freedomconscienceAre The “Experts” At The Reason Rally Actually Experts?

For background, see Part 1: A Rally For Reason? posted June 3, 2016.

What is the Reason Rally about?  Read their own words. See their Issues page. What the “reasonable” people are pushing is what they apparently consider a sexual freedom agenda plus a climate change agenda.

What is the Reason Rally’s sexual freedom agenda? It includes:

  • Promoting the agenda of an acronym that keeps gaining letters, the LGBTQ agenda.
  • Murdering the unborn, that is, abortion.
  • Enforcing a sex education curriculum based upon a peculiar definition of science, fact, and rational analysis. Essentially, because unlike everyone else they don’t ignore science and common sense, the “reasonable” people feel entitled to tell everyone else how to educate their children.

To justify themselves, the “reasonable” people at the Reason Rally will trot out bunches of beautiful people interspersed with “experts”. What is an expert? When the failures of such experts have become so obvious, perhaps we need to carefully evaluate their credentials.

How do we begin? Well, here is an illustration. In Oh to be an expert, ColorStorm mocks the expert class. The Bible is an ancient book that has withstood the test of time.  Yet so-called experts still protest it is only a fairy tale. Really? Based upon what? Speculation posing as expertise.

What makes an expert an expert? Here is what we get from

expert (n.)
early 15c., “person wise through experience,” from expert (adj.). The word reappeared 1825 in the legal sense, “person who, by virtue of special acquired knowledge or experience on a subject, presumably not within the knowledge of men generally, may testify in a court of justice to matters of opinion thereon, as distinguished from ordinary witnesses, who can in general testify only to facts” [Century Dictionary].

An expert is supposed to be a person who is “wise through experience”. How does that apply to the Bible? Only someone who believes the Bible and strives to lives according to its teachings can gain experience using the Bible. Therefore, an “expert” who does not believe the Bible is unlikely to have substantial experience with the Bible.

With respect to their issues, are the people attending the Reason Rally experts? Are they “wise through experience”? No. What they are doing is actually ludicrous.

Imagine a Christian group rallying to pressure the politicians in Washington D.C. to prepare for the end of the world and a return to sexual prudery.  Say a group calling itself the Pilgrims of the Apocalypse marched on Washington D. C. with this agenda.

  • Jesus will return on March 4, 2026. To prepare, the government should require each citizen to spend four hours a day in prayer.
  • All sexual activity must cease immediately.  Both men and women must be completely covered in clothes when in public, leaving only their eyes uncovered.

Would not those attending the Reason Rally be among the first to ridicule the  Pilgrims of the Apocalypse mercilessly? “Superstitious” and “fear-mongering” would be their favorite words, but that would be hypocrisy. The “reasonable” people at the Reason Rally claim reason and commonsense are on their side, but based upon what expertise? What experience?

  • It is doubtful these”reasonable” people have any experience with sexual abstinence.
  • The “reasonable” people’s notions about abortion are simply barbaric. These people want abortion legal until the moment of birth. Moreover, they insist upon upon making taxpayers and insurance providers, even if those people think that abortion is murder, pay for it.
  • The “reasonable” people deny any religious basis for traditional marriage, but thousands of years of history argue otherwise.
  • The “reasonable” people’s warnings about “climate change” are nonsense. To cover up failed predictions of “global warming”, global warming activists switched the name to “climate change”.  Do we have to ask whether such a name change is scientific or just a propaganda maneuver?

Obviously, science, commonsense, and expertise doesn’t drive the “reasonable” people at the Reason Rally. What does?

To Be Continued.


6 thoughts on “MAKING AN IDOL OF REASON — PART 2

  1. Atheists need to pilfer the authority of reasoned thought and science because atheism is so reprehensibly vapid.

    And their so called “free thinking” is just their fancy name for stupid.

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    1. The atheists participating in the Reason Rally don’t earn any high marks with me. If someone is silly enough so as to deny God exists, I think that is foolish. How can anyone prove God doesn’t exist? If someone supports abortion, I think that is sick.

      Some atheists confuse the meaning of the word. They call themselves atheists when they are actually agnostics. I don’t think that is wise, but I don’t call it stupid. Just surprisingly ignorant. I don’t know why someone who isn’t an atheist would want to be called one.

      Anyway, I am willing share the Gospel with anyone who wants to hear about it and hope for the best. We should not forget what the 1st Century was like. When the apostles started their ministry to the Gentiles, our ancestors, they were trying to convert pagans, and there is not much difference between a pagan and an atheist.


      1. Not much difference between pagan and atheist you say? Well, the ‘experts’ would disagree, even though scripture says exactly that.

        ‘Without God, without hope…………………..aliens………..’ so truly no unbeliever or infidel should be troubled or insulted, yet scripture also says that ALL men know there is a God with whom we have to do. Conscience is a killer.

        When God says ‘come now let us reason together……….’ it really is not a bad idea to see things from HIS point of view, as in Job: ‘Where were you when the heavens were created? Declare if you are able.’ Point being, He is God, we are not.’

        But pilgrims of the apocalypse? Love that. Great stuff CT, and tkx for the shout out.


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