campaign.pngWhen I left what follows as part of a comment here, I decided to make a post of it. The comment was about our biased news media and the disgust we have with it.

Over the years I have written numerous posts encouraging — pleading with — Christians to participate in politics. Why? We must do so because we love our God, our children, and our neighbors.

God gave us The Great Commission. Without a relatively peaceful country which permits religious freedom, we will have no place from which to spread the Gospel. If the world is full of turmoil, we will always be waiting for God’s hand to aid us. He will, but would we not be more content with the knowledge that we had done all we could to obey Him before before asking for a miracle?

The Bible calls upon us to instruct our children in the Word. We can do that better if our own government is not opposed. We can instruct our children better if our entire society does not rabidly obstruct us.

Have you read the story of the Mayflower? To escape the influences of the continent of Europe, the Pilgrims boarded a wooden ship (a boat by our standards) and crossed a great ocean. They had only a vague notion of their destination. In fact, they set up their colony hundreds of miles from where they had intended. And how they suffered! Nevertheless, they found a place where they could bring up their children as Christians. Are we willing to pay such a price? Where would we go?

As Christians, God calls upon us to love our neighbor and to look out for his welfare. Because our government now saps huge resources from our economy, we cannot ignore its role in either harming or helping our neighbor. In fact, because our government does act in our name, if our government does wrong and we do nothing about it, we become complicit.

So what about the poor quality of the news media? How can we act without good information? We shop. We look for the best sources and we compare what they say. We do the best we can.

Meanwhile, we share the Gospel. Our nation has a heart problem, and the Gospel provides the only means to heal our hearts.

Without really intending to do so, I wrote a post about the Pilgrims and why they came here. When the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving, what did they thank God for? Part of it was just having enough to eat, but part of it was also having a safe place from which to worship God. It was for that that they had risked their lives.

What about those other posts? Here are some of them.


  1. Since I have chosen a religious school for one of my children and a secular “government school” for the other, I can offer, Tom, the observation that the difference in the two choices was not “a religious choice.” I think you would find, if you explored the subject objectively, that school choice is based on a number of factors and, while for some parents in some instances, it may be a religious choice, it is not always so, and certainly was not in my case. It was more based on the differing personalities, needs, and potentials of my two children. That I chose a government school for my younger child was a choice devoid of religious content.

    By the way (although it is a bit beside the point), I was very fortunate in that my choices for my children both worked out well. Each of them got a very good education that suited each of their particular needs and abilities.



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