Happy Birthday America!

Here Tricia links to an article written, ironically, by a native Brit. Now an American citizen the author reminds of the need to teach our children why Independence Day is so worthy of celebration.

Freedom Through Empowerment

I saw a video the other day of Americans being asked what the 4th of July means to them and it was stunning to see how many didn’t know why we celebrate it, nor that it’s actually called Independence Day. Depressing, I know!

America has its flaws as all countries do, but its founding principles of citizen rule and system of government for and by the people was a historical first and was what made and still makes the country great and a positive influence around the world.

The only way this greatness continues is if we stay informed of the wisdom our Founding Fathers preached and pass those lessons down to future generations.  Freedom cannot and will not be protected if it is not valued and certainly it will not be fought for if citizens are oblivious to its importance in the founding of our country.

A good article…

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