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This is where this sort of hair-brained nonsense is headed, vigilante violence.

So what will happen when our leaders find they are unable to get a jury to convict the Tooth Fairy? Will that stop people who have NO respect for our traditions, our Constitution, or the teachings in the Bible? No, they will just try to do away with the juries.

When custom is insufficient, we make laws to maintain order. Obviously, because it leads to increasing disorder, it doesn’t make much sense to allow strange men to follow women and girls into restrooms. Unfortunately, our leaders have another concern, and that concern is not about maintaining order or preserving the safety of women and girls. What our leaders want to do is use identity politics to divide us and conquer us.

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11 thoughts on “Just Sayin

  1. Can’t wait until this next toilet issue works up to the Supreme Court. I wonder what category the case title will be listed under. Potty Rights?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

      1. Thanks for the very witty reply Keith, I sometimes wonder whether to laugh or cry when I read about the potty type decisions that our leader cause.

        If you are interested in hearing what is said in Supreme Court hearings, check out this website.

        I listened to the ”audio” version of United States v Texas on the subject of immigration last night and in my opinion, now I really can’t wait to hear the audio on US v Potty Rights. If they had a TV in the court, i think it would draw more viewers than the Superbowl.


        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. I subscribe to two podcasts that discuss these cases, and often the discussions are led by attorneys who have filed amicus curia briefs in the case, on both sides.

          One of these is the Federalist Society, which is done as a discussion by the attorneys and then questions from audience members. The other is “We The People,” put on by the Constitution Center, which is put on as a debate between the two sides.

          They’re usually discussing cases that have just had oral arguments, or decisions, or were just certified. As a result, you often get discussions of the same case at three stages of its progress through the system, if it’s significant enough.

          ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  2. Our leaders don’t get there by themselves.

    They have been handpicked by The People…

    …for decades.

    If The People freely choose their own destruction it only follows that they will be destroyed.

    1. @silenceofmind

      The People don’t see themselves as voting for their own destruction. When vote for our pocketbook or our own self-interest, we think we are voting for our own reward. Good government, however, does not come from voting for our own pocketbook or our own self-interest. Except in tyranny, no community of selfish people can long survive. Good government can only survive when the People — when we — love each other enough to vote for each other’s best interests.

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