In my mind former president Bill Clinton has only one virtue. He is not Barack Obama, but that is a significant difference.

Here is the video: Bill Clinton On Politics Of Islam: Paris Killers Exemplify ‘World’s Greatest Double Standard’ [VIDEO] (

I heard about Clinton’s surprising (from him) words through the comic above in The Washington Times, on of my favorites.  Since The Washington Times does not run over the weekend, I expect I will be visiting on Saturdays and Sundays.

19 thoughts on “BILL CLINTON SAID WHAT?

  1. Perhaps off topic, or may be related, Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast had to written by a first grader or an undergraduate (or graduate or law) student using Wikipedia. Truly, truly, I tell you I never have seen (or heard) such an ignoramus in office as Obama in my long years of life. Most embarrassing.

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  2. Yes, once you’re out of politics, you no longer have to osculate the rump of faith and pretend like Obama did that religiously motivated actions are unrelated to the religion used as a justification.

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    1. It amuses me that you would describe Bill Clinton, one of the most famous politicians in the world and currently a ceaseless campaigner for his wife’s presidential run, as “out of politics.”

      But it is clear that media figures still line up to “osculate” his “rump.” Were Clinton any less of a left-wing political icon, he would be roasted by the media over his suggestion that Islam needs to be “modernized.” As it is, they will simply not report this, just as they sidestep his issues with President Obama (including, by implication, Obama’s own failure to name the problem he’s describing).

      ==============/ Keith DeHavelle


      1. Quite true on all points.

        But it really does seem to require a measure of independence to dare suggest that there is an actual link between religiously motivated actions and the religion used as the justification. It’s a great taboo for people these days to speak truth to power without being castigated as some kind of alternative extreme and intolerant militant (an islamophobe if criticizing islam).


        1. If you have a career of getting away with amazing things, you can become a little less careful — but at this point, that idea applies even more to President Obama.

          There are a couple of other possibilities that occur to me:
          — Clinton may simply not be tracking on Obama’s abject refusal to use words like “radical Islam” or “Islamist terrorism” or even “jihadist.”
          — More likely, in my view, Clinton sees an opportunity to put space between the Clinton and Obama approach to these things, suggesting that a new Madame President Clinton would have no fear of naming the enemy.

          Obama’s approach is rather amazing, actually, but he has forced all US agencies to comply, and that is actively harmful to the country.

          His recent stunt, the “Christians too!” approach to jihadist apologetics, evinces simultaneously his lack of judgment, his naiveté, and his lack of knowledge of history. So many protect him from the world … but the world turns anyway.

          ==============/ Keith DeHavelle


  3. I agree with Clinton expect for his choice of the word “modernize.” to solve the double standard. he presented. In my opinion, he should have used the words ” wise up” to recognize the foolishness of proclaiming a “sacred duty” to kill a person who has been created through the goodness of our Creators wisdom and blessing for His reasons. Too many “modern” philosophies presented by modern man have proven in time to be defective in comparison to our Creator’s.

    Regards and good will blogging.

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    1. I would disagree here. Another word could have been “reform,” after the Protestant Reformation. But that would has been even more poisonously corrupted in recent times; look at “immigration reform” for example.

      The sacred writings of Islam (Qur’an, al Hadith, Sunnah) have plenty of references to the sorts of actions ISIS uses. The “open letter” to ISIS from Islamic leaders was surprisingly mild and more in the mode of nitpicks than outrage. The MBIRs (my own term, “Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Regionals” and pronounced “embers”) such as ISIS, al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, JeT, MAK, and so on are fully justified, according to their own lights, and Brotherhood leaders support them in principle from their pulpits every week, reaching some 60 million listeners.

      All these ideas are from the seventh century, when Islam was conquering territory and expanding at the rate of almost a thousand square miles a day. The MBIRs would love to see those days again, and ISIS is striving mightily in that regard. They do not want the 21st century, and see it as a poisonous aberration of the West.

      Modernization may not be exactly the right word, but it has the right connotation. Perhaps Westernization is better. But getting rid of their “invincible and righteous conquerers of the seventh century” baggage is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood and all its franchises need.

      I see little hope for the current crop, and their education system is aimed at producing even more radical generations. That is where the intervention must take place, and it seems that it could only be done by force.

      ==============/ Keith DeHavelle


      1. We agree in substance, but semantics sometimes are worthy of debate. We have to define what we are fighting and agree upon the definition of what we are fighting. Otherwise, we risk fighting the wrong people, and isn’t that almost what Obama is doing? He seems more angry with the Israelis than he is with Iran or ISIS.


        1. What ISIS is doing is living up to the example of Muhammad, particularly in the later (Mecca) period after he’d gained power. This is considered to be the current correct behavior, as Muhammad is the perfect representative of correct behavior.

          Now what do we do?

          ==============/ Keith DeHavelle


      2. Righteousness would be a better comparison to measure a culture rather than a compass, ( eastern vrs. western) It is the righteousness of a nation that exalts that nation.” Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to a people. (Proverb 14:34)

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        1. But righteousness doesn’t help to sway minds when they are convinced that they own it to the exclusion of all others.

          You think they’re wrong, according to your religion. They feel the same way about you (and everyone else, of course), using their sacred dictates and measures of righteousness. Independent of religion, I think you’re correct … but it will need to be modern, moderate Muslims who take over the education process (and some will be killed for trying).

          President al-Sisi has the right idea (not that the current Egyptian government quite lives up to it), but he was immediately undercut by Obama and the State Department.

          ==============/ Keith DeHavelle


      3. What do we do now? With people like Obama in charge, there is no easy answer. Yet because it threatens our existence, ISIS must be stopped, preferably destroyed.


    2. I think your suggestion appropriate. Words like Modernization and Westernization may have positive connotations in many Western minds, but I fear that merely reflects a cultural bias, not reality. Moreover, such words just say that Muslims have to be like us. They don’t directly point to what ISIS is doing that is horribly wrong, and we need to be explicit.

      What is the reality of Modernization and Westernization? As time passes, it is becoming more and more apparent we have a sick culture. Many Muslims know that, even those who don’t sympathize with terrorist groups like ISIS. As much as they may detest ISIS’ barbarity, I doubt they see imitating us as an opportunity for improvement.

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  4. LOL, even Bill Clinton gets it! Actually that really highlights how appalling those words from our current leadership really were, where the President tried to compare radical Islam to the Christian crusades. This inability to see what is right in front of you and to instead simply resort to idealism and ideology is a bit disturbing.

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