The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup

What distinguishes Conservatives from Liberals? Liberals actually think we can elect somebody competent to run our lives. Therefore, when Barack Hussein Obama confidently made a bunch of promises he could not or should not keep, Liberals come out in droves to vote for him. Of course, many were also inspired by white guilt. So I suppose we should not be surprised that white guilt continues to inspire foolish behaviour.

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7 thoughts on “The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup

  1. Ha! Those are all pretty funny.

    Here in the land of true coffee snobbery, Starbucks is like, yuck. That is coffee for pretentious wannabees, milquetoasts, those who must mask their coffee with flavors and syrups and a hefty price tag. Also, they are a big corporation that has tried to run all the little guys out of business, so some tiny mom and pop espresso stands, some owned and operated by minorities, have been crushed underfoot. There’s a kind of irony there, they come in with their social justice messages, their anti corporate, pro environmental attitudes, and they are one, they are that which they speak against! So liberal guilt, white guilt, is an odd thing indeed, because what they rail against so loudly they are also compelled to seek and create more of. They must have more poverty, more racism, more crony capitalism, just to justify their own existence. I wish people would remember that when they vote, but it’s a complexity that eludes many people.

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    1. Sometimes our most effective answer is just plain laughter. I suppose that includes laughing at our own silliness. If we should not take others too seriously, then we should not take ourselves too seriously either.

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  2. Matthew

    I just want to buy my coffee and move on, not to buy a home and chat about alleged “races” while I wait or receive my home-priced coffee. Unbelievable. Our federated republic is becoming a laughing stock. Besides, I prefer Dunkin’.

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    1. I drink tea. Starbucks serves the strongest tea I have ever had.They use these oversized Tazo tea bags. Tazo makes good tea, but even when I use their largest drink container, one of those tea bags is too much. And they want to put two in it!!!


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