We Would Crucify Him Today

Would we crucify Jesus today? I suspect we would.

Messages from the Mythical

All the relevant conditions here and now are identical to the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, and I firmly believe that we would execute Jesus today, just as his contemporaries did..

Fascinating reading, John 19: verses 1 to 24.

Everything which is said, regardless of the intended nuance or connotation of the speaker, is absolutely true. Who says each thing is also meaningful; ironies and revelations abound when one “reads” the intentions of the speakers.  It’s just as if God wrote out a script for this incident in history and his actors played it out. Most of those actors were unaware of the playwright’s scripting, acting out their own parts as they wanted.  But there was not so much as an ad-lib in that play, and God had foreseen and packed every word so full of significance that we can find new insights each time we read it.

It’s very clear in the text that all…

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