William Blake: Christian Reading in His Book (Plate 2, 1824–27) (from here)
William Blake: Christian Reading in His Book (Plate 2, 1824–27) (from here)
pilgrim (n.)
c. 1200, pilegrim, from Old French pelerin, peregrin “pilgrim, crusader; foreigner, stranger” (11c., Modern French pèlerin), from Late Latin pelegrinus, dissimilated from Latin peregrinus “foreigner” (source of Italian pellegrino, Spanish peregrino), from peregre (adv.) “from abroad,” from per- “beyond” + agri, locative case of ager “country” (see acre).

Change of first -r- to -l- in most Romance languages by dissimilation; the -m appears to be a Germanic modification. Pilgrim Fathers “English Puritans who founded Plymouth colony” is first found 1799 (they called themselves Pilgrims from c. 1630, in reference to Hebrew xi:13).

I have a difficult and stubborn commenter,Arkenaten, who is perfectly willing to allow his comments to go into moderation. I guess he knows I will read them.

Since I used his “name” on the THE GIFT OF LOVE, I posted one of his comments (from here) with my reply.


(Arkenaten) likes to amuse him by trying to torment Christian bloggers with questions to which we have no answers. (author’s note: Here Arkenaten quotes a portion of what I said in my post.)

I believe this sentence tells the reader everything they might wish to know about Christianity.
A real gem, this. A keeper in fact.

Citizen Tom

Since I mentioned your name, one comment.

Here is my reply.

We all have questions.

Why am I here?
What is right and wrong?
What brings me meaning
What happens to a human being when I die?

Can we learn the answer to those questions? Yes.

Check out => http://josephelonlillie.com/2016/01/25/road-through-romans-seek-and-find/

Here is how he replied.


We know what happens to humans when they die. They decompose.
Why do you have a problem with this?

Why did I bother? That’s a topic in the comment thread that follows WHEN LOVE BECOMES AN EXCUSE FOR TYRANNY. For example, this comment.

Necessary and Proper

@Tom and Keith,

Tom’s question to Keith (“That is, how do we persuade people to properly amend the Constitution?”) brought me full circle back to the first interchange I ever had with Keith. It was when you reblogged my first Due Process of Law article on May 25th last year, called “Can a Law Be Unlawful.” I was trying to start a train of thought that would illuminate the fact that, no matter how all the detailed x’s and o’s tactics play out in the daily political arena, the BIGGER picture is that the whole legislative and executive world is now operating in an “extra-Constitutional” manner. An alarming percentage of the federal statutes on the books, and many of the federal government’s overt actions are simply devoid of any Constitutional basis — which I asserted makes them philosophically/morally unlawful. As we’ve gotten to know each other, Keith and I have found we’re both enthusiastic advocates for an Article V Convention to amend our Constitution back towards its original intent.

I would like to reprint a comment I made back then:

[[Keith, I would also observe that it’s clear your (and Citizen Tom’s) greater interest is in “What do we do about it?”, and you’re not necessarily as interested in hearing the case for why it’s morally wrong for the government to pass bad, unconstitutional, improper, wrong, inappropriate, laws. But there are a LOT of people who would never stop to question the behavior of lawmakers like I am doing here. It’s them I am primarily addressing, not you. Why? Because I believe that educating them to question their government’s actions is THE BEST thing within my control to help “do something about it.” Clearly, the impeachment avenue that was provided by the Constitution will never seriously be used, because there’s too much political posturing and media subterfuge in the modern political arena for impeachment to be practical. So influencing moderates, independents, and new voters in their teens and twenties that they should be careful and effective with their voting power is what I’m all about….especially in this series. I’m trying to fight against the spread of moral relativism.]]

– Jeff

Jeff wrote a very thoughtful comment. Nevertheless, he is addressing Keith and myself.

When I started blogging, I focused more on politics than religion. Then I realized that our political system is collapsing because our people no longer uphold an ethical system capable of supporting a constitutional republic. So now I focus far more on the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

When I blog, like Jeff I hope that I will reach some people who have not given either Christianity or politics much thought. However, I don’t seriously expect many of those people to stop by and read my blog. Yet that is most of the electorate.

What has happened? Why is a nation that once seemed so interested in Christianity now so ignorant of it? I think the answer is our education system. We have allowed the public school system to indoctrinate successive generations of children, and that school system has left a void in the hearts of our people. Think of the idiocy. Almost no one trusts politicians, but we have put them in charge of so much that we value, including the indoctrination of our children.

With respect to Christianity, our education system has left the impression that these questions have no serious answers.

Why am I here?
What is right and wrong?
What brings me meaning
What happens to a human being when I die?

Ravi Zacharias (an expert in Christian apologetics) says there are Four Questions To Answer In Life.

Our schools avoid the Bible. When they speak of religion, they speak of religion as a source of controversy and war. Seriously, does anyone truly believe American politicians think of Islam as the religion of peace. Don’t we know that what politicians who call Islam the religion of peace think is that all religions are worthless except their own idols, power and money.

With respect to our duty to be good citizens, our education system has left the impression that all we have to do is listen to the evening news and then vote for the best man.  In fact, for the most part people do nothing. Because they never learn what to do — how they can make a difference — they do what seems easiest and leave it to “the experts.” That is exactly what most corrupt politicians would prefer they do.

So why do I blog? It is my pilgrimage. Putting my thoughts on paper and reading what others have written helps me to better understand the Bible and politics. That’s the primary reason.

For the time being, blogging also seems to be my calling. There are new Conservatives with a poor understanding of Conservatism and new Christians who need to be encouraged to read the Bible. With the help of other Christians and Conservative bloggers, those are the people I hope to reach, and those are the people I hope will talk to their friends and neighbors. If God answers our prayers, those are the people God will call upon to revive His Spirit within our nation. These people will bring the Gospel of Christ to those with ears to hear, and the Holy Spirit — if God so wills — will soften our hearts so that we can each perceive the message of Jesus Christ.

17 thoughts on “WE ARE ALL PILGRIMS

  1. What great post Tom and I like how you shared your blogging goals of getting new conservatives more interested in politics and the importance of he constitution and new Christians on getting in to the Bible more often. The two are linked as you say, at least in how far off the rails our country has gone and the moral depravity we find ourselves sunk in.

    Well done!

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  2. “What a pilgrimage an education is. Each journey drawing quietly toward the relic of some blissful martyr who might heal, or at least give some hope for continuing the journey to the next shrine. And under these skies, these parting clouds, and above them the stars, we must keep on the pilgrimage; the pilgrimage, the true pilgrimage does not end today….The educational pilgrimage to the shrines of worldly power always corrupt us, and leave us beasts or worse. The pilgrimage you have been making is not about power, but truth and goodness and real beauty; about wisdom and healing and service….An education that allowed or encouraged you ever and ever to wallow in pleasantries with Jack Falstaff, would be no pilgrimage, no true education. That is the way of flesh and spiritual frailty. The Boar’s Head Tavern must be a fine, gay resting place, if you know how to leave it. That tavern is filled with a kind of mirth, but also the sadness of dissolution and a voice that calls plaintively, “I am old, I am old… God, God, God.”….Desire the Truth, know the Truth, rejoice in the Truth, and defend it, always, on your pilgrim trail by the sword of temperance.”

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  3. I thought you gave up on Ark……..? He is hopeless into himself.

    As for this post, I will quote what another fellow blogger might reply to you. “Be blessed. God is with you.”


    Perhaps someday our politicians will wise up and vote for school vouchers. The payoff value is enormous compared to jailing undisciplined, uninspired,, hopeless youths.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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    1. @scatterwisdom

      Give up on Ark? No. I just banned him from my blog because he would not control his language, and I have not got either the time or the patience to moderate comments.

      Anyway, Ark says he has heard the message. If he chooses not to listen, there is nothing I can do for him. I just posted his comments as an example for others. An example of foolishness can be instructive.

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      1. He certainly is a great example of how too much knowledge leads to human folly. ion. I classified him long ago as an intelligent fool. It is a shame he cannot seem to use his writing skills and brain to pursue something of value in his life other than harassing faith believers.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


      1. We were poor when I went to a Catholic School. Back then we were taught by nuns who have disappeared because Catholic schools keep closing down in inner cities, because they cannot afford to keep them open.

        That unfortunately is a factor to decrease the number of future kids or priests from ever being inspired to enter a religious order and teach at little or no salaries.

        If school vouchers would ever be available for inner city kids, I believe many parents would choose to use them to send their kids to private schools.

        My daughter pays over ten thousand dollar a year to send her two sons, three and five to a private school and she would love to use that money on a lot of other things they need. A lot of people who pay taxes being used to fund public schools also cannot afford private schools.

        In my opinion, if more kids went to private schools they would wind up in time be more affluent in their lives in time. Not only affluent with money, Affluent parents know undisciplined kids disrupt their kids precious learning time in school,. Private schools can expel but public scools cannot and the result is kids in public schools have less discipline in class and later life.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


        1. @scatterwisdom

          That lack of discipline is a serious issue. I went to both Catholic and public schools. In the Catholic schools, we were rowdy on the play ground, but not in the classroom. I hated the public schools, but I did not complain. I came from a large family, and I realized my parents could not afford to send all of us to private schools.

          I still wonder how my parents found the money to sent a couple of us to a private school for a couple of years, but my father was in the military, and my parents thought the schools where we were stationed inadequate. Later, with the addition of some federal funds (because of the military kids), the schools at that location improved. So I attended them, and I graduated from high school there.

          In high school, I made a point of getting into the more difficult classes. Sure, I wanted to learn, but I also realized the troublemakers were not in those classes.

          I don’t envy the teachers who teach classes that all the students must take to graduate.


        2. I support a voucher system only if it is open to every governmental function, not just public schooling. Can I start with foreign aid to Israel?


          1. That is cute nonsense. The moral equivalence argument doesn’t work. Two wrongs do not make a right.

            Why don’t you back up a bit? Why does government exist? Consider that government taxes people and punishes those who refuse to pay. Therefore, when government does something we could do for ourselves, what is the point of taxing people and punishing those who refuse to pay?

            Is running an educational system something we need the government to do? Is running the military something we need the government to do?


        3. We can defend ourselves individually as well as educate ourselves individually. We don’t because neither are efficient or effective on a macro scale. A basic public education is just as essential for a successful society as is a national defense.


          1. Not too sure we can only defend ourselves on a macro scale. The owners of the 300 million guns in the USA are not too sure either.

            I agree some school is better than no school at all. I do not believe we should defend our public schools that is obviously forcing depriving our school kids providing

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          2. @Eric

            We don’t have to either educate or defend ourselves individually. The issue I address is government involvement.

            Some thugs do sneak around and assault us and our neighbors. When we catch them, we try to gang up on them and take them down. We have the police and the courts to ensure due process. We don’t want to punish people who are guilty, and we don’t know how to make such a thing work in the private market. The incentives are wrong.

            Further, entire nations threaten us. If the incentives don’t work for private police forces and private courts, they sure don’t work for private armies. In fact, that has been tried, and it did not work.

            On the other hand, people pay for private schools, and they even home school their own children. Therefore, it is both immoral and stupid for the government to take money from people and pressure them to send their children to government-run schools. It is unnecessary, an abuse of power.

            You say you want to make all children receive an education? That is fine. Private charity works better than government charity.


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