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We live in an America now defined by the following phrase.

If it feels good, do it!

How does the Bible describe such a philosophy?

Judges 21:25 New King James Version (NKJV)

25 In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Does that verse seem a bit obscure? Here is an interpretation that is less literal and, therefore, less idiomatic.

Judges 21:25 Good News Translation (GNT)

25 There was no king in Israel at that time. Everyone did whatever they pleased.

The Book of Judges describes how the people of Israel drifted from God. God wanted to lead them, but they gradually grew to prefer doing what seemed right in their own eyes. Eventually, they even demanded a human king to rule them.

When a man is unwilling to humble himself, not even before God, what is real and concrete slowly begins to matter less and less. What we want to be true is in time all that matters. Hence, we find this sentence at the end of America’s New Female Combatants Are Getting Custom Gear (www.wired.com).

So yeah, men and women are different, and the military recognizes that by building better gear. But underneath it all, every soldier is essentially the same: Full of guts.

To justify treating men and women as entirely equal — no substantive difference — the author of America’s New Female Combatants Are Getting Custom Gear reduces men and women to interchangeable bags of guts. How is that for discernment?

What is America’s New Female Combatants Are Getting Custom Gear about? Because men and women are different, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s new policy of fully integrating women into the military requires the military to purchase combat armor compatible with the female form, an implicit admission that men and women are different. But don’t worry.  The masterminds who lead us still think we are all essentially all the same, just a multitude of interchangeable bags of guts.


4 thoughts on “FULL OF GUTS?

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  2. mastersamwise

    As someone who serves with many women with more combat effectiveness than myself, the female body armor thing has been an ongoing complaint since they were let in. It is more an issue of keep them alive in normal operations than catering to them in combat. In front-less wars like the last two, you can’t justify not issuing women body armor that actually fits. The fact it is happening now is pretty shameful.

    The issue is contentious but not for the reasons you state. Woman can pass combat arms courses. They perform to standard in combat units. These are facts, devoid of any opinion. There are few servicemembers who complain about women in combat since they practically were in combat in the last two wars. In short, they can fight. The issue comes when we examine the fitness standards. Females have slower run times and need to complete fewer push ups than males. This comes into play less on the battlefield and more on the promotion lists when females are dis-proportionally higher in their PT scores than men.


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