Here is Donald Trump acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

Here is a transcript. Got the link from a Washington Times article (here). Trump actually added footnotes for the fact-checkers. Seriously! Got to love that.



    1. @KIA

      Thanks for the comment.

      As a Ted Cruz supporter, I am disappointed with Trump. But we have the choices we have, not necessarily the choices we want.

      Trump is a tough man, but he is only human. Some respond better than others to the pressures of the national stage, but all have to learn.

      Although Trump has had had nationwide name recognition for years, I doubt he has much experience with the sort of pressure cooker he now has to deal with every day. Hopefully, as time passes, he will learn to exercise a bit more self-restraint. Hopefully, he really means what he wrote in that speech. Hopefully, enough good people will help him to make it real.


  1. What I like most about Trump is that he is not a politician and has and will continue to make politically foolish statements. However, in your words, what he says is “peculiar.” I like your choice of a word association of “peculiar” and “truth.” .

    Peculiar unfortunately was the best word to use when there is an element of truth in statements of politicians in my opinion.

    Trump knows this and that is probably why he added fact-checkers to his speech.

    If he only achieves ten percent of his speech promises, it will be one-hundred percent more that the promises I heard by politicians in the last election. For example, “if elected, jobs will be my number one priority.”

    None promised livable wage jobs either.

    Regards and good will blogging.

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    1. It is funny, but I think people like my comments better than my posts. Maybe I ought to give up and just comment on other people’s blogs.

      I do hope Trump intends to keep his promises, but he will only do so if we all make his promises our own.

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      1. I hope you do not stop posting. I will lose one of my best sources of inspiration for my blog.

        Trump has a history of talents to build structures. Lets pray he uses them in the same context as Jesus stated to Peter, “I will make you a fisher of men.”

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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