Pointy Fingers

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Here is a thought. When we vote, should we vote for the candidate who does the most finger-pointing, or should we vote for the candidate we believe has the best record and the clearest vision of how our government is supposed to work?

Here is another thought. Are we pointing the finger, or are we doing our duty as a good citizen? You ask: what can I do? Is it not time we all started thinking about what we can do?

Most people spend hours a day in front of a boob tube. What if even a small percentage of us chose to get up off the couch and tried to make our homes, our communities, and our country work just a little bit better?

You want to know your calling? What interests you? What sort of work gives you so much pleasure it is fun?

In The Parable of The Good Samaritan, we learn of a man who volunteered his own time and his own money. He made use of the gifts God had given him. He did not wait for someone else or for the perfect opportunity. He just did what he saw needed to be done. Jesus told that story as an example for all of us.

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Ahhh, the Pointy Finger.  Cattle never seem to accept responsibility for their failures and imperfections and that’s where the pointy finger comes into play.

In that one motion we can quickly attempt to justify, objectify and rationalize the reasons behind why an event has or has not happened.  It can be ever so subtle or extremely blatant.  A quick motion or a methodical action meant to alert others of an imperfection, shortcoming or foible.  Of course, those actions to point out the many limitations are always meant towards someone other than ourselves.

It can be meant as a joke or as serious as a North Korean missile launch, but no matter the meaning behind it, the pointing of a finger can be so much fun and equally pathetic.

World leaders point fingers at other world leaders.  Men point fingers at women and women point fingers at men.  Children point fingers…

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