On Mother’s Day and Forgiveness

Here is a post with an important lesson. To love someone, we must forgive them. To love the people closest to us, we must forgive all the more. Those are the people who can and will hurt us the most.

Let us consider ourselves. Are we not deeply flawed? Yet God gives most of us what is most precious to Him, children to care for and raise. Why? I expect it so that we will learn to forgive. Otherwise, we can never learn to love.

As parents, we must forgive our children. As children, we must forgive our parents. As brothers and sisters, we must forgive each other.

Truth in Palmyra

Mother’s Day. That pretty cool day when we all pay honor to the women who bore us and likely mostly raised us. Less than four weeks ago I was thinking about what I was going to do for Mom tomorrow, but tomorrow I won’t be thinking of that at all. As you all know, Mom left us just a little over three weeks ago.

Me mom and Bobby.jpg

Now I will be honest; this is not some sappy ode to a perfect mother. My Mom was far from perfect. In fact, the truth is my parents really had little or no business reproducing. They were both pretty flawed people, and they managed to produce one more pretty flawed person.

We had some pretty serious struggles over the years, and didn’t even talk for almost three years once. The details of all this don’t matter, as they are not the point. What is the point…

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