Thank you, Ben Carson

Want to know how easy it is for people to be mean and stupid? Then consider insanitybytes22’s post.

What is it about? When presidential candidate Ben Carson suggested an appropriate way to support those who lost friends and relatives to the monster who killed Christians at a school in Oregon (see =>, insanitybytes22 put up a post. A militant atheist provided the first comment.

The comments that follow the post are quite derisive. They also present a twisted understanding of the Bible. Basically, these atheists want to blame the victims for their own murders.

Frankly, the atheists commenting on insanitybytes22’s post don’t know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, neither does our president. Supposedly, gun control laws could have stopped the shootings, but mean Christians prevented that. Yet on a per-capita basis, the United States does not have any more mass killings than Europe, a part of the world with plenty of “gun control” ( We just hear more about the mass shootings that happen here.

What is the solution for this sort of thing? There isn’t any perfect solution. Man cannot fix the heart of man. We can just eliminate gun free zones. We can just lock up or shoot killers as soon as we are able.

We can also put our priorities where they belong. Consider that we live in a era when there is considerable persecution of Christians. In most of the world Christianity is frowned upon by non-Christians at least to some degree. In parts of the world like the Middle East, China, North Korea,…, governments and terrorist groups actively persecute Christians. So we should not be surprised when some people in the United States detest Christians and shoot them.

So what can we do? We can spread the Gospel of Christ. As Christians, that should be our number one priority.

We can also get our government focused on the right problem. Instead of gun control preachers, we can elect leaders who are serious about making our world safer. Consider the lunacy of our president. Due in large part to his insane foreign policy, much of the world is now engaged with renewed fervor in an arms race. Russia and China began this race years ago, and he has done nothing. Now thanks to a United States in retreat, all the nations in the Middle East will insist upon having a nuclear arsenal.

Yet what does our dear leader want to do? Where is his attention focused? For the sake of gun control, Obama insists upon politicizing every mass shoot, incidents where tens of people are killed, not wars where millions dies.

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9 thoughts on “Thank you, Ben Carson

  1. We need a national movement similar to what takes place in kindergarten and pre kindergarten classes every day when children get out of control. Its called a time out.

    Sadly a time out, not for disrupting a class room. A time out from killing each other.

    In my opinion, that is what Obama should be asking our nation to do. If it lasts one day, it will save 44 lives. If it lasts one year, it will save a total of 16, 248 lives in the USA/

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. Time out? A voluntary time out for homicidal miscreants? I hope not, but that would be Obama’s solution.

      Since time outs are NOT voluntary, perhaps you are suggesting longer jail terms for those who commit violent crimes. That is the sort of time out I could support. Obama? He and the rest of the Democrats just want the thug vote.

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      1. I am planning another three part series to answer you. I intend tbe series to be much briefer and more to the point than my last series. with a message directed to Obama, politicians, voters, and even miscreants. .
        Yep you inspired me again with you posts and comments.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


  2. I do not think anything short of a miracle will save the United States. As we all know miracles only come through God. No gun control, no act of Congress will bring forth a resolution of which can, or will, bring these United States under authority -for we no longer respect authority. God has said “I will turn you over to a reprobate mind” and with the things going on here in America it is most likely that has happened. It will take an act of God and the repentance of mankind to bring the miracle much needed to preserve our great land.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep our nation and the people of which it shelters.


    1. I imagine you too expect to see the beginning of WWIII within the next several years. The signs are all there. The United States and Western Europe have gone isolationist on us. That is, they have left power vacuums in critical areas. Thus, Russia and China are on the prowl. Other nations, of course, will start building up their arms. Who knows how many nukes we can build in a few years?

      I suppose one good thing will come from the prospect of war. We can expect that a lot of people will begin to realize, belatedly, that they need to turn to God. As I can attest from personal experience, when times are good, it is easy to ignore God. When times are dreadful — when we are sorrowing — then we realize we need God, and we start looking for Him.

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      1. Yes, Tom, I do feel that the beginning of the end times is near. In one of my posts, “12th Century Rabbi,” predicts that the end times (Christ’s return) will begin in 2017. All of which is based upon the Jewish Jubilee and it’s accumulation .

        I also wish to comment on abortion for a mere moment. “If abortion is not murder; then why is it a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed?”

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  3. The welfare state, which facilitated the breakdown of the family (in tandem with the sexual revolution), is the primary culprit here. It’s rare (not unheard of, but rare) to find a violent sociopathic murderer who was raised by two biological parents who were married to each other and lived in the same home with him. Sorry if this is offensive, but truth and reality often are.

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