Building the Tower of Babel was, for Dante, an example of pride. Painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (from here)
Building the Tower of Babel was, for Dante, an example of pride. Painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (from here)

This is the third post in a series on Donald Trump‘s book, Donald Trump’s book, Crippled America: How To Make America Great Again. Here are the first and the second.

Here we are going to focus on Donald Trump credibility. Why? Trump’s book is largely about Donald Trump, not America.  Trump’s book actually has very little to say about America. The deeper we go into the book the more obvious that becomes.

Trump’s book is a sales job. Should we buy what Trump is selling? Here we will review Chapters 10 -14.

10: Lucky To Be An American

Trump knows he is lucky to be American.  These days I am afraid that actually is a plus. Trump himself provides examples. He likes to fly massive American flags on his properties. Of course, that offends some people. So he has had to fight off the authorities twice.

Trump also talks about his support for the military.  He wants our troops to have the best equipment.  For example, he was shocked to find the parents of some GIs were buying their sons body armor.  In addition, he promises to either fix the Veterans Administration or send the vets to private doctors and hospitals.

11: The Right To Bear Arms

Trump unambiguously supports the Second Amendment. That includes concealed carry (which Trump says he does) and allowing military personnel to carry firearms on bases and at recruiting centers. He also clearly states his support for law enforcement officers.

12: Our Infrastructure Is Crumbling

Here Trump describes the problem. We are not maintaining our infrastructure, and the longer we wait the more expensive it will be to fix the problem.

Trump sees a lack of will.

Our airports, bridges, water tunnels, power grids, rail systems–our nation’s entire infrastructure–is crumbling, and we aren’t doing anything about it. Former secretary of transportation Ray LaHood  knows all about this and he got it right when he said, “If we are going to have safe transportation systems in America, you have to invest in them. We have not done that.”

He described our way of dealing with this problem as the “limp along, go along” system. “There’s no vision. No leadership in Washington to fix it, and they are trying to put Band-Aids and duct tape and other things on these fixes and they simply do not work.”

That’s actually a good statement of the problem. Unfortunately, Trump’s solution is nonsense. He says he can fix our infrastructure because he knows how to build things, and he would make fixing our infrastructure a major priority.

So what is the problem with Trump’s “plan”?

  • The Federal Government has no charter for fixing our nation’s infrastructure. The Constitution does mention postal roads, but that hardly justifies using Federal dollars to fund any infrastructure project anyone can imagine.
  • If we want our infrastructure dollars spent appropriately, then we cannot give our money to sneaky politicians and then just expect them to spent it wisely, but that is what we have been doing. Even if we put Trump in charge as the president, that fact remains true. Even if Trump has the best of intentions, Congress’ powers of taxation and spending will trump his good intentions.

13: Values

Here Trump tells us he cares about his children, that he is a family man. He tells us he is a Christian, and he will defend freedom of religion and the right to say Merry Christmas.

He ends by saying:

  • President Obama has been an awful president. Obama has weaken the military and emboldened our enemies. He has also taken executive actions he had no right to take.
  • He respects women, and he has given his female employees important jobs.

14: A New Game In Town

Here Trump offers himself as a game changer. Elect him, and he will get the best people to work for him and fix problems, that is, make America great again.

Trump does understand the fact nothing gets done in Washington means that people who actually want to do something don’t want to work for the Federal Government. He also understands that we must appoint judges who respect the Constitution. Nevertheless, he thinks that the election of one man, himself, will change the game. What he doesn’t seem to appreciate is that Obama could not have done all the damage he has done all by himself. Obama had to have the support of Congress and the Supreme Court, and Trump will not have that support.

General Observations

Recent news indicates Trump may not be as Conservative as he wishes to sound.

  • RNC Members Open To Trump Campaign’s Pitch Of A Kinder, Gentler Donald ( Here Trump seems to be telegraphing a move to the center. If Trump wins the nomination, it is quite likely he will move to the center, and he will be able to do so easily. Trump doesn’t have an ideological position; he is running on his charisma and business success. So if Trump wants the big money donors to the Republican Party to back his play, he just has to make it clear he is willing to make a deal.
  • Donald Trump: Let transgender people use the bathroom they want ( Here Trump’s position is clearly not Conservative. It doesn’t even make sense. We separate the sexes for reasons of safety, not convenience. We have a long history of separating the sexes in the restroom because we know it is worth the expense. If guy can choose whatever restroom he wants just by saying he identifies as a woman, what is to stop him from going into the ladies room just to see what he can see? When the women of our families use the restroom, don’t we want them to be safe? Who wants their wife, their daughter, or their granddaughter to encounter grown men in the restroom, disturbed jokers who think it is “funny” to pretend they are women and use the lady’s room?

More and more I see Donald Trump as somebody who just wants to be somebody. So he builds big buildings. Now he wants to run the country. Long ago under the leadership of such a man people built a huge tower. That tower was impressive but useless.

Haven’t we had enough of politicians who want to take all our money and spend it for us? Check out Ted Cruz. Government has a role. We need it to protect our rights, but we need to vote to run our own lives. As much as possible, if we want to get what we want, then we need to spend our own money. Giving our money to politicians should always be the option we resort to when nothing else will work.

57 thoughts on “CAN WE TRUST DONALD TRUMP?

    1. I sympathize with the Abby Martin’s sentiments but not the language she used.

      The problem with Hillary Clinton is that she is not qualified. She is dishonest and apparently incompetent as well. Her record reeks. Nobody can point to anything she has done that justifies voting for her. However, anyone who wants to take the time can find a reason why we ought to give her a fair trial, one that would most likely result in a long prison sentence.


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