elephantgop.pngWell, it could be chaos or it could be an improvement. Here is the situation.

Saying he lacks the authority to so, Judge Paul Sheridan declined Friday to issue a legal remedy that would have allowed Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart, Sheriff Glendell Hill and two incumbent Republican county supervisors to participate in the statewide June 9 primary.

Sheridan, a retired judge from the Arlington Circuit Court, said his interpretation of Virginia election code does not allow him to place the candidates’ names on the primary ballot or overrule the decisions of state or local electoral boards.

That’s why he said he would deny the “declaratory judgment” sought by the petitioners, who included Stewart, Hill, and Supervisors Marty Nohe (Coles), Maureen Caddigan (Potomac).

The candidates also sought a “writ of mandamus” to order the local and state electoral boards to fulfill their duties under the law. But Sheridan said granting that request was not appropriate because it would simply ask those boards to do consider the case, which has already occurred. (continued here)

So what is the alternative? The Prince William County Republican Committee already had firehouse primaries scheduled for April 25, 2015 (see here). Bill Card, the Chairman, just sent out a notice scheduling firehouse primaries to nominate candidates that were suppose to be chosen via June 9th primary elections. I expect the Prince William County Republican Committee‘s website will be updated shortly (NOTE: The “call” that Bill Card sent out will have to be approved by the full committee at the meeting scheduled for Monday, March 23 at 7:30 at Benton Middle School. Like as not, there will be some controversy.).

Note that Prince William County Republican Committee has a meeting scheduled for Monday, March 23 at 7:30 at Benton Middle School. If you vote Republican and you want to help the citizens of the county, make certain the Republican Party’s nomination process works, please come to the meeting or visit the website and volunteer.

You don’t like firehouse primaries? Then please take note of this.

So the incumbents have been screwed.  Perhaps just as important is the fact that the voters have been screwed. For example, I cannot vote for anyone in the fire house primary.  I don’t pass the Republican purity test.  I voted in a Democratic primary in the past 5 years.   I also voted in a Republican primary, being an Independent.  I also cannot vote because I vote absentee.  You cannot vote absentee in a firehouse primary. (from here)

Political parties are private organizations. They are protected under our right to associate with people WE WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH! Why would a Republican want someone who is without any doubt a Democrat voting to choose his party’s candidate? Yet if we let the government run our nomination process, that is the sort of nonsense we get.

Take a good look at Congress and the White House. If you think those people want us nominating Conservatives? Perhaps that explains why we have primary elections.





    1. Think about that phrase, “politics as usual.” Everyone of any political persuasion uses it. Yet some people, even though they detest politics, insist upon using the political system to accomplish objectives that could more appropriately accomplished using private means.


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