Fête de la Raison ("Festival of Reason"), Notre Dame, Paris (from here).
Fête de la Raison (“Festival of Reason”), Notre Dame, Paris (from here).

A Rally For Reason?

I live close to our nation’s capital, Washington D. C. So I suppose I could attend the so-called Reason Rally. In fact, I had the opportunity to go with a group that plans on preaching the Gospel to the lost. I decided not to go. Since I figured anyone attending that rally would refuse to listen, I decided it would be more profitable to blog instead.

Here are some sympathetic articles that describe the rally

For the time being, because Atheism still is not popular, the big names are staying away (see Reason Rally Speakers & Entertainers).

So why are the self-proclaimed “reasonable” people having a rally like this? Well, this sort of thing is nothing  new. The victors of the French Revolution (1789 until 1799), infamous for chopping off heads, celebrated a Cult of Reason. Unhappy with the Catholic Church, the revolutionaries wanted to replace the worship of the God of the Bible with the worship of human reason, but these worship leaders turned out to be quite unreasonable.  These people were against Christ, but they had nothing substantial to offer in His place. Human reason alone cannot and does not provide us the answers we need.

So why then are the self-proclaimed “reasonable” people having a rally like this? Why repeat such a foolish and bloody mistake? In our era, most people are not very familiar with history. Most people are also quite unfamiliar with the Bible. We have reached the point that we try to practice Biblical values without ever having read the Bible.  So it is many people have only a vague idea where the values they uphold came from.

What is funny is that those who deny Christ often do so because they don’t think Christianity measures up to their own moral values. Yet where did they get their highfalutin values? They may attribute them to their own higher reasoning, but then they would have to forget the humility of such as Isaac Newton.

If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants. — Isaac Newton

None of us begin our lives without learning from others, others who learned from others.  We can, however, do a sorry job of teaching the next generation, and that we have been doing for several generations. So it is that “learned” ladies and gentlemen pretend to uphold Atheist “values” that often sound like those (or, supposedly, even better than those) found in the Bible. That is, they offer us their idols (stuff, sex, state, and self) and some form of salvation based upon works. If we just follow them and their formulas, we will have paradise on earth, and maybe heaven too.

Does that sound harsh? Well, consider the arrogance of holding a rally for reason. Only those attending the rally can reason? Consider also this is not just a rally for a religious view; it is a political rally, and the attendees claim “reason” as their own, their rallying point. Their opponents? Well, they don’t reason.

Nobody is stopping Atheists from believing what they want to believe. Christians may think that religious beliefs and political beliefs are related, but Christians don’t use the political system to impose their beliefs on others. However, men all too often have used “reason” as an excuse for abusing the rights of others. In fact, men have used their supposed greater capacity for reasoning as an excuse for enslaving other men.



11 thoughts on “MAKING AN IDOL OF REASON — PART 1

  1. People have done silly, stupid, and evil things in the name of reason, just as they have in the name of Christianity. This should not be held as an indictment of reason, nor of Christianity.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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    1. Agree. People have always done silly, stupid, and evil things in the name of their own superior “reason”. They just give their superior “reason” different names. They try to own a word and pin it on themselves as a badge of honor. In so doing they do not give themselves honor. They just abuse a word and anyone who does give in to their demands.

      As foolish as it may be to deny the existence of God, to insist there is no God, Atheism is not the root problem of these folks. Their primary sin is pride. These have made their “reason” their pride, and they would lord over others using their superior “reason” as an excuse. That is just a selfish, vile way to behave.

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  2. Excellent post, yet again!

    Reason, or natural law must have divine law to guide and inform it.

    Aristotle who developed systematic reasoning and natural law was not able to reason his way to the fact that slavery was evil.

    In fact, slavery was such an ingrained institution that Aristotle thought it natural to the human condition.

    His argument for slavery was much like the one Southern Confederates used; mainly that some people need to be slaves for their own good.

    Natural law was incorporated into Christianity by the like of Saints Augustine and Aquinas.

    And America’s Founding Fathers stated the self-evident truth in their Declaration of Independence that, “all men are created equal.”

    Abraham Lincoln used the wisdom of the Founding Fathers to argue against slavery, stating that it was inherently evil.

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    1. It is a measure of our ignorance. We don’t realize the extent to which Christianity was responsible for ending slavery.

      I was in my fifties before it dawned on me. Without the Bible, most likely I would still be as many of my ancestors were, some sort of serf.


  3. CT,
    Tell me if you agree with this observation:

    One human being having average insight and intellect, has more reasoning power in his brain………than a million computers.

    So the greater question: can computers reason?

    And for ships and goggles, how could a man made programmed machine decide the rightness or wrongness of shooting a gorilla to preserve a boy, or to shoot the boy to preserve the gorilla? Or to shoot a hundred gorillas to save a boy, or to shoot ten boys to save a gorilla?

    What would the computer ‘need’ to make the right decision? The reason I’m asking, is just wondering what ‘reasoning’ an atheist would use to judge, and would the computer default to that, because of no spirit?

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    1. @ColorStorm

      A computer does not reason. A computer just executes a program. The reasoning is done when the program is written.

      Why do I say that. Reasoning begins with a reason or a motivation.

      Consider your question about the gorilla and the boy. How do we choose whether the gorilla or the boy has more value? As you suggest, the computer has to be programmed with the right answer, but human being should already know the right answer.

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        1. Artificial intelligence is just sales babble.

          When I was a boy, I enjoyed reading about robots. Isaac Asimov’s books fed the imagination with some great tales about humanoid robots. Yet what do we have today? We have specialized tools on automotive assembly lines.

          What are the first humanoid robots likely to be used for? Expensive sex dolls.

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