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bibleirtfyblog has posted the second part of his series on “Christians.” With Pseudo – “Christians” his righteous rant continues.

Hirelings didn’t enter the leadership of the church by the Holy of Holies…the True Door, but instead, climbed over or dug their way under a wall.

And from the very second they made their way into the pasture they have been hard pressed to indoctrinate the weak and feeble minds of the naive into thinking that the “church” wasn’t meant for those who follow Jesus and truly want to worship Him, but instead is meant for the non-believing and seeker of some strange message that tickles their ears.

These hirelings have slowly planted their yeast into an unleavened flock, infecting it with a warped sentimentality that has spread through the masses of God’s children and destroyed the very essence of God’s leadership.  Therefore, many of those who were genuine in their faith and trust of Jesus as LORD, were pressed into converting into a new way of thinking or forced into leaving the church they thought was safe and secure. (continued here)

Those familiar with the Bible will find many appropriate allusions to the Biblical text. Those who are not familiar with the Bible will not. If you do not detect those allusions, you have failed a test. You have failed to take the time to read the most important book ever written. However, that is something you can fix, but it is up to you. If you can read this blog, you have the means to read the Bible or listen to a recorded reading.

Do you have trouble understanding the Bible? There are many good commentaries. There are also churches that put the Bible front and center — that exist to help us understand Bible. Those are the churches Christians should support. Those are the churches that pray for an understanding of God’s Word, that pray to know and do His Will.


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