Goya's Man Mocked by Two Women (Dos Mujeres y un hombre), c. 1820. (from here)
Goya’s Man Mocked by Two Women (Dos Mujeres y un hombre), c. 1820. (from here)

It seems like only a matter of time now. Sooner or latter someone, someone quite wealthy will buy an android that they will use as their very own “personal assistant.” That will be observed, and someone else will decide to buy some “personal assistants” in sufficient quantity to staff a high-end bordello.

Today we use sex to market our products. Today we define providing sex as a profession. Tomorrow we will sell machines designed to satisfy our sexual desires.

Think of the advantages.

  • An android can be programmed to do whatever we wish. If we insist upon a sexy strip dance, why not.
  • An android has no feelings. We can have our fun and put it in a closet, or we can have our fun and then put our sex slave to work. Housecleaning? Why not?
  • With proper sanitation, there is no risk of disease. In fact, the opposite is true. Unlike a human mate, we can design an android with “comfort” settings. Instead of a sleep number (like a certain bed), manufacturers will most likely advertise “sex numbers.”

Ohhhh the possibilities! What a wonderful innovation for those who neither care about nor want to interact with their fellow human beings. We wouldn’t even have to push a button. We just tell our custom-made machine what we want. Then, when we are sated, that same machine could give us a back rub and sing us to sleep.

“Silly Love Songs”

You’d Think That People Would Have Had Enough Of Silly Love Songs.
But I Look Around Me And I See It Isn’t So.
Some People Wanna Fill The World With Silly Love Songs.
And What’s Wrong With That?
I’d Like To Know, ‘Cause Here I Go Again
I Love You, I Love You,

I Love You, I Love You.I Can’t Explain The Feeling’s Plain To Me; Say Can’t You See?
Ah, She Gave Me More, She Gave It All To Me
Now Can’t You See, What’s Wrong With That
I Need To Know, ‘Cause Here I Go Again
I Love You, I Love You.

Love Doesn’t Come In A Minute,
Sometimes It Doesn’t Come At All
I Only Know That When I’m In It
It Isn’t Silly, No, It Isn’t Silly, Love Isn’t Silly At All.

How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?
How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?

How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?
(I Loveyou)
How Can I Tell You About My Loved One?
(I Loveyou)
[Repeat And Fade]

Yeah! Love is not a silly thing. And it isn’t just about sex. Still, an android would be whole lot less complicated to deal with. Or would it?

What is love? Is it sex or something else? How many silly love songs are about sex, not love?


  1. In the end, the Citizen Tom Android Bordello of Divine Pleasure, is yet another addition to the Devil’s, “Let’s Give Man Yet Another Diabolically Monstrous Way to Satiate His Endless for God The Wrong Way,” cookbook.

    And in the end, the only response Satan’s ways is the Word of God.


    1. “Citizen Tom Android Bordello of Divine Pleasure?” I am not sure how to take that. I do hope that the first brothel to use androids doesn’t call itself that.

      Did I invent anything, or did I just observe the alternatives?

      We clearly agree the Bible is the only response to Satan’s ways. Consider what it does. Consider the choice our Lord gave us.

      Matthew 7:13-14 New King James Version (NKJV)

      13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

      The Book of Proverbs contains verse after verse comparing the merits of alternative choices. Pride or humility. Just or wicked. Adultery or fidelity. Indolence or hard work. The way of war or peace. And so forth. The Bible describes scenes where people do great evil and scenes where people struggle to do what is right.

      Citizen Tom is not the Bible. I only point people to the Bible, and sometimes I imitate it. Here the “wide gate” is sex and the “narrow gate” is love. If I did not make that clear enough, please forgive me.


    1. I don’t know when androids will start competing with prostitutes. I cannot even say for certain that such a thing will happen. I would just observe that there are two ways looking at a cup that is either half empty or half full.

      Given that I was born we started using solid state electronics, I tend to look upon the progress we have made with considerable amazement. I still remember using those tube devices. I remember all the promises made about personal computers. I remember how the innovators struggled. Now we use computers in ways no one even thought of 30 years ago.

      I also remember the promise of TV, and I see what it has become. What a waste!

      Since you had difficulty posting material related to the DARPA Robotics Challenge, I have provided several links.

      It is easy to make fun of the “failures,” but imagine how difficult it is to make a machine that walks. Just consider the difficulty of getting such a machine to maintain its balance. Every six years the computer technology becomes 10 times faster and able to store 10 time more information. We incrementally improve sensors and discover brand new materials. Unless our civilization begins to crumble, odds are good we will produce some very interesting robots.

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    They cannot stop us. They cannot stop the future. At the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge, things didn't always go as planned…Posted by Deus Ex on Monday, June 8, 2015


  3. A sadly high proportion of popular music is about sex rather than love, and this ratio is growing with time. It is part of a general vulgarizing of society, bleeding into the culture in general from one segment. But the technology you describe is not new, and sex devices have been around almost as long as mankind. They will continue to advance and become more sophisticated, and I expect that this will not improve society.

    When I first saw your title, what jumped into my mind was the extraordinary love story between two robots in that excellent conservative movie WALL•E from 2008. It was one of the best onscreen boy-meets-girl tales in film, and both main characters were robots. I was charmed enough to write the sequel to this story as a hard science fiction novel.

    Hidden in the background of the film is a cautionary note of what will happen to people when government/technology provides everything and human interaction becomes “futurized” almost into non-existence, a note which is evident in your post here as well.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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    1. I don’t claim to be making a difficult prediction. As you suggest, technological progress occurs incrementally. So I am just extrapolating current trends.

      We have a tendency to humanize critters (Aesop’s Fables) and now things (“The Little Engine That Could”). Often what our imagination does for us quite positive. We play with an idea, and we examine more critically and objectively than we might otherwise, and we can even find that process entertaining. Yet we can abuse even our imagination, and that is the essential thrust of this post.

      Since I almost completely stopped watching TV and movies decades ago, I never saw WALL•E. I probably should see it, but it has become quite easy to find something else to do. But there was a time I let entertainment consume far to much time.


      1. WALL•E is a love story that bridges a divide class/technology and of hundreds of millions of miles (it was described by one pundit as “a Volkswagen pining after a Lamborghini”) — and this charming tale is told with humor and insight, and without profanity, vulgarity, or bathroom humor. All of those are now part of animations these days, but this one completely avoids it.

        Tucked into a background environmental message (which leftist critics raved about) was a serious warning about the fate of humanity under an all-encompassing nanny state (which leftist critics missed or blamed on mere “consumerism”). It portrays a seemingly dystopian future with hope and cheer and determination.

        I highly recommend it. It won more awards in more places than any other film, and appeared on many lists of “the ten best movies of all time.” Despite all of that, it’s quite good.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


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