

This Policy Is Unnecessary – For years, Prince William County Public Schools have protected and accommodated transgender students and staff in a respectful, private and genuine manner, therefore no change is needed in the non-discrimination policy. The Prince William County Public Schools have conducted numerous forums and outreach events regarding discrimination and school bullying, and the issue of discrimination toward transgender students and staff has never been a problem. Supporters of this policy change claim it is needed simply for the safety of transgender students, and the prevention of bullying, but this argument is overly simplistic and inaccurate. Students are unfortunately bullied every day for a variety of reasons, despite the current non-discrimination protections. Our schools have kept transgender students safe and our teachers have disciplined bullying when it occurs. No policy change is needed.

This Policy Creates Legal Problems for County – In August, a federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked President Obama’s guidance directive on transgender bathrooms. Also in August, the U.S. Supreme Court halted a lawsuit by a transgender student in Gloucester County, Virginia, effectively ruling that the County did not have to open up their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers to opposite gender students. And THIS PAST MONDAY, the Virginia Supreme Court decided to take up a challenge to the Fairfax County’s “gender identity” policy change. Changing this policy, now, in Prince William could open up the County to frivolous lawsuits that drain precious resources, while the constitutionality of this policy change is debated in the courts. Multiple courts have ruled against these policy changes across the nation. Many legal experts believe this issue will eventually reach the Supreme Court. The School Board should therefore not take any action on this matter at this time.

This Policy Fight Puts Unwanted Attention on LGBT Students – Most LGBT students want to live their life without unwanted attention, just like any other student. Pursuing this gender identity nondiscrimination policy adds a political spotlight on our transgender students that they don’t want or need, especially as they are questioning their identity, and are very self-conscious. Research shows that many children who explore gender transition, often change their minds as adults. Unwanted political attention is not helpful as these students explore their identity.

Warm Regards,

Chairman PWC Republican Committee

My children are  grown, and I will do my best to keep my grandchildren out of the public school system. I just regret being forced to pay taxes to support an increasingly corrupt public school system.  It is you who have children in the public schools who must most be wary. Do you actually trust politicians to instruct your precious children? Only a fool would do so. If you are not a fool, then you may wish to pay attention to what politicians are doing with your children.

One other thought. Whoever we elect president this year will probably appoint several judges to the Supreme Court. Because this is the kind of issue that Liberal Democrats on the Supreme Court have taken it upon themselves to decide for the rest of us, that is a major reason we must vote Republican in November. That too is sad testimony to the corruption that is Socialism.


  1. Another example that King Solomon would classify in his Ecclesiastes as “Madness and Folly”

    I would also bet he would consider anyone who has to write a letter like this to be a waste of any person’s limited time and seasons in their life.

    This is my opinion, not King Solomon’s. I would bet he would roll over in his grave if he read that letter..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. @Stephen

    The Dems are just being Dems. They talk up tolerance and being reasonable, but they are out to win. What they are doing to Trenum is just another demonstration that they cannot be trusted. We have to pay attention to what they do, not what they say.

    The notion that government at any level should be in charge of education is ridiculous. The bathroom controversy just shows how ridiculous it is. So what do you do? You spout nonsense about solidarity and subsidiarity. That just shows how committed you are to Socialism (i.e., Statism).

    Whether it is done at the local, state, or Federal level, the tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. Whether it begins at the local, state, or Federal level, if not checked the tyranny of the majority will still descend into just plain tyranny by a tyrant.

    There are some things we have the right to decide for ourselves, and where we send our children to be educated is most certainly one of them. Freedom of religion — the free exercise of religion — requires government to let parents decide who teaches their children and what their children learn.

    Government’s role is to prevent the abuse of children, not encourage it, and the public school system is clearly becoming more and more abusive. Not only is it failing to properly instruct children, it is teaching things that are not true or right. You say the majority should decide what is right? You know better than that.

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  3. From my understanding of the rules, Trenum has the right to installing his own replacement and should be allowed to. It just reflects poorly on the Dems in this fight and shows them to be overly partisan.

    As for the bathroom policy, THIS is where the decisions should be made, not DC. If the community wants trans students using the bathroom they want, the community can do that. If the community doesn’t and wants a different accommodation, then they should have that right. The underlying principles should be subsidiarity to allow the local community to deal with the issue the best they can and solidarity to bring the community together into a dialogue on what is best for all involved with a committed concern for the common good.


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