King Solomon, Wise Women (u/d)

In my last post, I reblogged => As the link indicates, the subject of that post is “Seduction.”

Here in “King Solomon, Wise Women” Rudy, with a little gentle humor, considers how a wise woman chooses a husband.

Rudy u Martinka

How would you interpret the meaning of this ancient wise saying? “A bitch in her search for food gave birth to a poor litter.”

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7 thoughts on “King Solomon, Wise Women (u/d)

    1. I was raised as a Catholic. What you say is true.

      It is easier to teach children what to think about something than it is to teach them how to think.

      As it is, I wished the priests and the parents who taught me the Catechism of the Catholic Church had done a better job. In retrospect, even if they had just taught me what to think, if “what to think” had included reading the Bible… As it is, I did not read the Bible until I was in my fifties.

      Instead of doing the job themselves, my parents trusted someone else to make certain I was educated as a Christian. Most people do that these days. Yet the Bible makes parents responsible. Therefore, parents should seek help, but getting help does not relieve us of the responsibility to make certain our children learn.


      1. Awesome Tom. You nailed that completely, as many have abdicated their responsibility to pass along faith to their children. First, they allow the public school system to be the only education their children receive. Now, you know i am more or a supporter of that than you are LOL, but even I recognize it’s failures. Two, they ship them off to churches, camps, and Vacation Bible Schools but never teach them themselves in their own homes.

        I have a little thing I do sometimes to make people think about their responsibility. People love to crab and complain about the fact they their children cannot pray in school. I simply ask those who say that….”Well, when is the last time you prayed with them in your own home?” If they don’t get mad, they usually think about it pretty hard.

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  1. That was fun to read Tom, thanks for linking to it. Something that fascinates me is how women chose the father of their children. It’s seldom a conscious, rational choice, and some of us do get it wrong, but basically there are these biological triggers going off in our heads, provision, protection, loyalty, genetics. To make it even more mysterious it is usually based on a man’s perceived future potential. Men have long wanted to get the precise recipe so they would know how to attract more women, but trying to nail it down remains a bit elusive. Most women aren’t even aware of it ourselves, at the time it’s pretty much a sub-conscious thing.

    Those triggers that lead us to seek a mate are heavily exploited by advertisers and likely politicians, too. For men that seduction is easier to spot, you drape some gorgeous woman over a car and suddenly men are more inclined to want to buy that car. But women are actually exploited in advertising the most, we are the primary consumers, the ones that do most of the household purchasing. We’re also a huge voting block and often it seems as if we are voting against our best interests. I often try to understand what the seduction going on is, what we are seeing in a candidate, how we are being manipulated into selecting them for leadership. Although people are usually trying to make an intelligent choice, we are actually being heavily influenced by marketing. This last election really played off some biology, emotionalism, and marketing, something I find quite disturbing.

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    1. Thanks for that thoughtful comment. I don’t think I could write a better post.

      It would be the wrong conclusion, but the suggestion that advertising most exploits women could be offered as a justification for denying women the vote. However, I suspect most advertising exploits the gullibility of women simply because most husbands trust their wives more than their own judgement. Draping a foxy chick over a car is simple-minded, but it still works.

      What we lack these days has always been in short supply. We lack a good understanding of what God wants from us. He wants us to love each other and to avoid sin. Instead, we allow ourselves to be tempted, and we consider ourselves sophisticated because we do so.

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