Keith DeHavelle‘s post, The Jihadist War, features a couple of interesting videos.  The first is a production of Dr. Bill Warner, a scientist/mathematician who decided someone needed to study Islam using statistical methods.  Intrigued by that first video, I decided to watch the one below.

Admittedly, I need to study Warner’s sources more carefully, but in light of what I already know, Warner’s theories make remarkably good sense.

  • Warner argues that political Islam is at war with non-Muslims. He points to history, current events, and Islamic doctrine.
  • Warner claims the rise of Islam brought about the Dark Ages. When I was growing up, I heard everything from the Vikings to lead in Roman pottery blamed for the Dark Ages. Yet while it may make sense to blame the Germanic tribes in part for the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Germanic tribes obviously did not cause the collapse of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Warner argues that non-Muslims have allowed themselves to become too traumatized to face the fact that we are at war with political Islam. He point to the Stockholm syndrome, and he says we are suffering from it. Here Warner and I part company. Frankly, I don’t understand why we refuse to point to political Islam and identify it as hostile and dangerous. Nevertheless, I am certain the Stockholm syndrome doesn’t explain it. I think the explanation has to do with the devout belief of some in multiculturalism. Why do people want to believe in multiculturalism? Since it is so irrational, I am not certain. Yet it does seem to me that those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ find it easier to accept multiculturalism on faith.

Anyway, for those with a short attention span (like me) Warner’s video is a bit long. Nevertheless, it is very interesting. So if you willing to make the effort, please comment. I would like to hear what you think.


  1. Tom – I think you are feigning that you read my comment. My point was intended to take modest exception to your comment that those who don’t accept Christ find it easier to accept multiculturalism. My counter-point is that Christianity is inherently multi-cultural, and that has been one of the reasons it became, from narrow origins among a very small group of Jewish adherents, a global religion. Perhaps the disconnect between us is that you define religion and culture as being the same thing (as your 2343 comment suggests – get some sleep, man). If that is your working assumption, then, sure, all of Christianity is one culture. However, in my experience, debates in America about accommodation of different cultures go beyond religion to other aspects of cultural life.



  2. Tom – as I was exiting my previous comment, I noticed something else in the post: You say that “those who don’t accept Jesus Christ find it easier to accept multiculturalism on faith”. It’s not clear to me whether the “on faith” is intended to define the type of multiculturalism you’re addressing or whether you’re using the term “on faith” to mean “as an act of faith”.

    In any event, I think it’s worth noting that Christianity is extremely “multicultural” in its appeal. It really knows no cultural boundaries. That has been it’s strength in growing from an outlier sect in an outlier province of the Roman Empire into a global religion. It transcends individual geographies and cultural settings because of its universality of spiritual message. It is the ultimate multicultural phenomenon. Islam has shown some signs of rivaling that ability to sweep in converts from other cultures, but it seems to have at its irreducible core Arab nomadic cultural archetypes, in contrast to Christianity’s relatively agile and quick outgrowth from its Jewish agrarian roots.



    1. @novascout

      It seems to me you are feigning ignorance again. That includes playing fast and loose with words, specifically “faith” and “multiculturalism.”

      Every culture encompasses a different set of beliefs. In fact religious beliefs are central to almost every culture, and I doubt you could find one where that is not true.

      Check out the post below. It is relevant.


  3. It certainly has been my experience over the last decade or so that there is a tremendous amount of discussion in this country about Islam and its relation to terrorism. A good bit of it is fairly uninformed, but I certainly detect no inhibition, hesitation or trepidation about having the discussion in the public square. Compared to what I experienced as an undergraduate taking courses on Middle Eastern history and politics in the 1960s, there has been an enormous expansion of awareness and exchanges of views in the West on Islamic issues. You may have noticed that the current presidential race has had a fair amount of verbiage expended on the subject. Fear seems to be the last thing inhibiting this discourse. So I guess I would have to line up as not understanding the stated premise of Tom’s post.

    As for Colorstorm’s immediately preceding comment, I don’t understand the capitalization protocol you’re using in “CHRISTmas”. Shouting our Lord and Savior’s name in anger (which is what I associate all caps with in this medium) doesn’t seem to really capture the spirit of the season. Most Christians I know say “Christmas” or “Xmas” (the latter for the more classically trained and inclined among us – let’s keep the “Chi” in Christmas).



  4. Yeah CT, what the powers that be today fail to recognize, is that this long running millennia plus war, will never be settled over a cup of tea and crumpets.

    There is a devil in disguise, and he masquerades as an angel of light……….and only the truth of God, that is, the true and only living God of grace, can combat such nonsense. Is-lam political or religious, is the great imposter.

    Tkx for the boldness in bringing it to all of us. There can never be too much truth.

    Merry Christmas btw, that’s right, CHRISTmas…… 😉 to the chagrin of many.

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  5. The reason Islam is not confronted in the USA in my opinion is two fold. First is the fear of political correctness hampers a frank discussion that Islam teaches violence as a remedy to instill fear by Muslims to change. The second is Islam forbids any later revisions of the original teaches to allow change to compromise withe the realities of change th a modern world.

    I give an example in my earlier posts below. In my opinion, you should be given accolades for
    for not being afraid to write this post.

    What we fail to realize in the USA, is to confront Islam beliefs that do not assimilate with USA laws. By confront I say bluntly, if you want to be a US citizen, the US Imams must change what they are teaching Muslim youth who are the most impressionable, idealistic, and willing to become martyrs for a political cause that works in concert with Islamic political leaders to promote their political power.

    The questions that should be addressed is how to dissuade a Muslim once they have been seduced by a religious mantra that is in direct conflict with the Constitution and Laws of the USA.



    Regards and goodwill blogging.


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  6. Citizen,

    A while ago you asked me to cite my source for Aristotle’s critique of Plato. Sorry for the delay.

    Aristotle gives a rather detailed and scathing rebuttal to the political philosophies of both Socrates and Plato at the beginning of his work, “Politics,” which is a companion to his work, “Ethics.”

    My goodness! I was listening to Aristotle on Audiobooks this morning and his treatment of Socrates and Plato was like Sargent Carter doing a job on Private Gomer Pyle.


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