What does it really mean to live in God’s country with Jesus in charge?

Here is a good explanation of the Kingdom of God.

The post focuses on the spiritual truth that puts us in the Kingdom of God or God’s Country. We allow Jesus to lead us. We love Him more than we love our self.

Of course, this question arises. If we are in the Kingdom of God, what are we doing here, on earth, where Satan still rules? John 17 (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%2017&version=NKJV) answers that question.

We usually think of another, shorter prayer, part of The Sermon on the Mount, as the Lord’s Prayer, but that prayer is only a model prayer for us. John 17 records a prayer that Jesus prayed for Himself, His disciples, and for all who believe in Him. Because for a time He has left those who believe in Him in the world to do His will, we still need His intercession with our Father in Heaven.

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Kingdom of God Kingdom of God

What does the “kingdom of God” really mean?

God has a country. It is completely different from the country we live in. It is governed in ways we don’t understand or appreciate.

God is in control of his country. What God wants is what God gets. God doesn’t share governing with anyone but Jesus. We are not in charge.

God has appointed Jesus to be in charge of his country. Jesus is not elected. Jesus will always be in charge of God’s country. No one can replace Jesus.

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