Ocean De’ath — reblogged from DeHavelle.com

DeHavelle.com is one of my favorite blogs. Keith DeHavelle does a great job of researching what he writes about, and he is a gifted writer. Add his considerable scientific expertise, and there no excuse for not checking out his posts on scientific controversies.

Ocean De’ath

Ocean acidification is a bugaboo that has been flogged recently since the pause made warming rather a non-issue.

They recently adjusted temperatures to “fix” the pause, but have not been able to adjust the global satellite temperature record, so the pause is still there. And people are growing weary of having every single bit of weather ascribed to global warming. But ocean acidification does not have a clear measurement history, thus can be constructed and modeled in a way that can be as scary as desired. And it is poorly understood by the public, and difficult to refute.

Make it scary!

Catastrophists want this news to be as scary as possible, and this truth was revealed recently in a series of emails behind the publication of an ocean acidification disaster story in the New York Times using this graphic:


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