Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! — reblogged

The Secret by Felix Nussbaum (11 December 1904 – 9 August 1944)
The Secret by Felix Nussbaum (11 December 1904 – 9 August 1944) (more here)

Rah’s Mirror is a relatively new blog. I “discovered” it thanks to a reblog by Wally Fry.

Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! by Rah Plotts.

addresses a difficult issue. When we blog about our personal lives, when do we cross the line and share secrets we have no right to reveal.

My blog, is in essence, a reflection of me. It tells hidden (and not so hidden) stories of what I have experienced. I appear to be telling you how to react or feel or respond or believe, but in truth, I am really telling me.

When speaking of my life, it is really hard to not speak about the people in it. I didn’t get through this life alone… after all.

After the post about my abortion gained as much attention as it did. After I read it and re-read it, again and again, each time, through the eyes of someone else. I started to see how much of other people’s business I was potentially airing on my blog. (continued here)

Why the picture above? Here is book that provides a commentary on Nussbaum’s pictures. The Secret shows how people react to the true horror of a dreadful invasion. When considered with a wider perspective, what may seem like a dreadful invasion may actually be small potatoes. Therefore, before we angrily blow up at an overzealous blogger, we may wish to think things over first.

  • Was anything actually revealed? Are a bunch of detectives now on your trail?
  • Does it truly make any difference if the “whole world” knows? Is the “whole world” really going to laugh at you or despise you? Are you going to jail?

Do I blog personal experiences? Rarely. Because I want to keep the focus on a logical and relatively dispassionate discussion of issues, I don’t speak about myself. Others, however, use what they have learned from their personal experiences as a testimony. Frankly, such personal testimonies sometimes strike me as a bit reckless. Just the same, I must admit such testimonies can also be quite powerful.  See I Killed HIS Baby, for example.


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  1. Hey Tom, thanks for the link. Wasn’t that an amazing and touching story?

    You know, I tend to be very open on my blog about who I am. Frankly with just a little effort, the average reader could show up on my doorstep. But, that’s okay. I am here to do nothing but reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I think people need to know the one they interact with is a real person. But, I also get that is not for everybody.

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  2. I often put serious or true entries on mine, but not too often. If I did put something someone put in “confidence”, I wouldn’t identify them. Also, if it is a thing which someone doesn’t want to have made public, I wouldn’t, but that’s the type of person I am. If it is something which was said in private, but isn’t something serious, I may put it down without identifying them.

    Basically, if you don’t want something on the Internet, don’t put it. If you don’t want something to be put up or spread around, don’t tell anyone, unless you know 100% it won’t get out.

    Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t give a damn if something I put up aired up laundry for any one else just due to the nature of my entry (save for the circumstance I listed above). It open scars? It make the heart bleed? It raise your blood pressure? Too bad. Not my problem. If a person decides they are going to pull down their pants and crap all over the keyboard (AKA leave a stupid reply) making them look bad? Too bad.

    The issue becomes a person reads something and they think it’s about them and they then identify themselves, that’s on them. Especially if it IS NOT about them. It happened over on Xanga a few times on my blog when it was over there. I’d write a comedic entry and someone would flip out and start scathing about how I am revealing information they told someone in private, and I wouldn’t even know who the hell they were.

    Don’t share if you don’t want people to know. Just like being video recorded and/or photographed in public, deal with it if you’re out and about.

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    1. People read your blog — strangers — and think it is about them. That’s actually sort of an accomplishment.

      Sometime we forget that everything is not about any of us. All of Creation, including each of us, is about its Creator. When we forget that, we can be very foolish.

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      1. True. Doesn’t happen very often anymore. Xanga had a massive community before it locked people out and alienated its user base.

        In direct regards to your reply, my favorite response to “This has nothing to do with you,” is from Futurama said by the character Bender, “But that’s IMPOSSIBLE!”

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