Socks at the podium in the White House Press Briefing Room (By Barbara Kinney - Clinton Presidential Library & Museum)
The brains behind Bill Clinton’s presidency? Socks at the podium in the White House Press Briefing Room during Bill Clinton’s administration (By Barbara Kinney – Clinton Presidential Library & Museum)

Now that Hillary Clinton is the Democrat’s presumptive nominee and Donald Trump is the Republican’s presumptive nominee the war between the parties has begun. Therefore, the partisan mainstream news media and the Democratic Party are out for blood, and Establishment Republicans are hunting for rocks to climb under.

Here are a few examples.

What is the problem? Donald Trump has a nasty habit of saying things that offend people.  What is peculiar, however, is that folks are offended the most when Trump says stuff that is perfectly true. What is the current big issue? That’s what Trump has to say about Islamic Terrorism.  If you want nonsense, read Here’s ‘What’s Going On’ With Muslims (theatlantic.com). What that article comes down to is a bunch of Muslims calling Trump a bigot.

Alternatively, search on this string: American Muslims constitution sharia poll. You will find articles like these.

Like it or not, what people believe does make a difference. Most Muslims don’t want a secular government. Most Muslims don’t cherish religious freedom. Islam does not support the concept. Islam supports Sharia Law. Unfortunately, a sizeable percentage of Muslims also think Islamic terrorism is justifiable. That’s one reason why the Middle East is a mess.

So what does Donald Trump think about the Muslim Problem?  Well, he has been speaking out on this problem for awhile.  Check out Video Resurfaces: Donald Trump’s Views on the “Muslim Problem” – WHOA! To evaluate his recent more statements, I suggest going to his web site => https://www.donaldjtrump.com/.

Is Trump a racist?  Some people have definite opinions: Lynne Patton Is Sticking Up For Donald Trump When No One Else Will (dailycaller.com).

I suspect Trump worries that when people calls themselves Muslim they do so because they believe in following the example of Muhammad. Muhammad spread Islam with the sword. Muhammad used force to spread the faith he taught. Why should we be surprised if some Muslims think they should imitate Muhammad? Don’t some Christians still try to imitate Jesus?  What if Jesus had been the sort of Messiah the Jews expected? What if Jesus had spread Christianity with a sword?

Think of this absurdity. What if someone told you that what you believe doesn’t make any difference? Your beliefs have NO EFFECT on your behavior. If that is true, what kind of sorry specimen must you be?

So what should be the Christian response? Here is an opinion worth considering:
A Christian Response to Terrorism, An Interview with R.C. Sproul.


  1. Excellent Post. What is especially significant in my opinion is this sentence about the issues Trump sounds out.

    “What is peculiar, however, is that folks are offended the most when Trump says stuff that is perfectly true.”

    If we discern this statement and consider that Trump is not a politician, trained and experienced to try not to offend anyone. The result being for the most part, many politicians will not accomplish anything meaningful other than to get themselves re-elected.

    In my opinion, many voters are most comfortable with a politician who sings to them what King Solomon identified in my post titled, King Solomon, Song of Fools Post One.

    I plan to include your point in subsequent post and will reference to your post.

    Trump does blurt out foolish statements that hurt his message, I agree. However, his advisers apparently explain to him and he either retracts or modifies his foolish statements.

    He has a big stake in this election. He has considerable assets and a reputation that he is risking. The GOP needs to unite with him, give him counsel, and quit worrying about being re-elected, in my opinion.

    The biggest stake is the potential loss of a conservative Supreme Court for decades. They cannot be booted out once they are in for life.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. He not a Christian, he’s not conservative, until recently forbhis run for the white house, he’s not been Republican, prolife, or anti Hillary. He a plant. My opinion, but he’s a plant to keep the real Republicans, conservatives and prolife candidates out of the running so Hillary can win easily


    1. I don’t believe conspiracy theories mostly for one reason: people as groups are too inept and self-seeking to keep big shared secrets. So I don’t believe there’s a tactic like this going on.
      But it’s just as done a deal as if this was the conspiracy. Keeping any serious candidates out has been the result of his run.
      Besides, this conspiracy would have required help from lefty forces too-the mainstream media was essential to his sucking all the air out of every room.

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      1. Excellent answer.

        Can Trump win? I hope does.

        Trump may not be running for the right reasons, but I don’t think his motives are altogether wrong. Clinton shows no sign of being anything but a disaster.

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      2. It is well worth repeating the wisdom of madblog’s comment. Many more things are explained by random events and human error and incompetence than by intricate conspiracies.

        The second point in the comment is also valid. Even without a conspiracy, the damage to the Republican Party and to conservative ideals is virtually total, and required the mindless (as opposed to conspiratorial) packing of dead-air time on the cable news networks to pull off.


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    2. Donald Trump was not my first choice, but if the alternative is Hillary Clinton, I will vote for Trump.

      Is Trump a plant? You have trouble believing in God, but you have no trouble believing a some grand conspiracy theory? There is a conspiracy of sorts, but it is not a well organized conspiracy.

      Here is an explanation as good as any => http://level-head.livejournal.com/668415.html.

      What it comes down to is FOX promoted Trump for the sake of ratings and the fact they could not stand Cruz.

      The other networks did not expose Trump’s lack of qualifications because they would just as soon he was the Republican nominee.

      Therefore, in a system where only a plurality is required to win, Trump won.

      The real question is why only a plurality is required to win. If you consider who has benefited for decades from that sort of system…. Yet even that system is more a product of accident than deliberate design.

      The Bible calls us sheep. Sheep are stupid. When we run away from our shepherd, that stupidity becomes quite evident.

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      1. Trump shouldn’t be anyone’s choice, at anytime for any reason. Hillary is just as disgusting and possibly even more. Ever wonder why we have only two choices?


      2. By the way, I didn’t go atheist. I still believe there might be a god, just we would never know. Leaving Christianity doesn’t mean one becomes atheist.
        As far as leaving the shepherd? Yeah, left the shepherd of Christianity. I’m as I always have been in reality, my own shepherd.


          1. Sorry. Don’t live my life by the mythical book of judges anymore. Why would telling me to read it have any Credibility?


          2. The last sentence of the Lord of the rings: “Well, I’m back,’ he said”. Pretty appropriate to having been tied up in a false religion for 34yrs. Now… I’m back and I can live my own life for myself and my family. Doing what ‘seems right’ in my own eyes as in reality we all do. Some just credit a non existent biblical God for their own good actions.
            No, I don’t think I need to consider the book of judges anymore accurate or historical than Alice in wonderland.


          3. Well, contrary to your protestations, you obviously looked up that verse. Nevertheless, I think you misunderstand it. Doing what seems right in our own eyes is a sign of selfish and immature behavior. Why would I say that? When we are intent upon only doing only what is right in our eyes, we fail to consider the viewpoint of others.

            Read this post => https://citizentom.com/2010/02/28/an-occasion-for-a-humbling-comparison/, and make certain your read the extract from “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” by Adam Smith. In fact, you may wish to read the entire book.


          4. I disagree with the idea that doing what you think is right is not considering others viewpoints. The process of thinking for oneself and judging rightly ones course of action does not necessarily exclude considering others at all. I actually include it as a necessary part of my thought and decision making. So I call bs on your assumption of the basic selfishness and disregard for others in mankind.


          5. Doing what is right in our own eyes is not the same as thinking for oneself. Doing what is right in our own eyes is just failing to consider how others, especially God, might regard our actions.

            On the other hand, thinking for oneself is taking responsibility for our own actions. To exercise a well-developed conscience, we must think for our self. We can’t pass the buck. Remember the Nazis. Some of them used the excuse that they were ordered to commit atrocities. Soldiers in the American military know that excuse won’t work. We expect our soldiers to think for themselves.

            When you put down the Bible, it is mostly just because you don’t understand it. Since the Bible can be difficult to understand, that is not surprising. However, nobody wants to discuss their beliefs with someone who is trying to ridicule them. Instead of trying ridicule those who believe in God, why don’t you practice a little restraint? Why don’t you just argue for what you believe? Who knows? You might learn something.


          6. We disagree. Doing what’s right in our own eyes is making our own decisions. Same thing. And yes, I understand the Bible just fine. Probably taught the Bible for longer than you’ve been a believer. Please save your patronizing attitude.


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