I regret this already, but…

“I regret this already, but… adds a lot to my last post. My thanks to insanitybytes22 for writing it.

As several commenters observed, the title is awesome.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I regret this already, but Kia, critic of All Things Christian, made a declaration on his blog that I feel compelled to address.

He says, “The trouble with saying that God illumines scripture for believers to “rightly divide”, is that there are so many different believers “rightly dividing” with different opinions on what God has illumined them to understand.The first indication that most Christians get that there is more to the story is when they start encountering and mixing with other Christians of different stripes and denominations.”

First off, Kia who has called me rude, disrespectful, not meek, not humble and assorted other projections, does ask a good question, or at least it would be a good question if itwere actually a question. It’s not a question at all, it’s a declaration that tries to establish there is no God because Christians are divided, there are many…

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9 thoughts on “I regret this already, but…

    1. @KIA

      Wheels that take us no where serve no purpose.

      As a Christian, I strive to let Jesus set my agenda. I can be distracted, but I know the world does not revolve around me or my feelings. So I try not to waste too much time in a pointless disputes.

      Note that ColorStorm’s post, my post, and insanitybytes22’s post actually had little to say about you or your behavior. We spent far more effort talking about our favorite subject.

      And your posts pointing to our blogs? Do you think any of us regret it when those who don’t know Jesus read our blogs, including you?

      Some of my favorite blog conversations have been with those who don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus. Since I use to be an agnostic, it would be silly for me to hate those who don’t believe.

      In fact, what is true of me should be true of all Christians. No one is born believing in Jesus. We all need to repent and turn to Him.


        1. You decide your own opinion after you read it.

          I personally will not debate or decide anyone’s personal religious beliefs because the subject is volcanic.

          I am a Roman Catholic in my religious belief and recommend everyone should study the Bible.

          Note I stated study the Bible to comprehend the messages of peace and prosperity. Each passage has an intrinsic meaning. How it applies to a person may lead them to both be challenged and rewarded in their personal lives.
          Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    2. Huh…its almost as if you tried to address the problems with Sola Scriptura and then made it all about how Christianity can’t be true. Since you are a know-it-all, I am sure you can recall the numerous times Paul, in his epistles, had to remind everyone what the Truth actually was? It seems you take the free admission of the Gospels that not all will follow Christ and use it as an indictment of Christianity itself.


      1. Sorry, I no longer believe the gospels to be true and accurate reflections of history. Christians still do on the other hand, which is why they should be following what they say


        1. They would be true and accurate reflections of the point of view of the person writing them. Whether they are history in the modern sense or not, they form the basis of Christian theology and when they freely admit exactly what you argue is the smoking gun, then you can see how your contention is untenable. If I were to say, for example, that human action always seeks goodness but that humans err in their perception of goodness and then you attack me because some human actions are manifestly bad, it would be a ridiculous argument. I would have already granted that in my premise.

          Since Christianity grants what you argue as a common notion integral to its system, your objection can only be met with the most smug “duhs” one can charitably contrive.


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