intersectionSometimes a star gives light. Sometimes its twinkle mocks and teases us and leaves us in the dark.

When we interact, our lives intersect. Then we have a choice. Either we can fight over the same space or we can share the same space agreeably. In either case, we will see stars, faint twinkling lights.

Sometimes we will see stars from the collision of two hard heads. These whirl around about our us, reflecting our confusion, our hurt — sometimes our misery and despair. But sometimes, when we choose to share, we will see distant glimmers of hope that grow in brightness, sometimes as bright as the sun, which is itself a star, one that gives both light and warmth.

With respect to the practice of blogging, A Tribute to the HarshReality of Blogging by insanitybytes22 describes both kinds of intersections, the sorrow of fruitless argument and the joy that comes from sharing.

Biblical grace defined. Well, sort of by I 53:5 Project humorously considers the problem of intersecting with difficult neighbors.

Happy Caturday by bluebird of bitterness looks at the intersection of a cat and a dog.

It’s all about the place by ColorStorm considers how difficult we can find it to understand the meaning of those twinkling lights. When we make it about ourselves, we get it all so wrong.

Will The Great Victory Fade Away? by edge of the sandbox describes the lingering reaction of a great nation in the aftermath of great collision.

Love According to God-Part One by Wally Fry begins an explanation of how we should approach the intersection of our own life with that of another.


  1. Tom, thank you so much for that linkback; it is greatly appreciated. What a great thing here, how you have shown literally how all these things intersect to accomplish God’s will on Earth. Your work in putting together these thoughts and posts is much noticed and valued highly.

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  2. Sakes alive Citizen Tom. How you put these things together with such consistency and relevance is nothing short than an inspiring weave.

    Nice needlework with the associated intersections.

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  3. Strife, conflict and war is actually how everything changes, moves and evolves. If there is a universal principle in nature, it is the clash of opposites.


    1. An interesting observation. I suppose there is some truth to it.

      There is prey and predator. I suppose we could consider those opposites. There is plant and herbivore. I suppose we could consider those opposites. There is parasite and the parasitized, and I suppose we could consider those opposites. Yet I wonder if opposite is the right word. I also wonder is that is “the” universal principle.

      If we take the Theory of Evolution seriously, then the survival of the fittest is the universal principle. The prey/predator relationship is significant, but the real issue is competition for limited resources. When two creatures of like nature, be they plant or animal, compete for the same limited resources, the fitter tends to survive and to pass on his or her genes. That principle includes conflict between human beings. And savages and tyrant states, alike as can be, often strive against each other.

      If we take the Creation story seriously, Genesis, then obedience to our Creator is the universal principle. Plants and animals can only do what they were created to do, but humans, self aware and free willed, must choose.

      What does God want? He wants us to love Him and each other. If we choose wrongly, then we clash with the Will of our Creator. And those who choose rightly, odd as it may seem, tend to do the best. Instead of striving against against Nature and Man, seeking domination and enslavement, those who obey God protect His creation and serve each other.

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