When Republicans criticize the Democrat opponents, they generally talk about what their opponent actually did. When Democrats criticize their Republican opponents they talk about how they feel about what their opponents are supposed to have done. Donald Trump is an ‘abusive braggart’ unfit to lead our Armed Forces by Barry R. McCaffrey is a case in point.

McCaffrey is a retired 4-star, no small matter. Anyone with who earns four stars is worthy of respect. Nevertheless, four stars or a hundred he is still human.

McCaffrey does the usual thing.  He makes sure we realize that he is an expert, an unbiased expert. He is not registered with either political party. Thus, he tries to pose as an authority on what are strictly emotional issues.

Let’s consider several of McCaffrey’s assertions of fact.

  • Trump said something shameful about the mother and father of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan. The father of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan brutally insulted Donald Trump character on national TV at the Democratic National Convention. When asked about the matter, Trump had a few words.  McCaffrey ASSUMES Trump said something awful.  Did Trump say something awful? In the video above, we have the interview with George Stephanopoulos (unquestionably a partisan Democrat). I suggest you listen to the whole thing. It is not that long, however, Stephanopoulos asks about Khizer Khan’s charges at 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the interview.
  • He has questioned whether the U.S. should actually fulfill our defense obligations under the NATO pact. This is actually a rather stupid charge. Our NATO obligations are a treaty obligation. Trump has pointed out that some of our NATO allies are not paying their fair share for their own defense, a treaty obligation. If our allies are not willing to defend themselves, why should we bother going to their defense?  Trump, by the way, answers Stephanopoulos’ question about this five minutes into the video above.
  • Trump has publicly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin. This criticism, especially coming from the Democrats, is sort of puzzling. Did President Barack Obama and Secretary of State H. Clinton ever stop Russia from doing anything? China? Iran? What is it they fear Donald Trump will give up that they are not already giving up?  Trump thinks Putin is a stronger leader than Obama or H. Clinton. Duh? Trump thinks he Putin will respect each other. Trump comments on Putin 2 minutes into interview.

We all have biases, even (tongue in cheek) 4 star generals. McCaffrey works as a military analyst. His clients? Entirely and completely professionally objective news organizations (sarcasm intended), NBC and MSNBC. He also has connections to the Clinton’s.

Barry McCaffrey was director of Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) under President Bill Clinton from 1996 to 2001. He was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate on February 29, 1996. As director of ONDCP, McCaffrey sat in President Clinton’s Cabinet. (from here)

In spite of his pretensions to objectivity, McCaffrey has reasons to be biased. Bias, however, is no excuse for intentionally twisting another man’s words, and that is what such as McCaffrey are doing in the news media.

Note also the nature of the interview with Stephanopoulos. Trump answered Stephanopoulos’ questions frankly, but the questions were all about criticisms of Trump. To talk about what he wants to do or about his fitness for office, Trump had to work to get pass what were essentially badgering questions. Yet Trump is willing to do that work. H. Clinton? She scrupulously avoids hostile media (Hillary Clinton holds a halfway press conference ( That’s about the only thing she seems to be scrupulous about.

To Be Continued:

What is to come? We will consider how someone objectively review a Democrat’s record.





  2. Tony

    Tom – you do realize that all your assertions here have less to do with claiming virtue or principle than they have to do with the phobic cocooning of pure tribalism. If anyone points out what should be obvious – that your new chosen emperor happens to be naked of decency, then that person’s honesty and motivations must be impugned, and if that conscientious detractor is an historically loyal member of the tribe, then he or she too must be tarnished, childishly branded traitor and then banished.

    Please consider here as rendered my previous objections that this sad Trumpish sort of behavior is beneath you. For all the reasons that I, and even those who are your natural ideological compatriots, have already pointed out, your course here is also inherently self defeating. If you sacrifice your principles to desperately protect a tribe, a tribe that claims to be bound together solely by a set of principles, you will ultimately lose both.


    1. @Tony

      You are doing EXACTLY what I accused your general of doing. You disagree with Trump’s stand on immigration. Therefore, it does not make it difference what you does. If you can find a Muslim to accuse him, he is guilty. No that is bigotry.

      Got to admire Khan’s courage, however. Holding up the Constitution at a convention of Democrats? That takes guts.


      1. Tony

        Trumpishness at its worst. Don’t deal with facts. Cast aspersions. Make up stuff and change it when it’s proven wrong.

        This Trumpishness reminds me of that old joke of a boy who wakes on Christmas morning to find a “yuge” pile of horse manure under the Christmas tree. Undeterred, he dives into the manure. When the boy’s parents enter and question what the heck he is doing, he gleefully responds, “With all this manure, there must be a pony some.”

        Trump keeps piling the crap on, and you keep looking for the pony. Good luck with that.


        1. @Tony

          Actually, it is your manure pile. You are just trying to heap it on someone else.

          That nature of sin. To assuage our conscience, we heap upon others our own misdeeds.

          I have the post the video above. You can hear what he said for yourself, and yet you will have none of it because that has nothing to do with it anyway. Trump’s real crime is that he disagrees with you.


  3. Tony

    Thankfully, you don’t get to judge sins.

    Saw the video. Proves my point, but now the videos, the quotes, the actions, the horse manure has become cumulative. Hard to keep up. But you keep diving in that pile for looking for that lovely principled conservative pony.


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