Donald Trump just beat all those other guys, and NOW the news media says his campaign is imploding. What is he doing different? Nothing.

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  1. Good. So what do you think of my crazy idea, Tom, that the reason that what worked for Mr. Trump in the primaries might not work in a two-person general election? Think that might have a teensy-weensy thing to do with it?



  2. My take on things has been resoundingly categorized by Tom to be of little or no value, so who am I to hazard a guess about the demanding puzzler put forward in his inaugural tweet. But, what the heck, I’ll risk public ridicule to take a wild-ass guess at what might be different between the success of Mr. Trump’s primary campaign and his thus far calamitous first two weeks of the general election:

    D’you think it might be that it perhaps (just perhaps) have something to do with the difference between what a candidate has to be and has to do to win a majority of a series of state Republican primaries against an enormous field, and what a candidate has to be and to do to win a national election against one other candidate in which virtually every citizen in the country can vote?

    Oh, that was a stupid idea. I shouldn’t have said it. I’m so embarrassed.


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  3. By the end of October, most undecided voters will have forgotten what Donald Trump said and did over the summer. The debates will be critical for capturing the twenty percent who have not already chosen a candidate. I suspect Trump is experimenting now to see where the line of respectability is–how far is too far? The campaign is far from over, no matter what the media says. J.

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  4. Cumulative negative effect. No schtick works forever. Always doing the same thing is a guarantee for failure, as far as messaging goes. How many catch phrases from ’80s sitcoms are still popular? That’s what happened to the Trump campaign. What started out as bling has become predictable. Trump is the Batman TV series from the ’60s. Fast rise, followed by plateau, then a fast fall. He plateaued after the RNC convention.


      1. I’m talking about campaigning, not governing, the show biz part of getting elected. This year, the Dems put on a better, fresher show, with more popular guest stars and a better script. But I’m just theorizing. You are free to disagree. There has to be SOME reason for the poll numbers going against Trump now, when they didn’t before.


          1. We can agree to disagree about what constitutes “good”. I only meant “effective”, that it helped their overall numbers. The RNC convention both helped AND hurt them (as a show). It gave Trump a “bump” (expected result), but ALSO increased his negative numbers and gained him more active opponents – a unique negative effect compared to past conventions by either party.


          2. @Invisible Mikey

            Why the negative numbers? They are high for both candidates. H. Clinton performs better in the polls when she doesn’t do anything. However, her real problem is that she is crooked. So her record stinks. Nobody can explain why we should vote for her. I have asked, but so far no takers.

            Trump? Trump doesn’t know when to stop talking. That’s a common problem, but not in professional politicians running for president. Thing is that is that whenever he makes a so-called gaff, the press start talking about it as a big deal without ever referring to what he actually said in context. So if you compare what he said with the press commentary it gets sort of silly.


          3. No one has said why vote for her, or you just never accept their reasons as valid?

            I’ll put it as simply as I can. Crooked, flawed adult beats crazy/dangerous guy with arrested development, according to my system of comparative values.

            Sometime we get to proactively support a candidate, as I did Sanders. Sometimes we only have the choice of voting to block someone we believe is a danger to the country, as I believe Trump is. I’ve voted 11 times,and it’s been basically an even split between the times I voted for someone and the times I voted against someone.

            I never have a problem with people voting their conscience. Mine says Trump must be stopped, and it’s too damn bad if HRC is the only way available to do it. I’ll have to rely on the checks and balances in government to restrain her probable excesses and instances of bad judgment.


          4. @Invisible Mikey

            I said I meant to say, but thank you for checking.

            You have provided a case in point. Your reason for voting for H. Clinton is that she is not Donald Trump.

            Is Donald Trump a crazy/dangerous guy with arrested development, according to your system of comparative values? Well, I presume you know your system of comparative values better that I do, but it safe to say you are voting against Trump, not for H. Clinton.

            Anyway, I am voting for Donald Trump, but because I hope he do some good and because he is not crooked, at least not as crook as H. Clinton.

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      1. I was talking about both campaigns. Campaigning is show biz, it’s the sales pitch to try and convince people to cast votes. It helps if your pitch is multi-faceted, because voters are diverse. You need something (if possible) to appeal to a variety of groups.

        This year the Democrats are doing better at portraying their party as inclusive. Trump (and to a lesser degree the GOP) has been too exclusive, and has alienated too many voting blocs.

        The news media’s whole agenda is eyes on the channel (or story), so that they can present ads. Advertising pays for their existence. Different media outlets aim for different target ages and political preference groups. They pretend to advocate for those groups, but the bottom line is still engagement in order to sell stuff. To that end, it benefits media to portray elections as a horse race, always neck-and-neck if feasible, because once a result looks inevitable people stop checking back for updates.

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  5. The difference is that the media was promoting him during the primaries to get rid of the real Republican conservatives. Now they’re in ‘bump for Hillary’ mode. Not rocket science. The Republican party and voters got played!


    1. KIA,

      Did ever occur to you to question the fact that the so-call free press is actually the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party?

      Did it ever occur to you to question why the so-called free press and the Democrat Party are so hell bent on destroying America?

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      1. The media in America are acting as the propaganda wing of progressivism in both major parties. We’re all being played


          1. That’s because they wanted Obama. The fix was in then, and the fix is in now. It will be till we realize that BOTH major parties are corrupt and irredeemable


          2. Earth to KIA!

            The Democrats dumped Hilary because they wanted Obama.

            They destroyed your buddy Mitt because he was Republican.

            They tried to destroy Ronald Reagan and succeeded in destroying the Bushes.

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          3. I agree. Individual people are the bedrock of societies. Who was it said “if the foundation be destroyed…” People need to get a grip on who they are and what kind of society they want to live in


        1. Actually, the news media is largely owned by about six major corporations. The corporations have common interests, but there is no master plan. They are propagandizing us, but whether they are doing for a rational purpose remains to be seen. How do they benefit by destroying the country?

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          1. That is what the Nazis did.

            People forget the reason for the Boston Tea Party.

            The states charter corporations as a mechanism for raising capital. Unfortunately, it is to easy for such a large collective (labor unions and non-profits pose the same issue) to buy political influence. So we need discourage the growth of such things by allowing the disadvantages of large size (hard to manage, for example) check their propensity to grow. Instead, politicians allow themselves to be bought stifle competition. So the collectives continue to grow until they become too big to fail.


      1. Why just two choices though? Neither party wants to give up their grip. They’re both just different faces of the same oligarchy


        1. @KIA

          To some extent the parties are real. James Madison talks about the dangers of factionalism in the Federalist Papers. The checks and balances we in fact designed to prevent what we are seeing now. The Democrats and the Republicans do represent different factions. However, most of the politicians are operators, not ideological. They profit by promoting factionalism, not by by fixing problems. And while everyone is focused on some stupid thing like transgendered rights, they sell out to well-heeled special interests.

          These clever operators play a dangerous game. Their policies, because they are just designed to enrich special interest (and because they buy our votes we all belong to one or more), make no economic sense. In addition, putting people on any sort of government dole (“free” education) always corrupts the recipient somehow, some way. So they are wrecking our country.

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