Joan of Arc from Archives nationales. For information on => Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc from Archives nationales. For information on => Joan of Arc

What Kind Of Volunteer Is A Political Activist?

As we look around our nation, I hope that at some point we will begin to understand what is missing. How will we learn? I think it will be from volunteers who teach us with their example.

What sets volunteers apart? Genuine volunteers do not receive any material reward for their efforts. They give of themselves out of honest charity.

There is no substitute for honest charity. When we ask government to provide for our needs and the needs of others, what happens? What we once called charity and then welfare, slowly morphs into a “right.” Hence we now have “rights” to an education, healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, a job, retirement, minimum pay and so forth. Why would we call receiving what is obviously welfare a “right”? That euphemism, it a human “right,” is less embarrassing to the people living off the hard work of others, it gives government employees unions justification for advocating higher salaries for their members, and “rights” are an easier sell for politicians.

Therefore, even though it is a baldfaced lie, politicians, the news media, “nongovernmental” organizations, labor unions, and so forth call receiving welfare a “right,” self-righteously raid the public treasury, and our nation is going broke. Meanwhile, the rest of us stand around with puzzled looks? How do we make them stop this thievery?

For what it is worth, here is my humble answer.  Volunteer.

There are at least three types of volunteers.

  • The Charity worker. This type of volunteer gives of himself or herself to feed, cloth, and shelter the poor. They educate the ignorant and heal the sick. And unlike some politicians, charity workers do not seek to make those who receive their help dependent upon their charity.
  • The Missionary. This type of volunteer teaches about about the love of God. They carry the Gospel of Christ into their communities and throughout our world. Unlike some politicians, missionaries point to a Higher Being as the solution for mankind’s troubles.
  • The Citizen Soldier. This type of volunteer joins the military or the police to protect his fellow human beings from the rampages of marauding nations, marauding gangs, and individuals with vile intentions. Unlike some politicians, citizen soldiers see nothing to gain in war. They simply want to defend their country, win, and go home.

Political activists can combined element all three types of volunteers.

  • The Charity worker. Because we are borrowing and spending so money, we are piling up mountains of debt. Because we are spending so much money on social programs, we are not properly investing in our businesses. Because we are letting inept politicians decide how to “invest” our money, our public infrastructure is decaying or becoming obsolete. Unless we volunteer to stop this waste, we risk impoverishing future generations.
  • The Missionary. Because we are calling various types welfare “rights,” we are letting politicians use “other people’s money” to buy our votes. That’s is immoral. Unless we volunteer to remind our fellow citizens that God gives us our rights (That is what is says in the Declaration of Independence.), we risk the moral decline of our nation.
  • The Citizen Soldier. The marauders raiding America’s public treasury number in the millions, steal trillions, and they are well organized. They punish their opponents with slander, libel, abusive regulations, law suits,…  They have even abused the powers of the IRS. If trends continue, they will soon start throwing those who oppose them in jail. As it is, opposing them already requires the courage of a soldier.

Hence, I point here to an imperfect legend, Joan of Arc. With the example of her courage and her love of France, she helped rally France’s armies. Unless we care enough to step forward and volunteer for the sake of our family, our friends, and our communities, those marauding upon our land — our people — will soon strip America bare. Those who follow us will be poor and most likely enslaved.

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