SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Getting Down and Dirty with Bernie Sanders — reblogged

When we elect someone to public office, we make a moral choice. We choose someone to make and enforce our laws. We elect someone to enforce values that we consider so important that we are willing to punish anyone who refuses to adhere to those values.

If someone murders, we try to catch that someone. If the crime is sufficiently heinous, we may execute at someone.

If someone steals, we try to imprison the thief.

If someone rapes, we try to shame and lock up the rapist.

If someone refuses to pay their taxes, we seize their property. We may even throw them in jail.

If someone runs a traffic light, we fine that someone. Repeat offenders lose their driving privileges. The more stubborn we lock up.

And consider who is running to lead our land. You have hear, no doubt, about Hillary Clinton’s email server. What about Bernie Sanders? Consider insanitybytes22‘s post.

For those who don’t know, in 1972 Sanders penned an article called “Man… and a Woman” which ran in the Vermont Freeman. You can find a link to the article in its entirety here.

It’s not a bad article, although a bit graphic and perverse, in which Sanders presents many of the tropes of sexual politics that began in the 60’s and continue to exist today in certain quarters. What is remarkable, or not for those with jaded eyes, is how Sanders somehow managed to declare that women fantasize about rape, and yet he suffered absolutely no political fall out for it. It is the hypocrisy here that astounds me, or perhaps not, because I have grown accustom to it. Were a conservative or a Republican or even a measly little Christian blogger not even running for office, to have stated such a thing, the social fallout would have been astounding.

Instead of NOW protesting, and the local Feminists United staging a demonstration, I am surrounded by progressive and feminist Bernie-dines who believe he is just the cat’s meow. Women who are highly educated about sexual politics, about culture and sociology, have “Bernie, he’s our man,” signs posted in their yards and all over their facebook pages. (continued here)

We have a large number of Republicans running to be our president this year. Unfortunately, the news media is urging them to pick fights with each other. Instead of a serious discussion of the issues, the news media wants an entertaining brawl. Not only is that immature, it is immoral.

Consider what we ask politicians to do, and this is the way we pick the ones we elect? When we consent to shallow news media shows of this sort (do nothing about it), we become part of the problem.

31 thoughts on “SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Getting Down and Dirty with Bernie Sanders — reblogged

  1. My point is that it is a sound conservative principle that we don’t want government officials teaching our children religion. I would be surprised if you think otherwise. However, having followed your views on pubic education for around a year or so, I get the impression that your primary criticism of public schools is that they don’t teach religion. I strongly disagree. I think government schools are the last place I would want anyone teaching religion. Again, I don’t think this position neatly divides on a liberal/conservative fault line, although I do think conservatives like me would be in near unanimity on that point. I would expect, however, to get support from folks who consider themselves liberal also.

    I apologize if I must decline your invitation to contest one of my own comments. Why would I do that?



  2. I was responding to your 1019 comment.

    There are a lot of frictions in the Middle East along many lines. I do not doubt, given the way that governments try to manipulate public opinion, that there some of these frictions express themselves as “hatred”. I know quite a few Israelis and work for a few of them. I sometimes see in some of them a hatred for their neighbors. I have also know Arabs who express their feelings about Israel in ways that have the scent of personal hatred in them. But I also know many people from all over that region, Israelis and Arabs, who can maintain a fairly rational discussion of the problems there, problems which are extremely complex and which go beyond Arab-Israeli issues to include intra Muslim conflict (i.e., Sunni/Shia and, within particularly the Sunni side, intra-Sunni), conflicts which no doubt have cultural roots, beyond any particular religious component (although opportunistic pols will try to drag religion into it – e.g., Persian/Arab, Israeli/Arab, Israeli/ Persian, Turkish/Kurd, Alowite/Sunni etc. etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseam). I also know of a strain of sentiment that would hate Israel even if it were a Buddhist state – the momentum of this element coming from the idea that Israel is a trans-planted body that is most reflective of the pre-WWII colonial era, rather than any other higher ideal. I agree with you that some of these views are illogical and even malicious, but there is a lot of underlying friction in the region that is grounded in historical perceptions of grievance that have some grounding in fact. It is, in short, complicated.

    As for Keith, I think I did respond to him directly. I expressed my view that Jimmy Carter has disagreements with the Government of Israel on policy issues, but that he is not driven by hatred or animus toward Jewish people either as a religion or as an ethnic group. That is the essence of my discussion with Keith. He feels otherwise. Thus the boundaries of our disputation are marked. I doubt that either of us will influence the other, but I must say if he comes up with evidence supporting his opinion, I will take a look at it. Right now, all I have seen or have been able to find is policy disagreement. And I am very aware that there is a strong tendency within the US either to regard or to try to disparage disputation of Israeli statecraft with the charge of anti-Semitism. That is very unfortunate, because true anti-Semitism is so evil, so relatively recently the cause of so much human suffering, that to use the charge in foreign policy debate tends, in my opinion, to trivialize the immense destruction and horror of the last century.



    1. @novascout

      I am happy to take Keith’s side in your dispute with him. That includes that fact you were not responsive.

      Given the fact Keith decided you are just playing a game, and he thinks this game is a waste of time……

      Are you deliberately trying to waste time? I don’t really know. Look at what you wrote at September 27, 2015 at 10:53 pm. It is not about objective facts or the application of established principles. It is not even about the interpretation of objective facts or the application of established principles. It is about your personal impressions.

      You wrote the same sort comment here =>

      When someone lays out a facts and applies basic principles to interpret those facts, what do you do? Do you address the facts? Do you consider whether basic principles were appropriately applied? Rarely. Usually, your comments are well-written renditions of your general impressions. I feel this. I feel that. Keith and I don’t even know you. Even if it made sense, how are we suppose to debate your personal impressions? With our own? What would be the point? It is like wrestling a tar baby. You don’t think so? Then try making the case against one of your own comments.

      Are you this internally focused in your private life? I doubt it. I expect you apply considerable wisdom in your private life, but this sort if thing is why limited government is necessary. It is to easy to spend other people’s money wastefully. It is easy to run other people’s lives thoughtlessly. You are no fool, but with respect to public policy even smart people often think their personal impressions are sufficient when it is somebody else’s money, somebody else’s life.

      By the way, what does this have to do with Conservative/Liberal issues? We Conservatives don’t want the state messing around with our religion. Can I count you in on that proposition? (from =>

      Whenever a Conservative debates with a Liberal — whenever a Conservative presents a logical argument and points out the weakness of man — the Liberal responds with how he feels about the matter. The Liberal doesn’t want to admit we are sinful. The Liberal wants to believe man can save humanity. Yet the facts say otherwise. Long established principles say otherwise.


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