Ecclesiastes: Introduction

Here the start of an interesting and informative series on the Book of Ecclesiastes. This is one of three books in the Bible attributed to King Solomon. When King Solomon was old, he looked back on his life. Ecclesiastes describes the hard lessons he learned.

When I first started reading the Bible, I was approaching the Autumn of my life. So I read Ecclesiastes with fascination — and with confusion. Although beautifully written, the book requires a good commentary, and Rob Barkman’s posts are excellent.

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During the last portion of his life, King Solomon stopped and reflected on the life lessons he learned.

It is very important to know that Ecclesiastes is not a diary that is written as the events of Solomon’s life takes place.  It was written by an old man whose life has been lived, and had already learned life’s lessons. Ecclesiastes was written as Solomon looked back on his life, and recorded the events he had experienced and the lessons he had learned.  The most important of these lessons was the true purpose of life.

The writing of Ecclesiastes is an act of Solomon’s love for the citizens of Israel (and by extension, all the saints of God).  At the end of his life, he wanted to share his experiences in an attempt to help others avoid…

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