The Primal Creation — reblogged

The garden of Eden with the fall of man (from here) *74.3 × 114.7 cm *signed b.l.: PETRI PAVLI RVBENS FIGR. *signed b.r.: IBRUEGHEL FEC *circa 1615
The garden of Eden with the fall of man
(from here)

madblog has a thoughtful post on marriage, The Primal Creation. Here she discusses what defines marriage.

Oddly, given that Christians supposedly do not discuss sex, ‘s post is fundamentally about the definition of sex. Yet there is nothing obscene in what she has written. It something we should all know about, but many don’t.

What makes a marriage a marriage? We need to define it before we re-define it.  What is distinct about it?  What makes marriage…marriage?

I think we misunderstand it, and that is pure tragedy.

Man and woman were made in the image of God. They were created beings who were able to relate to God; sentient and self-aware; in His image because they possessed spirits. Out of all that God created, man is the only being who is able to commune with God.

God called this creation something special. Together they were His joy, His most cherished creation. We were created for this relationship with God, and cultivating this relationship with God is man’s responsibility and his privilege.

God created man. Then woman was made from man. Note that she was not created a separate being or species.  They are two manifestations of the same created being.  She was made from him. So intrinsically was she created to be the one who completed him. They are inseparable.

Genesis 2: 23-25:

The man said,

         “This is now bone of my bones,

         And flesh of my flesh;

         She shall be called Woman,

         Because she was taken out of Man.”

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

(continued here)

What is the problem that results from a meaningless definition of marriage? We call the family the building block of society. What if that building block disappeared? What if an all-powerful state became THE FAMILY? What if women just served as breeders.  What if all children, especially those with “potential,” were raised by a true nanny state? What if Big Brother becomes our children’s and grandchildren’s reality?

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  1. I align with much of the elements of what you write, but may disagree on some of the tactics as it relates to the separation of powers and where government precisely needs to be involved. I will say that much of the founder’s writings on morality and Tocqueville’s important philosophical musings on the subject in “Democracy in America” indicated the importance of a moral society in upholding individual liberties and democracy. The inherent challenge is that that is an individual responsibility and not something we should expect or desire the government to control or legislate. While we on the conservative and faith side should welcome a moral and just society, we should just as equally greatly fear granting power to the government that defines that for us. Such a power granted is impossible to shut off once it turns against us, as we now are seeing with the persecution of those who are taking principled stands in their business against participating in gay marriage. Far better it would have been to create the government framework that protected individual liberties and choice. To me, that is the role of a limited government – enforcing property rights and right of contract and being just big enough to protect man from coercion from their fellow man or their government.

    You speak of a role for government in parental law and enforcing contracts. I wholeheartedly agree, but in keeping with the Founder’s intent of separation of powers, that is something that could firmly occur within the judicial branch, who would completely be able to adjudicate marital disputes based upon private contracts entered irrespective of any need for executive or legislative branch interference. I would submit to you that the only real reason for legislative interference had its origins in a desire to enact social direction and change through the tax codes, which is something that has nothing to do with family order and structure. Once the legislative branch got in the middle with benefits funneled through tax codes, it was only a matter of time before it seemed arbitrarily unfair to keep others out of it. I firmly believe government can’t possibly positively direct family order and structure and that is upon us as individuals and as a body of Christian believers to put emphasis in this area. Again, I don’t think we need a government license to legitimize our definitions of the sanctity of America, and we should shudder at the power granted to the government, particularly the executive and legislative branches, that grants those licenses.


    1. @matthew.obenhaus

      Thank you for an interesting response.

      I doubt we disagree as much as you might think. I suspect part of the problem is that I did not sufficiently emphasize that expression, God-given rights.

      Why is our government becoming a threat to our rights instead of a protector of our rights? The problem is that we as a people no longer understand the difference between God-given rights and rights granted to us by our government. Whereas God-given rights are real, government-given rights are a snare.

      God-given rights do not involve the transfer of what belongs to some people to other people, that is, a redistribution of wealth. The Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness only require protection so that we can individually and jointly pursue our own goals. Government-given rights, on the other hand, create a conflict of interest. In order to give people their “rights” to a job, an education, healthcare, a safety net, and so forth, we have to empower our elected officials to violate the God-given rights of some people so that they can take their property and give it to other people.

      Now you say that parental law and enforcing contracts is something that could firmly occur in the judicial branch irrespective of any need for executive or legislative branch interference. Here I think you may misunderstand the separation of powers. The legislative branch is suppose to be the strongest of the three branches. As citizens, we are suppose to limit its reach by electing legislators who are only interested in protecting our rights, not giving us rights. Unfortunately, as you observed, we have not done that.

      Consider what is most offensive about same-sex “marriage.” We have government officials trying to force people to recognize and endorse same-sex “marriages.” In other words, government is trying to give homosexuals the “right” of marriage by forcing everyone to accept the pretense.

      When two people of the opposite sex marry, no one gives them the “right” of marriage. Instead, the government just provides formal recognition of the obvious. Two people have made a commitment that might result in the procreation of children. What most states worry about are disease issues, marriage between close relatives, and the abuse of minors. So the legislature enacts laws to discourage such abuses.

      However, because people are what they are, even real marriages can be problematic. So people sometimes have to be dragged into court to resolve marriage and family disputes. With respect to all legal issues, the legislative and the executive branches work together to guide and control the judicial branch. The legislative branch creates the laws upon which judges rule. The executive brings offenders into court and enforce court decisions. Together, the executive and legislative branch appoint and confirm the appointment of judges.

      When our government is working appropriately, none of the three branches can work independently. To prevent tyranny, each branch must confine and check the other two. Therefore, for judges to rule on marriage and family disputes, the legislative branch has to define the nature marriage and the family, and the executive branch must enforce the laws created by the legislative branch.

      So what do I hope for and advocate? If we want our government officials to stop their damnable social experiments, we have to stop asking for our government to give us our “rights.” Then we will be able to select honorable people to run our government instead of rascals to whom we have sold our votes.


  2. There are many things that could be said here, but I will simply say that I enjoy the relation of a spiritual marriage to the foundation of mankind itself as the ideal model. Oh that we Christians could actually live up to these ideals and not have our marriages torn asunder in great percentages, making a mockery of the sacred institution. I will be a bit political here and also lament us allowing government to intrude on these definitions of this sacred rite, a definition which suited big government for social manipulation through the tax code purposes. Once the Leviathan is co-opted for our individual preferences, it becomes a matter of time before the monster you created turns back and bites its original master. We could not have possibly expected individual liberties and freedom of contract (which is what a non-sacred marriage essentially is) and the gaining of tax benefits to accrue exclusively to our own tradition of what a marriage was. Better to have not invited the government to issue marriage licenses in the first place.

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    1. @matthew.obenhaus

      To give your comment some context before I replied, I visited your blog. Looks like you write thoughtful and excellent posts. Since I read your comment on your about page, I sort of see why you think the government should stay out of marriage.

      Before we worry about limiting the power of government, we ought to consider something more basic. Why do we need a government? As the Declaration of Independence explains, we need a government to protect our God-given rights. Because marriage is critical relationship and the basis for forming families, government has an unavoidable role.

      Marriage is a contractual relationship between a man and woman. When one party or the other violates that contract, government must be involved.

      Marriage establishes paternity. Fathers, not just mothers have parental rights and responsibilities. To protect the rights of children to both a father and a mother and to ensure parents fulfill their responsibilities, government must be involved.

      I could go on, but here the point. Marriage is not just about two people entertaining each other. Marriage exists to form families, the basic building block of a healthy society. In a healthy society, the family, including the extended family (the clan) serves as the lowest level of government. To ensure healthy families, government must regulate marriage and protect the rights of children.

      What is happening now? We have put politicians in charge of educating us. They have done such a rotten job that a great many people cannot define the words “marriage” and “family,” and they think the government is suppose to take care of them. When we are the government, how is the government suppose to take care of us? If we cannot take care of ourselves, how is the government suppose to take care of us?

      Anyway, there a large body of something we call Family Law. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I don’t think there is any way we can avoid the necessity of governmental role in marriage and in the family. So the issue in my mind is how do we do it right.

      Because same-sex marriage is an oxymoron, I oppose it. When government forces us to entertain the fantasies of foolish people, instead of protecting our rights, it violates them.


  3. What do you mean “what of?” It is already apparent by the numbers of single parents children being supported or subsidized in the USA by Big Brother funded taxation.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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