soldierIf this article, Pentagon issues sex change manual, allows extended time off for process, were just a joke it would be hysterically funny. As it is, this is an occasion for sadness and shame.

Here is how the article begins.

The U.S. military has a manual for everything, from how to dress to how to wage war.

Now the Pentagon has sent out a detailed written instruction to commanders on how a service member can change his or her sex in a step-by-step process that allows for extended time off.

The directive restricts personnel from living their “preferred gender” lifestyle, or “Real Life Experience,” on a military base among peers until the sex change transition is complete.

The Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy must set up a bureaucracy — dubbed the Service Central Coordination Cell — to guide commanders overseeing sex change transitions.

A service member’s commander plays a big role in shepherding the patient through the sex transition. This starts with approving government-funded medical treatment of genital reconstruction surgery and hormone therapy, and then recovery, and then the final phase of determining the member’s fitness to return to duty after he or she receives a new official “gender marker.” (continued here)

The Federal Government primary job is to defend our country. So what are our military forces suppose to worry about? Paying for soldiers to have sex change operations?

Remember this?

Obama and the Democrats have different priority than the one that they tell us to our faces.  Their first priority is to rule us. So they bankrupt our nation buying our votes, and they neglect our defenses. While they conquer us themselves, they tell our enemies to sit tight and wait.

Perhaps, when they have a lock on power — when we are properly enslaved — the Democrats will worry about defending their property. Meanwhile, they remained focused on the conquest that most interests them, the United States of America.

19 thoughts on “LUNACY!

  1. There are things about this that are questionable and a slap in the face to the armed forces. None of the views above are any of them.

    First, this is not going to cost much. Of the 1% of the 1% of the population actually in the military, a fraction of a percent are trans and a fraction of that are trans who will seek a sex change.

    Second, this is a political stunt that anyone could have seen coming five thousand miles away and fully within the power of the secretary of defense. If you don’t like it, call your congressman.

    Now, here are some things to actually be upset about this thing. First, no survey of the force was taken like they did during the DADT repeal process. We were basically ignored while a private research firm came in, asked the right questions of the right people, and go the result they wanted.

    Second, there was no study in whether certain jobs would be barred to trans who undergo surgery. This is a logistical challenge since it will affect the overall manning of a unit and will affect the National Guards most of all who can’t simply transfer someone to a job slot that isn’t open.

    Third, the SECDEF rolled this thing out on his own without the input of the Joint Chiefs. The press conference he held did not feature any of the chiefs, not even the chairman. Basically this means that this is a political measure intended to favor a certain class of people that don’t have a history of joining the military. It was different with DADT because there was really nothing preventing them doing their job. The line being taken here is that, since there are so few people being directly favored by this policy shift, the force can just take it. It solidifies the atmosphere of distrust between the military and their civilian leadership and breaks down the necessary bonds of trust between the two.

    The cost is minor in terms of dollars. It is much greater in terms of trust.


    1. @mastersamwise

      First. A billion wasted here. A billion wasted there. Billions wasted everywhere. It adds up. Have you noticed the deficit and our staggering economy?

      Second. So it is a political stunt. So I can call my congressman. So?

      That list of things you have given me permission to be upset about. 😉
      1. No survey? I don’t care about a survey. I care about the fact this sort lunacy is evil. We need a survey? To decide to do something this sick?

      2. Second again? If someone can qualify to get into to the military and maintain the ethical standards required for good order and discipline, that is what matters. Gender confusion has no place in a foxhole. Women don’t belong in combat units. Their presence just complicates and confuses an already messy situation. Most of them cannot even meet the physical standards.

      Nature’s God made us the way we are, different but equal. Women have other jobs men cannot do as well. How blind do we have to be to ignore the obvious?

      3. Finally, we get to third. Even Obama’s Joint Chiefs don’t want any part this lunacy.

      4. My addition. Trust a politician? A Democrat? The Founders formed a republic because they did not trust themselves with the kind of power commanded by a king and his royal minions. Royal power is what the Democrats and Establishment Republicans demand.

      Thanks for the comment. I understand you are upset too.

      I served in the military. This is the second Democrat I have watched rip into it. The first just strip it of funds. This one pours poison into its wounds.


      1. 1. It is hardly a billion. Even if all the trans in the D0D were to get sex changes right now, it wouldn’t be a billion. The DoD has yet to decide the real question: is it elective or mandatory surgery? If the former, they will not pay for it. You can’t get them to pay for a nose job, for example. Something key in the reg is that no one can live their preferred gender until their sex change is complete. The trans bathroom rules, here at least, would not apply. From there, they have to go through an approval process to actually be cleared to get the operation. One part of the process is that a military doctor has to determine that you are, in fact, transgender. Here is the directive for your review.

        2. Yes, call your congressman.

        1. I care about the survey. When you read the directive, there is a massive load placed on commanders. Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had gotten the input of those commanders before placing yet another political agenda on them? God forbid you become the commander who said no. Now, without that input to point out how this will be a massive problem with reprisals for commanders who don’t get with the times and just be the rubber stamp.

        2. Ironically, that was the DoD’s argument. The SECDEF endeavored to settle the question before it became a lawsuit and did it in the most laughably stupid way possible. Whether or not you were a biological male at birth doesn’t matter to me if you have the ability to stay cool under fire and share the load. But we never got that survey, we never ran those tests, and now we are stuck with a glorified side-step to avoid litigation. A smart combat arms commander will try to get the trans out of his units and into some desk job upon a field assessment of their physical abilities. Also, we are talking about the trans policy, not women in combat. The issues, though they have significant overlap, are different. Though one thing that the DoD was smart about with the women in combat thing was they actually tested the thing before creating sweeping policy changes.

        3. Yup, kinda sends the message to the force that their civilian leadership don’t care what they think.

        4. Well, arguably they formed the republic because they wanted more autonomy than Britain was willing to give them. There is really nothing in a republican constitution that is different from a monarchical one. If George III was a wise king instead of a foolish one and his parliment was virtuous rather than vicious, would we have had the revolution at all? Furthermore, don’t you endeavor here, in this republican constitution, to affect the same thing i.e. a wise executor and a virtuous legislator? In all the various nations on this earth, I have yet to see one with a constitution that could not have been a benefit to the people and the nation provided those two above criteria were met.


        1. @mastersamwise

          I have to get some rest. Busy day. I will some more time on this tomorrow.

          What I hope will suffice for now is a simple observation. Obama’s policies are poison. He has wrecked havoc on our nation. Unchecked, his transformation of our nation will make it a moral cesspool.

          Consider, for example, all the ways just this one policy modification for the “transgendered” will affect recruiting. Can you put a price tag on that? No? So you choose to ignore the cost.

          You have not thought this through to a logical conclusion. As a nation, we have not thought this through to a logical conclusion.


          1. “Unchecked, his transformation of our nation will make it a moral cesspool.” I find that no man has ever shaped a society that did not want to be shaped. The only exception I can find is a man who was a union between God and man, so I don’t think he really counts.

            Was the Napoleonic Code successful because of Napoleon’s skill in crafting it or because of the people’s desire to have descent laws? Did the French invasion of 1812 happen because Napoleon willed it and so thousands of men went east or did thousands of men desire to be led somewhere and so Napoleon led them east?

            “Consider, for example, all the ways just this one policy modification for the “transgendered” will affect recruiting.” Well, if trans follow the same pattern as the rest of the nation, 1% of about 700,000 is 7,000. Of that 7,000, about 6510 will actually enter the service and of that only about 2148 would actually pursue a sex change. Assuming that they are equally men and women, then that would total to about $79,476,000. Note that this is based on averages and that the likely numbers have a high likelihood of being much, much lower. As I said, the cost is actually quite minimal.

            Unless you were saying this would reduce recruits. In that case, it is a god send to the DoD that has had to make serious personnel cuts over the past few years and are likely just going to get worse.


          2. @mastersamwise

            I presume you mean Barack Obama does not count.

            I was not trying to show that Barack Obama is single-handedly steering our nation into a cesspool. I accept the notion we get the leadership we deserve. I believe God is ultimately in charge. Nevertheless, as individuals we have an obligation to fight for the good and oppose what is evil.

            How will Barack Obama’s transgendered policy affect recruiting? What you said really does not address the issue.

            There are at least two aspects to this issue.
            1. The academic and physical qualifications of the recruits.
            2. The moral character of the recruits.

            The academic and physical qualifications of the recruits.
            When people actually want to use their academic and physical qualifications, they apply for a serious job. Serious jobs are jobs that involve an important mission. Serious jobs involved tasks managed by serious people. No government run by serious people who actually care about the mission of its military forces would inflict the sort of gender nonsense our government is inflicting upon our military. Hence, the retention and and recruitment of highly qualified personnel has suffered because of these idiot policies.

            The moral character of the recruits.
            Demanding that Bible believing Christians pay for sex change operations is just sick, and yet that is how our leaders want to spend our tax dollars. Making commanders (many of which are Bible believing Christians) responsible for implementing morally sick policies will force some of our best to resign. Young people, seeing this, will avoid the military just to avoid an impossible moral dilemma.


          3. I guess I overplayed my Tolstoy there.

            Anyway, on to the recruiting bit. I think we agree to some extent.
            1. Which is why I said that a survey of the force and a trial period to determine their readiness before and after such a transition. We did that with women in combat despite the respective politicization of the assessment. Now, your assertion that serious people don’t inflict these sorts of things on people is wildly inaccurate. This has become a serious issue due to the military’s mandated status as an equal opportunity employer. If someone can do the job, they are not to be excluded from service. Go back to my previous comment and you see the dilemma. Also, according to the most recent numbers, the highest attrition reasons have been due to sequestration. Oddly enough, politics affect a person’s descision to leave the military–especially if they are the highly qualified people you are alluding to–because who bases their future livelihood on political differences that have little chance of affecting you? I would like to see the numbers you base your assertion on though.

            2. Again, a survey would have helped determine that. The moral fiber of the Armed Forces was never that high anyway in any instance of its history. Again, people don’t quit over policies like this. They certainly didn’t quit over the DADT repeal. The moral dilemma is certainly not impossible. If one commander feels he cannot sign off on it, he can have his XO or even his own commander sign off on it. There is nothing in the directive compelling a certain unit level to handle this. In fact, based on what I can see in the directive, it will probably be reserved at the battalion or brigade level simple because they have more resources to deal with it.


          4. @plainandsimplecatholicism

            New moniker?

            Problem here is that you are proceeding from three fundamentally erroneous assumptions.

            1. Obama is flouting the law. There is no constitutional require to stick women in the military, much less people confused about their gender.

            2. The military does not exist to be an equal opportunity employer. The military is not a jobs program. To protect our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (freedom of religion); the military exists to kill our enemies and break their things. When we use the military for idiotic social experimentation, we just get people killed.

            3. Character makes a difference. If you don’t think a decent man will revolt when he is ordered to do something he knows is wrong… We have a stable government because most of the people in our military have a conscience. Otherwise, some time during our history we would have experienced something that is not at all unusual, a military takeover.

            3. We get the government we deserve. That is why only a moral people, people who respect each others rights, can long maintain a republic.

            Do you think respecting rights means putting women in combat units? Wrong! Our first right is the right to life. If putting women in combat units is just going to get more people killed, it violates the rights of the soldiers we ask to protect our rights.


          5. 1. Well, actually, there is. The Civil Rights Act enforces nondiscrimination. The argument against the government was that women could do the job and that excluding them would violate a law enacted by Congress. So he directed the DoD to study it. They did. You can disagree with their findings; I sure do. But you can’t say the president didn’t follow the law in this instance when the Civil Rights Act, a law enacted by Congress that he is constitutionally bound to execute, mandates that there be no discrimination in government service.

            2. But the military is. If you don’t like it, repeal the Civil Rights Act.

            3. Personal experience would incline me to believe that, yes, everyone in the military has a conscience, but that the average conscience is malformed and the lack of insurrection is mostly due to laziness.

            4. True, but kinda off topic.

            Well, I don’t think it is right to put women into combat units but not because I think it is going to get more people killed. It is not because I think women are inferior either. It is because the standards for men and women have been too different for too long and it degrades readiness. It won’t get more people killed because that often has little to do with sex. It will reduce effectiveness which is different.


  2. There was a time when some people joined the military after high school because it was a way to get their college paid for — not the best reason for joining, but not the worst. Are people going to start joining now because it’s a way to get your gender reassignment surgery paid for?

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  3. This article is further proof that America has become a bastard nation; an illegitimate country not knowing it’s father……….

    ……..tkx to the whorish policies of Obama/Clinton, and years and years of true leftism, masquerading as the Democratic party. (with apologies to real bastards everywhere)

    Sad article CT by the govt, and good on you for pointing it out. Distressing, with lasting devilish implications sad to say.

    (and btw, just a reminder that God’s word is true about all things, and here regarding evil.)

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    1. Well, I am not quite ready to give up on my country yet. Perhaps this sort crazy stupidity of thing will cause second thoughts.

      Unfortunately, the Democrats and their cronies (feeding at the government trough) have our schools and the mass media (FOX too) firmly in their tentacles. Most of the Christian clergy is too confused and too fearful to defend Biblical teaching. So I don’t know what will happen, but I am not optimistic. I just look at the world situation and what we are doing to our defenses.

      God help us! Pity and pray for the children. They suffer the most when nations lack virtue.

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      1. Yeah, the red headed step child is still loved…………but God help us.

        I’m thinking the founding fathers would say: ‘what have you done to this nation?’

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  4. We’ve really gone tops turvy in our priorities. I don’t even think this directive is from Obama himself, but one of the many minions he surrounds himself with. You put a bunch of leftists together and they can’t but help but do things like this.

    I think Obama is fine with it though because it puts forward yet another separatist agenda which divides us. Such a sad state of affairs we are in during such times of need and such poor leaders we have.

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