The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer -- Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904)
The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer — Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904)

On occasion I get a visit from KIA, and on occasion I visit his blog. I thought this post curious: Nothing Fails like…

The post features this illogical video.

The point of the video is that praying to God is about as useful as praying to a jug of milk. No matter how much we pray God is not going to give us what we want, supposedly.

What is illogical about the video? Well, it is something of a bait and switch. The narrator admits that the purpose of prayer is to know God’s will, not material gain.  Then he ends up trying to demonstrate the futility of prayer by equating praying to God to praying to a jug of milk for $1000. After having as much said that a request for $1000 would not be in God’s Will, what is the point?

There is this thing called the prosperity gospel. Supposedly, if we are good Christians, we will be wealthy. That clearly distorts the Gospel. Jesus prayed.  His prayer provides an example for us, and He ended up on a Roman cross, poor, hated and cruelly murdered.

God glorified Jesus, but not until after He had died for our sins. Yet why should we be surprised? God offers us joy for eternity. For His Glory should we not be willing to suffer a little in this life?

So what is prayer all about? Why should we pray? Am I an expert? Am I the person to ask? No and no.  I don’t pretend to have the perfect prayer life.  I pray by studying the Bible and contemplating it. To know God’s will, I study His Word, and sometimes I pray by taking a long solitary walk and contemplating “matters”, wondering what I should do and repenting over what I have done.

Kneeling with his hands folded may have worked for the Apostle James, but I think I would be better off studying the Bible and “walking”. Is that prayer? I hope so, because if I am to obey His Will I need God’s help.

So what is the purpose of prayer? If we want to know about prayer, we each need to consult the Bible. So here are some links (in no particular order) that reference the Bible and discuss the purpose and method of prayer.




  1. Tom,

    I understand that it’s sometimes necessary to point out the error of those who mock faith but this KIA seems to be a special case who should be left alone.

    One quick read of his blog and comments here and it’s obvious he has no understanding of theology and only blogs to gain the praise of the godless and stir up trouble amongst believers.

    With the possible exception of praying that the Holy Spirit softens KIA’s heart, it’s probably best you don’t acknowledge his existence at all.




    1. @J

      Thank you for a thoughtful comment.

      Not acknowledge KIA’s existence? Well, there is something to be said for shunning the incorrigible.

      I admit my interest primary was the video. The words in his post struck me as ridiculous.

      Generally, I don’t argue with people when they just want to be argumentative. Waste of time. Do the words pointlessly argumentative fit KIA? To some extent I suppose they do. Nevertheless, I don’t shun KIA.

      When do we apply Matthew 7:6? The answer is in Matthew 7:1-5.

      Also, check out =>


  2. Can you imagine spending an entire day with someone you love and having your loved one never say a single word to you? This is why God tells us to pray. He is always with us. He knows everything about us. Still, he wants to hear from us, precisely because he loves us. We can thank him for good things, talk to him about our problems or the problems of other people or the world’s problems, or just mention whatever is on our minds. Confession is a good prayer too. J.

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  3. The other day, I lost a reagent vile I needed to do a micro assay on our lab’s bioanalyzer.

    I prayed to Saint Anthony, patron saint of lost things.

    A few seconds later the vile appeared, mysteriously, in the cavity formed by my safety goggles and my right eye socket.

    I simply removed my safety glasses and retrieved the vile.

    I guess I must have lost it in my lush bangs before it made its way into my eye socket.

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      1. KIA,

        “Praying to Saint Anthony,” means asking him to pray to God on my behalf.

        The saints are in perfect union with God and so, know how to pray.

        Praying correctly and with the power to call down the will of God is a virtue, an excellence.

        That means the key to prayer is practice, practice, practice and more practice at doing it correctly.

        In the meantime, wicked people like me beckon my brothers, sisters and angels in the Communion of Saints.

        The Communion of Saints is a core doctrine of Christianity that is stated in the Apostle’s Creed.

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        1. Praying to St Anthony… to pray to God on your behalf? You mean like an intercessor between God and Man? You mean like this verse says that only Jesus is? “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus”1ti.2.5.KJV
          Strange that your reading of the Bible allows you to directly contradict the Bible… what say you tomorrow?


          1. KIA,

            “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus”1ti.2.5.KJV

            That has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand.

            The topic at hand is daily prayer, not the theology of salvation, upon which, both Catholic and Protestant agree 100%.

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          2. KIA,

            Also, instead of trying to instigate a theological battle between Catholic and Protestant, would it not be more productive for you to reflect on your own catastrophic failure at understanding any Christian theology whatsoever.

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          3. nope. i’m fine. and my question for tom actually does match the topic of Prayer. i’m asking if he would agree that your version of intercession (prayer) is biblical and proper…
            and the question was for tom actually.


          4. KIA,

            Christians pray for each other all the time.

            And that is something you routinely mock.

            The doctrine of the Communion of Saints is 100% biblical.

            I refer you to the Transfiguration of Our Lord.

            Also, angels are present throughout the Bible.

            Consequently, they are as real as rain and ready at all times to do there duty and help out God’s children.


          5. KIA – The Apostle Paul made a point of discouraging Christians arguing of over issues that don’t matter. Besides, Protestants and Catholics differ on this issue less than most imagine. Have you ever read “A Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan. When Christian arrived in heaven, Jesus acted on Christian’s behalf for the sake of his wife and sons.

            I was raised as a Catholic. What you are trying to stir up is a tempest in a teapot. When people pray to saints asking them to speak to God on their behalf, they are just praying to people they think are in heaven.

            I am certain my parents are in heaven, and I have little doubt they still take an interest in their children. When I think of my parents, God hears and knows my thoughts about their welfare are intended for Him. Undoubtedly, He also hears their pleas on behalf of their children.

            What do the Catholic Church’s canonized saints think about the matter of the prayers people send their way? I don’t know. I just know that those who have gone before us inspired the Apostle Paul (Hebrews 12:1). When I get to heaven, I suspect I will find out more.


  4. Beautiful, Tom! I too like to walk and pray. It helps to clarify my prayers. The disciples were often walking with the Lord while He was teaching and in ancient days the bible was memorized and sung while walking. People didn’t have cars and CD players, so they sang psalms and prayers and walked. It tends to bring the mind, body, and spirit altogether.

    No matter what the detractors say, prayer is powerful and it works. Often it is about aligning ourselves with God’s will and listening to what He is saying to us, but it even has power in asking for specific things. Sometimes I think I’m actually an anti-prosperity minister, but even in financial matters, when I have prayed for the means to acquire some form of provision, it has landed in my lap. Even science recognizes the power of prayer. I’m too lazy to post all the links, but prayer plays a powerful role in health and well being and in healing.

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  5. By the way, the title of your post refers to a poem by Dylan Thomas about his father dying. He wanted him to rage, rage against the night of death. My own father’s death the day after father’s day in 2010 was a pivotal moment in my life.
    I miss him greatly still. He was the best example of a humble and kind and strong man I have ever known. Happy father’s day, I hope you can be such an example for your kids. -kia

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  6. thank you tom for reblogging the link to my post. i hope people will visit for the whole thing to get my full perspective rather than just the video. again i appreciate the bump.


    1. You are welcome.

      Full perspective? You may wish to reconsider what that video adds to the full perspective. Comparing praying to God to a jug of milk is obviously intended to be derisive. Yet the content of the post suggests a desire to be extraordinarily considerate of the feelings of others. Frankly, I find that difficult to take seriously.

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      1. That I should be considerate of other people’s feelings? Just comes naturally I guess. And with much practice. I’m sure you also have the same compassion for those around you in real life.


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