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Here we continue a series.  I have provided links to the previous posts a the bottom of this post. The subject here? The upcoming election.

How Do We Choose The Best Candidate?

Christianity is not a theocracy. God provided the Jews the Mosaic Law. Christians He provided the Holy Spirit; the example of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection; and the promise of redemption.

In addition, the Bible gives us principles to live by.  We generally express those principles in the form of virtues (see the last post in this series). If we wish to live in a society that lives by Christian virtues, then we need to elect leaders who by word and deed demonstrate that they live by those virtues. Unfortunately, here of late we have not done so.

What are we risking with our poor leadership choices? The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of this nation. That document explains that the purpose of government is to protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When we fail to select virtuous leaders, then our leaders will not respect our rights. In addition to lacking the virtues mentioned in the last post, our leaders will lack the virtue of Humility.

What is humility? Consider again that poor widow mentioned in Mark 12:41-44. When the widow put her last two mites in the temple treasury, she put in faith in God. Instead of trusting in herself, she put her trust in God. We need leaders with the same sort of humility, leaders who realize that God is our true sovereign. What we have now are too many leaders who see gathering more power to themselves as the solution for every problem.

How foolish is it for us to give our leaders more and more of the power they demand?

Some time back I wrote a post on ants, ANT DEMOCRACY: HOW DO ANTS VOTE? I ended the post with this observation.

We don’t understand how ants make decisions. We are not that smart. We can only model their behavior. Maybe, however, if we study ants enough, maybe we can learn from them how to run a democracy peaceably.

In truth, we already know how to run a democracy. When we follow the principles upon which it was founded, we have a constitutional republic that works. Unfortunately, instead of letting us freely conduct our own businesses, our leaders want to run everything. Again I ask, how foolish is it for us to give our leaders more and more of the power they demand? There is an answer. Consider the following video. As you listen to it make certain you consider the fact that politicians who don’t know how to make a pencil want to run our healthcare, our schools, our banks, plan our communities, direct auto companies,…. Well, there is no end to the power some of them want.

We need to elect a president to who has enough humility to respect The United States Constitution. Please vote for Ted Cruz.


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  1. Keith said

    “But, foolishly, the US is among the nations sending tremendous amounts of money to pay for this education of young Palestinian jihadists. And those in charge know this very well, I think. Our own education has produced this sort of person, and it too needs to be revamped — and extracted from the federal bureaucracy.

    I say

    We have been educating young Palestinian jihadists, that is why they hate us.

    Too long a subject to comment on. Perhaps I will write another series to explain..

    Think about how we have “educated” in the meantime if you are interested

    Regards and goodwilll blogging.


    1. @scatterwisdom and Keith

      If we end our involvement there, that means Israel and the Muslims will soon be at each other’s throats.

      Some problems have no “solution.” We are each growing old, for example. Should we give up and end our involvement in life now?

      All we can do in the Middle East is contain the situation. We can stopping demanding fruitless negotiations and insisting that Israel give up land for peace. We can encourage trade and make it as obvious as we can that attacking Israeli is just a good way to get yourself killed. We can refuse to elect another anti-Semite to the White House. And we can pray.

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      1. You are right about prayer being the only solution for Israel and the Muslims, only it probably is not what you have in mind.

        The problem will never be solved by politicians because the root of the problem is religion. That means the conflict will never end unless the religious leaders agree between themselves to end the conflict.

        That will never happen because both religions believe that if they change their religious beliefs, it will offend their different Gods.

        The US politicians are not neutral about which side they favor. I say that because the foreign aid of the US shows the difference. For example, the US give $ 500 in aid to each person in Israel and less than $ 10 a person to Arabs.

        The US has no longer any needs or interest in the Mid East that is of any benefit to the US. We no longer need their oil, which in my opinion has always been the ulterior motives or US involvement.

        Unfortunately, the Israelites are outnumbered by the Arabs. So prayer is definitely the only long term solution.
        King Solomon’s solution of using lots was to let his God decide who gets what to end a long drawn argument.

        Now If only the religious leaders would have the same faith in their Gods and prayed before the lots are drawn, perhaps the bickering would end.

        But they won’t in my opinion.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


        1. The US politicians are not neutral about which side they favor. I say that because the foreign aid of the US shows the difference. For example, the US give $ 500 in aid to each person in Israel and less than $ 10 a person to Arabs.

          Interesting numbers. Not correct, but interesting. The 2015 population of the Palestinian areas was estimated at about 4.6 million. These are the recipients of the greatest aid per capita of any people on the face of the planet. At one time, the Volga River Delta population were beating them out per capita, only because there were so few of them.

          The total aid to the Palestinian people amounts to about $2.5 billion or so per year average over the last decade, counting cash and materials, with the US accounting for a third or more of this. That works out to about $560 per person, and does not count the fact that Israel provides them tremendous amounts of food and water and other material support.

          Even while the jihadists fire rockets into Israel, they still demand that Israel keep up its deliveries of free stuff.

          Now, it is entirely unsurprising that only $10 per person gets to the civilians, as we give it to the corrupt jihadist regional governments instead, who largely use it to purchase weapons to continue the jihad against Israel and the West. It was always interesting to me to see the West applauding Abbas’ speeches in English, while they ignored what he said in Arabic about grabbing guns and going off to kill Jews. I was writing about this more than a decade ago — but we still send Abbas hundreds of millions of dollars in cash per year, supporting the jihad.

          Israel is a net producer of wealth, innovation, and advances in human civilization. We give them some earmarked money, which they largely use to buy munitions from the US to protect themselves from their barbaric and envious neighbors. It means that the US does not have to be there to fight the expanding jihad personally — which strikes me as a good deal.

          A bad deal was when we paid Mubarak of Egypt each year to keep the murderous Muslim Brotherhood in check — but then were happy under Obama to pay the Muslim Brotherhood directly when they took over after Obama’s Cairo speech. Bizarre. But when the Muslim Brotherhood was expelled, then was when Obama tried to cut off aid to Egypt and intervened in order to protect his favorite terrorist organization.

          Also, it is not a “religious conflict” per se. The Jews of Israel are not particularly religious; the devout among them are a minority and they have a large Arab population. There is no need to “change their religion.” The Arabs want to kill them because they are part of “the Jews” as an ethnic group, though they are fuzzy about aspects of that. And they don’t want to kill Arabs — many of them are Arabs! — and only do so from self-defense. No other nation under attack on the planet is or has been held to the standards that Israel is, and no other nation does more to make their self-defense humane.

          You can tell from Israeli papers and publications that the deeply religious Jews are sort of frowned upon in Israel, and their percentage of non-believers is high, just as it is among Jews in the US. Most of them (in Israel, not the US) are Zionists, just as I am a Conservative, and in neither case does this specifically identify a devout allegiance to a religion nor membership in a particular race. They are ideologies instead.

          In fact, there are a fair number of Arab Zionists, who are as worried about the violent neighbors as any other Israeli. Some are Muslim, some are Jews by faith, and some are nonbelievers. But they believe in the threat from the jihadists!

          ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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          1. “It means that the US does not have to be there to fight the expanding jihad personally — which strikes me as a good deal.”

            Why is the US have to be in the Mid-East at all anymore now that we killed Osama? What is the payback for the average US taxpayer? Are the Russians wiser than us than to pull out after a short involvement for whatever reason they had in Syria and Afghanistan? Were the French wiser to pull out of Vietnam?

            Why do Americans have to pay to police the world ever since 1945? That is over 70 years and has and still makes for a significant reason for our present National Debt.

            Whats is this good deal for the US you surmise? Why is the US paying and not the countries who our US troops are protecting, some of which have huge favorable trade balances with the US?

            Regards and goodwill blogging.


          2. @scatterwisdom, who wrote:

            Why do Americans have to pay to police the world ever since 1945? That is over 70 years and has and still makes for a significant reason for our present National Debt.

            Events and history have shown that the world needs a bit of policing. Were we to allow it to be done by our enemies, such as Russia, the results would not be good. Russia is perfectly happy to place a suitcase nuclear weapon in jihadist hands, as long as they were confident it would be aimed at the US and not them. Since the jihadists’ sympathies tend to align with the Chechen separatists, Russia has so far been cautious. This is good — but there is little transparency, so when Russia changes its mind (or Pakistan, which has its own suitcase nukes) we won’t have much if any warning.

            Whats is this good deal for the US you surmise? Why is the US paying and not the countries who our US troops are protecting, some of which have huge favorable trade balances with the US?

            The “good deal” includes possibly having some of that warning. But through the 1990 and 2003 coalitions, European and other partners did indeed contribute to the effort. Even some of the Arab nations contributed. And during the 1979-1990 period, many Arab nations contributed substantially to efforts to defeat the Soviet Union.

            The best and cheapest approach for us would be though human spies embedded in the MB franchises. But the Obama administration has acted to dismantle our HUMINT operations and to protect the Muslim Brotherhood — while even Arab nations are labeling them as terrorists.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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          3. The Arabs are basically the same as every nation in the world that no one likes anyone interfering in their private spaces.(nations)

            The US went bonkers when Russia tried to position missiles in Cuba. The US has 800 military bases in the world.

            Would you be peeved if you walked into your private office and saw someone sat behind your desk?

            Why do you think the US is hated by so many Arab nations?

            Regards and goodwill blogging..


          4. The Koran states to kill infediles and suicide bombers are yelling out “God is great” as they blow themselves up and it is not a religious problem?

            I think I am really confused now?

            Regards and goodwill blogging.


          5. @scatterwisdom, who wrote:

            The Koran states to kill [infidels] and suicide bombers are yelling out “God is great” as they blow themselves up and it is not a religious problem?

            Well, it is most definitely a religion issue on the Islamic side. But you’ve referred to needing the religious leaders “on both sides” as the mediators of a solution, as if it was a clash of two religions. It isn’t, it is Islam against the world.

            In India, the Muslims are slaughtering the Hindus. We’ve seen their hostility — now finally, tentatively, identified as genocide — against Christians. Non-believers they hate most of all, and have atheist hunting licenses written into some Islamic national constitutions. What “religious leader” could I nominate to intercede for me? (Not that it would work.)

            No, the issue is depressingly simple. Millions of Muslims are brought up to hate Jews and hate the West and seek to implement a global caliphate, through Muslim Brotherhood inspired childhood education. These folks educate the next generation the same way, and so on. This is the cycle that must be ended. We did not solve this when we “got Osama.”

            But, foolishly, the US is among the nations sending tremendous amounts of money to pay for this education of young Palestinian jihadists. And those in charge know this very well, I think. Our own education has produced this sort of person, and it too needs to be revamped — and extracted from the federal bureaucracy.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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  2. I don’t see much hope in the “decision by random chance” model.

    The solution is going to lie in an ultimatum, I think. “Here’s a space we’ve worked out with Jordan to be your own land. But to be allowed there, you much sign a sworn commitment that you are no longer going to seek the destruction of Israel, and that you commit to a peaceful life. Oh, and you have a week, because we will begin emptying the spot you’re in now, so you’ll either be a peaceful resident of New Palestine or a homeless international refugee in some camp far from Israel.”

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


  3. Great summary.

    After I read your info about the age old conflicts that have occurred in the world about possession of land, it reminded me of the American Indian proverbs about land.

    Nothing is new under the sun. King Solomon

    I am curious though what is your opinion of how to resolve the Israel Arab conflicts? The only answer I could come up with is the same one that King Solomon used 3000 years ago.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. Incidentally, the quotes from my Native American ancestors do have something in common with the Arabs now occupying parts of Israel: Both took the lands by force, and killed the previous occupants. And of course, neither group is now in favor of the same technique being applied to them.

      The American natives called the “first people” aren’t: All of the original first people were apparently slaughtered to the last man and woman by the wave that came over thousands of years later. We have only scattered remains of camps and occasionally teeth or other remains; they were closer to Siberians than modern day “Native Americans” and did not apparently interbreed.

      And, of course, the Arabs are natives of Arabia, not the Biblical lands around Jerusalem. Those conquests and slaughters are reasonably well-documented.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


    2. @scatterwisdom

      Thank you for linking to that comment.

      Prayer is the only solution I know war. We can intimidate others into leaving us in peace, but if we refuse to love God, we will have no peace, not even within us.

      We romanticize the Indians. Over the years I have spent a fair amount of time studying Indian history. There is no doubt that they were victimized by the Europeans who settled the Americas. However, I suspect most of the destruction that the Europeans wrought they accomplished unintentionally. No one will ever know how many Indians died from the diseases the Europeans brought from Europe.

      Warfare? The Indians did not know what to make of the weapons the Europeans used, but they understood warfare and fighting over the land. They fought each other, and their wars were often quite grim and unmerciful. That does not excuse the bigotry of the white settlers, but those settlers saw that savagery, and it frightened them.

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  4. By the way, Cruz was not “booed offstage” by “Christians” in that video. These were people who had a lifelong Jew-hatred and Israel-hatred indoctrinated into them from birth. Some of them were Islamists there specifically to attack Cruz — and Cruz left because these people were so vehemently against allowing the continued existence of Israel. And some of the attackers were nominally of Christian sects, but you’d have a hard time recognizing them as co-religionists.

    Regardless of Israel’s multi-thousand-year prior history, the history in the 20th century is enough to form an opinion. You don’t have to focus on Islamic conquerers usurping the land centuries before. Around the turn of the 20th century, Jews began purchasing land from those Arabs whose ancestors had conquered it. The Arab landowners were happy to take the money. (Other Arabs complained that this was a terrible thing.) This continued for a while until, by the end of the Great War in 1919, Jews held by simple purchase a fairly substantial amount of land. The British approved the idea of a having these lands become an official Jewish homeland, as did the newly formed League of Nations a few years later in 1922. So, of course, Muslims ramped up their attacks, verbal and physical, against the evil Jews in this “protected area” called the Palestinian Mandate.

    There were many slaughters, massacres, and murders of Jews during this time, often for the mere sin of being out in public and visibly Jewish. Praying was considered blatantly provocative. The discussions in the League of Nations during this period are interesting, as many of the members were openly anti-Semitic, but put nice diplomatic language around this. Ultimately, the LON and its members worked out a scheme; some area for the Jews, some for the Arabs.

    The Arabs screamed bloody murder and continued their attacks, teaching their children to hate Jews and Westerners from earliest days. (They still do, generations later.) The area allocated to the Jews was reduced, multiple times. The Arabs still demanded the death of every Jew. Finally, after the LON was replaced by the UN, and the UN was forcing the emigration of Jews from Israel at gunpoint*, the UN member nation committee in charge of the Palestinian Mandate offered the Jews and Arabs a final deal. The Jews took it, and declared their tiny little allocated land the new Nation of Israel. And within hours, the surrounding Arab nations declared war upon them.

    Israel promised its Arab residents full citizenship — but those Arabs were told to leave by the attacking nations, and that they would soon be able to march back in triumph over the dead bodies of Jews. So, most left — becoming the bulk of the “refugees” that are so much an issue now. They bet wrong, as Israel amazingly won that war for their survival, and even gained a bit of land in the process. When the Arabs massed for another attack years later, this happened again.

    But Jordan is the part of the Mandate allocated to Arabs yet Jordan keeps those refugees in virtual concentration camps. Egypt, last year, offered the Palestinians their own country carved out of the Sinai, and they refused. The new land would have been much larger than what they were supposedly giving up, but that didn’t matter.

    And the reason is simple. They don’t care about the land, they want to destroy every Jew and Westerner they can reach. Iran now, and various Arab countries previously, have been happy to help the Palestinians in their quest to kill Jews — but understanding this history reveals why “peace talks” can never result in an actual Palestine living at peace with its neighbors.

    There are so many Arab countries (and antisemitic European countries) in the UN now that many UN education campaigns feature maps showing Israel gone from the Middle East. The Obama administration is becoming ever more openly one of those supporting this idea, and Obama has threatened to support more and more UN resolutions calling for punishing Israel.

    To wade into this and consider the two sides of equal moral standing is a grave disservice to history, in my opinion. But it is no surprise, coming from Trump or Obama or Sanders or Clinton or Carter, all of whom have long expressed anti-Israel sentiments, and all of whom (with the possible exception of Sanders) receive major support from Israel’s murderous neighbors.

    This is what I mean by major support: Trump has multi-hundred-million-dollar investments with Arab partners including in their countries, Obama was put through college by the Saudis and received much funding since, Clinton receives major funding from Arab country leaders, and Carter’s peanut farm was bailed out of bankruptcy (before he became president) and his institute was funded in a big way ever since by Saudi donors. These are all “anti-Semites for hire” — which oddly applies to many US Jews as well. For them, progressivism is their religion, and being Jewish only an odd artifact of their ancestry.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    * One famous picture floated by the jihadists purports to show Arabs being forced onto a boat at gunpoint by Israeli soldiers. It’s actually Jews being marched onto the boat, and the soldiers are British. They wanted to stop the mass emigration to the new land that would become Israel, and they intercepted many who’d actually made it to that little country. The boats were forced back to Europe.

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  5. Keith,

    I apologize if I offended you with my remark about sending your son to war in the Mideast. It was a foolish statement. My opinions about the Middle East reveal my disgust for US involvement there and caused me to overlook that my opinions are not shared by everyone. .

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  6. You’re welcome. One is still in the Reserves, the other out with a badly damaged back.

    As for me, I was in the Air Force … for one night. Aced the written tests, failed the very last stage.

    The jihadists would kill me first, as a non-theist. I don’t have a “religious conflict” with them, but they certainly do with me — and capital punishment for non-believers is written into more than one Middle Eastern constitution.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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    1. Sorry about your son’s back. Do the right thing sometimes costs us, but not doing the right thing costs us more.

      War eats up our best young people. That’s why we need a strong military. To avoid war, we need to be prepared for war.


      1. He got better with time — but now, still in his 40s, deals with gout and other challenges. We have amusing “who’s the most crippled” contests — but he recovers from his gout in a few days, and I am still as I am.

        May I recommend to you a podcast series from “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History” entitled “blueprint for Armageddon”? It is a story well told, about the grim horrors of war and the attempts to manage it. Much of the focus is on World War I, which of course wasn’t called that until later.

        Ah, here it is. A free podcast but you can listen online as well:

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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        1. Some injuries take time. Glad your son is better

          I started going downhill at forty too. Guess most do. That descent has included a few bouts with gout. Nasty thing. Fortunately, our family doctor diagnosed it. In the old days, people just suffered. They did not know what caused it.

          Thanks for pointing me to “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.” Enjoying it.


  7. Your post is an idealist view about three topics which are being debated in this Presidential Election. Conservative Government and Global Trade and a Virtuous Leader.

    However. we need a realistic view, in my opinion,

    If we want the pendulum to return from the far left swing we now have in government power, it has to return toward the middle.
    Cruz is too far right, Sanders too far left, and what I will never forget about the Clinton’s was all the convicted crooks Bill pardoned during his last days in office.

    That leaves only Trump and Kasich who are in the middle.

    Which is the most virtuous, Lord only knows.

    For realism to get things working again in the US, I prefer Trump because of my views on unbalanced trade. While global trade works for pencil makers. It is the pencil pushers that manipulate trade that cause idealism not to work.

    Cruz proposed fix on trade imbalances is not going to work in my opinion.

    Would you prefer the USA to continue on the present path of trading away our nation’s land for pencils, TVs, etc.

    Check out my latest post of what Wisconsin GOP leaders seem to be happy doing.,

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. Ted Cruz favors limiting the size and function of government, promotes individual liberty, wants to restore a strong military so that we won’t have to use it, and strongly advances the cause of free markets instead of crony capitalism.

      I know that you hate the free trade part, though it seems to me that trying to preserve the high salaries of sixteen people in a factory while imposing a tax on millions is a bad idea, especially since it is doomed to failure anyway. But what else about Cruz makes him “too far right”?

      Can you actually prefer someone whose actual plans and positions are unknown, apparently even to him?

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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      1. It is not 16 people in a factory. It is more like 3 to 4 million USA manufacturing jobs that pay $50,000 z year plus benefits. Plus all the millions of jobs that would be added if the 3-4 million workers made $50,000 a year and spent it in thee USA in stores and restaurants, and bought homes and cars, etc. etc.

        Cruz believes in free trade which resulted in a loss of 10 million manufacturing jobs.

        That is calculated conservatively from the current trade deficit of one half trillion dollars.

        Are you sure he has no plans? Even if he does not, at least he knows what is wrong, trade deficits and lack of livable wage jobs for starters..

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


    2. @scatterwisdom

      Thank you for the comment.

      I don’t have any problem with being an idealist. There are two conceptions of the word. The first refers to someone who has principles and sticks to them. The second is the way so-called pragmatists view idealism.

      Instead of sticking to time-tested principles, in desperation pragmatists ask us to do whatever they think will work. You of all people should know the importance of sticking to principles. Pragmatism only makes sense when we don’t have any principles to apply.

      The notion that we should select someone in the “middle” has nothing to do with principles. Because Christians were “extreme,” the Romans burned them at the stake.

      In practical terms both Trump and Kasich are unprincipled. Trump is just the better of the two. Trump thinks his job is to make good deals (pragmatically defined) for the American people. Kasich thinks his job is to spend as much of our money as he can. Neither man has much to say about the Constitution, but that is the document that describes the job they are running to get.

      Cruz has read the job description.

      Anyway, I won’t repeat what Keith had to say. Just endorse it.

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      1. Noting wrong with ideals.

        What is wrong is too many people nowadays have to face the reality that we are living in a world where too many people do not have ideals, virtues, or morals.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


        1. Just because “other people” do not have ideals, virtues, or morals, we are not suppose to have them?

          Can you imagine living in the first century just after the death of Jesus Christ. What would it have been like?

          Think about how the apostles spread Christianity. Imagine one them arriving in your small European city. Which of your neighbors would have upheld anything like Christian ideals, virtues, or morals?

          The apostles changed the world by following the example of Jesus, not by conforming to the ways of the world. Because so many “Christians” in this country have never learned about Jesus, we now live in a world where too many people do not have ideals, virtues, or morals. Doesn’t your website exist to help fix that problem?

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          1. Ii heartily concur about your philosophy on ideals and the need to fix moral and virtue problems we both reprieve as failings in this world.

            I believe though that between Trump, Cruz, and the reality in Washington, Trump might have a leadership style to be more effective in dealing with the present issues.

            Cruz style did not “convert” many Senators to unite with his ideals, in my opinion.

            Trump has a unique style of telling what are the problems are in our nation and a record of how to deal with the politicians he will have convince with both negotiations and power of office.

            My fear of Cruz is some of his ideals may lead to another war Crusade in the middle east with people that have an entirely different perspective of Christian ideals and virtues.

            We may not believe or agree on a choice of who to elect, but the message of Trump/s trumpet about political correctness has been sounded that we Americans are fed up with empty suit politicians. and Americans are engaging finally in the debate on the future of America..

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

            s .


          2. My fear of Cruz is some of his ideals may lead to another war Crusade in the middle east with people that have an entirely different perspective of Christian ideals and virtues.

            This is intriguing to me. Is this based upon anything Ted Cruz has said?

            Cruz has suggested that we must support Israel, the one Western democracy in the Middle East, and the one place where freedom of religion is preserved. Trump, by contrast, has said that he is “neutral” between terrorists and free people, and has no preference as to who wins. That is troubling to me.

            But if you have quotes from Cruz that suggest that he would launch us on what leftists think the Crusades were, I’d be interested to see them.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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          3. The conflict of land and religion in Israel dates back over 4000 years.

            Cruz has stated his position to choose sides with Israel. When you choose one side over another in a conflict, you become an enemy of the other side.

            Cruz made a major negotiation error when he inserted religion into the conflict. Trump, the wiser candidate, said he was neutral and by doing so, did not choose a side, and may have a better chance of negotiating an interval of peace between the two opposing ancient enemies. If that is even ever possible?

            Ask yourself this when you choose sides. Would you be willing to send your son to war and possibly die supporting this ancient conflict involving religion? Especially you with your atheist views


            Regards and goodwill blogging.


          4. My sons were sergeants in US Army in the first Gulf war in Iraq. One was in Iraq before it was fashionable; he preceded the ground force. The other went to Kuwait. They had my full support, and no small amount of worry.

            Ted Cruz was a Westerner, and a non-Sunni Muslim. This, he was already an enemy of the jihadists. So is Trump. And the Palestinians have the destruction of Israel as part of their official charter; there is no peace treaty possible other than the elimination of Israel itself. In this, they are merely one of the more overt and more military franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood.

            Decades of “land for peace” attempts have shown the futility of them. The jihadists are perfectly happy to see weak opponents offer land, the most recent being the Gaza Strip in 2005.

            The Israelis were forced out by their own military, and left behind a rich infrastructure of buildings, greenhouses, factories and other trappings of civilization. These were destroyed by the jihadists within hours — they had been touched by Jews! — and set up their rockets in this new territory closer to the heart of Israel. The rockets were also flying within hours. One of the first actually fell in the Gaza land and killed their own people; they blamed Israel and the media accepted this and repeated the charge. But this is an old story; there have been many thousands of rockets since.

            This “ancient conflict” is Islamic jihad against everyone else on the planet, including other Muslims not sufficiently aligned with their cause. Yes, it must be fought. Israel is fighting for the West. If you’d rather do this yourself, go for it. I’m for supporting Israel, and chose sides many years ago. But the jihadists chose sides more than a millennium ago.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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          5. I respect your opinion, but do not agree that we should take sides in this endless conflict much of which is probably in retrospect a product of our own making.

            After WWII, we should have taken in every Jewish war refugee into the USA in my opinion.

            There will never be a lasting peace there unless both religious factions agree to end the religious conflicts and that will probably never happen in my opinion.

            Regards and goodwill blogging.



          6. Only one side has a “religious conflict.” The Jews do not; they’d be perfectly happy with a separate Palestinian state — just not as a rocket platform.

            If the jihadists accept peace, peace will be had in a heartbeat. But they don’t want peace. The most fierce attacks on innocent Israelis takes place when peace negotiations start to look like they’re making progress.

            You have already chosen a side: You did not convert to Islam, so you are the enemy.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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          7. There will never be lasting peace until Jesus comes again.

            Islam is a theocratic religion that teaches all those who are not Muslim are the enemy. Not all Muslims see it that way. Not all Muslims practice their religion that way, but the Koran says what it says, and many Muslims practice what the Koran says. Given that, it is nuts to allow mobs of Muslims into a country. The Israelis don’t really have a choice, but Europe and the USA? Why are we doing it? That is basically the question Trump has asked. Yet he leaves it as a question, not following it to its logical conclusion. That’s too clever.

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  8. Still wrapped up in the awesome ‘pencil vid,’ too cool. The connections, the peoples, materials, the things we take for granted, the design, the ultimate ‘hand,’ yep, the big picture, and I submit (as a sidetrip) that the inability to see the big picture is the very reason people say ‘there is no God.’

    But in this election season, there is truly ‘the writing on the wall,’ as it were. Will God ‘give us a king,’ similar to what we have had for the past eight years, while sending leanness of thought, or will we be graced with a man of mettle? Ugh, anybody but her queen Clinton, that widowed spider………(no insult to spiders!) God help us even though we do not not deserve it!

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