Meaning From Nothing

I suppose this reblog does not match the usual content of my blog. Nevertheless, I think it is important to remember that Christianity is about loving God, and we prove we love God by loving each other. We begin to learn how to love by caring for the people closest to us.

Politics is about how a People regulates relationships between community members. When a People remembers that the goal is to strive for loving relationships (and justice is required for that), then their political system can serve to help members of the community to love each other. On the other hand, if a People, each of the members of a community, thinks politics is about satisfying personal wants, there is only one logical result. That is tyranny.

Freedom Through Empowerment

beauty meme

The words sad and frustrating come to mind when dealing with my dad, a once brilliant scientist and man of superb rational thought, whose face now scrunches with bewilderment when I enter his home as his sluggish brain tries to piece together who I am and why I’m there. Sometimes he’s successful, more often than not he isn’t and the pain cuts deep.

It’s a strange place to be, the daughter who always looked up to her dad as a constant source of guidance and strength, who now gets to be the parent. Such a common circumstance in our society, yet odd beyond measure when it hits close to home.

Slowly explaining to the man who taught me to ride a bike and tie my shoes how a tuna sandwich gets made is not something I enjoy. Yet I do it with a smile, hoping it’s enough to hide my…

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